Monday, April 23, 2012

living in ecstasy

I saw one of JJ Prods other videos yesterday (hot) but then I saw this one which I think is even better.  Be warned, its a gay-themed video.  I recognize the guy eating the apple from a late night show on YTV (Canada) but can't place him exactly.  Perhaps you may!  Watch the video and keep an eye out for the looks back and forth!  Enjoy!

~ Volker

Sunday, April 15, 2012

health news

The last couple of weekends I have been spending my time at home getting as much rest as I can while I sort out some health issues.  Lately my arthritic knee (right) has been acting up and has as the Easter weekend was starting.  It still is.  Usually when it does and there is a storm system moving through, it stops after that system has moved on through.  Not this time.  So, while I get this under control (its rheumatoid arthritis and not age related, that's another one), I have plenty to do at home to keep me occupied.

So there's that and the high blood pressure issue going on but the bp is under control though it has risen slightly with the upper number between 160 and 170.  I plan to return to the naturopath though the MD doesn't like them and has little faith in them.  Its my health and I'll do what I can to bring that under control, with or without the MD's approval.

I hope things are better with you.  Meantime, I am back to work in the morning for a 5 day week.  The last two weeks were 4 day work weeks.  Take care of yourselves, guys!

~ Volker

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mysterious Skin

If you haven't seen Mysterious Skin, do so but its an intense movie, so be warned.  I may sit down this evening to watch it again because its been a few years since I saw it last.  Check it out!

~ Volker

Time to Leave

Yesterday evening I sat down to watch a movie (DVD) that I haven't seen for a while, Time to Leave.  Its about a young man, 31 years old, that is diagnosed with a rare, malignant form of cancer.  The film is about his actions in the last days of his life, how he reacts to life and others, and how others react to him.  Only his grandmother learns of his fate, the rest do not.  Check it out, its worth watching!

~ Volker

Friday, April 6, 2012

Andrew Christian video - weekend starts

Well guys, another weekend starts and what better way to start it than checking out an Andrew Christian video.  We all have dirty laundry.  Lets clean it in style!

Meantime, enjoy the Easter weekend, and what ever you plan to do and where you are spending it, have an awesome weekend!  I'll be off for four days and return to work on Tuesday, so enjoy your's!

~ Volker