Sunday, September 29, 2013


In the autumn 2010 I learned that Brad was not coming west after being mislead for some time.  A friend of mine in Pennsylvania had some choice words to say but if I were to condense it down to the basics, the word she used was coward!  He's also got himself into a little bit of a problem but I'll leave it at that.  Live, learn and move on.

Now since June of last year I have an adopted son (Wahid) who is currently studying at a college in Indonesia.  When he is finished college (it transitions between high school and university), my son will come here to live with me.  Because he did so well in his exams in December 2012, I allowed him to purchase a Persian flatnose cat.  She was 16 months old when she came home but early in the new year (2013) she was taken to a vet with the guardian thinking she was sick.  Well, it turned out she was pregnant and had 4 kittens in March.  Unfortunately, 2 of them died but the remaining 2 survived and my son asked me to choose names for them.  I chose Emilie and Marie.  When both of them were two months old, there was a break in at the home and Emilie went missing.  She did not return home again.

Marie remains and is now in her 6th month.  She will be joining me here in Canada in December.  I had originally chosen January but my son asked me to move the date up.  Now I'm cat-proofing the place until to have it ready for her arrival.  The photo above is a recent image of her.  She has the typical Persian features of the long hair and short legs.  The white comes from the father (who we do not know) since the mother was chocolate in colour.  Marie has a small patch of dark hair between her ears, otherwise she's white!

My son was 15 years old when I got to know him after his parents had died in a car accident some six months before.  Now he's 17 and growing fast.  We've exchanged a lot of photos since June of last year. 

I also have an Avocado tree which I started from a pit a couple of months ago.  I will post a few photos of that the next time.

So those are the main events of note so far.  Hope all is well!

- Volker