Friday, May 4, 2012

24 hours

I've been offline for just over a week.  There was a power surge in the building where I live, and certainly in my apartment, so this resulted in the apartment lights flickering, the TV set going wonky, a pop in the laptop and the smoke dector sounding briefly.  This all resulted in the battery pack popping (that sound) and the fan being effected plus there may be other componants that have been effected.  Anyways, I do have a replacement laptop on order (same brand and model, just newer).  I am picking up a parcel from the local post office outlet near home whichm hopefully contains both the laptop and the router ordered.  If not, I'll be online once everything is back to normal.  There is a lot of work to be done retrieving files from the old hard drive, so this should keep me busy for some time after I get the new laptop computer.  

Have a look at the video above, and if you haven't seen it (the movie), check it out.   Have an awesome weekend, guys!

~ Volker