Tuesday, December 9, 2008

winter scene

As Christmas approaches, this also means winter and the snow it brings, well, to our mountains in any case. Here is a winter scene from the top of Burnaby Mountain, a photo taken in early February 2008. The western end of the mountain is quite active during the winter months. Something to look forward to!


MAC said...

That's the one thing I miss about living up North, the change of seasons. I would love for Jr. to experience snow one of these winters. HAVE A YUMMY NIGHT!!!

MAC said...

OMG!!! It snowed tonight!!! Is your blog magical?

Volker said...

I'll have a whole series of winter photos taken on Burnaby Mountain last winter. Look for the post in January.

As for the snow you had, I don't know if this blog is magical but such things as you mention is a sign of the season. If you normally don't get snow, enjoy it while you can!