Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another update

Last evening I received a call on my cell phone. It was from my cell phone provider with a survey and an offer. I ended up getting a second cell phone free included in my current plan and its for Brad's use so he can keep in touch with me and others. When we are spending time together working or having some fun is one thing but the new phone will allow him to call me if I am away at work or in transit to share a business idea or some other thought. Someone was trying to deliver the phone this afternoon but I was at work at the time, so it will be delivered to my work place likely by Friday. I was pleasantly surprised since I didn't expect the phone until early next week with BC Day on Monday (a civic holiday). More on all that later.

Meantime, I am cooking as I write. I have a stew on the stove slow cooking away (chicken legs with diced potatoes, onion, leek, carrot plus herbs, freshly ground pepper and sea salt, together with some water). The whole apartment has the aroma from the stew everywhere. I've enjoyed cooking since I was a teen and have become more daring as time moves on with more complicated recipes. However, often I use no recipe and just use ingredients on hand (a little of this and a little of that). I hope to share my culinary skills with Brad and at the same time, enjoy some of the talents he has to share with me. We can both benefit!

So this is the civic holiday weekend coming up (BC Day). Since I am off on Monday, the holiday, this makes it a three day weekend for me. Should Brad arrive (and I am hoping this is the case), I have great plans for us. Some options are a lunch in White Rock, a Saturday evening watching the fireworks at English Bay, a trip to Burnaby Mountain (lovely view of the lower mainland, the Georgia Strait and the islands) and a hike on one of the many trails on Hollyburn Mountain, just to name a few ideas. Of course, there are many more and lots of time to see the many places of interest. Then the pride parade is coming up this Sunday in Vancouver which is a must-see event for both of us. This will also mean lots of photos of the sights and of both of us.

Then I am also so looking forward to going sailing with Brad and see his nautical skills first-hand. There is so much yet to come! Have a great week what is left of it and then an awesome weekend whether it's a holiday where you are or not! - Volker

Monday, July 28, 2008

English Bay's 3rd beach

Scene of English Bay's 3rd beach on a summer weekend in July. This is only a partial view. The more active part is to the right off the frame. More photos are in the works. Enjoy this one! - Volker

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eye candy for a Sunday

Here are some hunks showing off their well-developed abs for a hot visual effect on a Sunday. So what's the theme: abs and water! Enjoy!!! Meantime, a new work week is starting in the morning, so its off to bed shortly. - Volker

Bruno Gomes video

Saturday, July 26, 2008


For a while I've been thinking about what to get Brad that would convey how I feel about him in love and affection. offers some inspiration in this regard. Have a look at their website. Meantime, perhaps the images above may inspire you as well. The hot, sexy models certainly help! - Volker

The game

This week I learned that I had won a company wide raffle for tickets to last night's BC Lions game at BC Place. Well it was all worth it. I invited a friend of mine from the West End in Vancouver to come along. He had not been to a football game in perhaps ten years or so and it was my first live game. I had seen a number of them on tv over the years but not in a live venue. My last live game was in high school and that one doesn't even compare to last night's game. The BC Lions played the Montreal Alouettes. The Lions weren't doing well in the first half of the game but improved quite nicely to win 36-34 at the end of the game. It was loud and the fans were lively! It was certainly worth going.

The most unusual thing that happened this week at work was when two middled-aged mennonite couples, Amish all of them, walked into the lobby of the building I work at to ask for directions to the SkyTrain. Even more interesting was that they were from St. Jacobs just north of Waterloo, Ontario. Of course, I lived in Ontario until February 2006 and have been to Waterloo, where a cousin lives, many times, including St. Jacobs. So what are the odds of seeing Amish in Vancouver a long way from southwestern Ontario rather than say Hutterites from the Prairies? Come to think of it, I've never seen them though I've read about them but seen plenty of Amish in the London and Waterloo areas back east.

Well, today being Saturday I'm off to do some shopping to stock up on groceries and perhaps pay another visit to the local Ikea store in Coquitlam. Then there is plenty to do at the computer such as downloading a new program and then photos from my camera. Perhaps I'll go some where on Sunday depending upon the weather. The sky is overcast this morning with occasional sunshine. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Have a great weekend regardless what your plans! - Volker

Friday, July 25, 2008

Model Eric Bivoino

A about a week ago I discovered a sexy model while surfing the net. Above you will find some hot pics of model, Eric Bivoino, that appeared recently in the French magazine Tetu. The photographer, Randall Mesdon, did an outstanding job in bringing out the best in Eric. What attracted me first was the cool shades (sunglasses) and then his well-developed pecs. From there my eyes wandered down. He really takes care of himself. The Tetu photos are likely the best I have seen of Eric. There are others but these appear to be the best. The model is 25 years old, originally from Seattle, Washington and represented by Nous Model Management in Los Angeles, California. Interested people wanting to use him as a model in their shoots may contact the agency via the net at or emailing . Further information about the agency can be found at their website. Enjoy the pics. - Volker

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eye candy

Here are a few hotties for a Sunday. Eric Bivoino (3rd and 4th pics) has to be one of my favourites, a 25 year old model from Seattle, Washington. Of course, all this just makes me think all the more about Brad, someone I'm greatly looking forward to. Enjoy!!! - Volker

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quick update

I received a short message from Brad via msn chat today. He and his brother are currently washing dishes in Montreal in order to pay for car repairs. He gave no further details on what this entails (the repairs) but I'm sure Brad will have quite a tale to tell. As it is, he says he's got plenty of pics. Something to look forward to! Meanwhile, I'm having a late supper of stew [diced onion, carrots, potato, celery, tomato and herbs, sea salt and freshly ground pepper plus leftover italian sausage from yesterday]. There is nothing fancy to wash it down; just some tea!

Saturday, I may go to the breakdancing championships at UBC [Cipher Famous B-boy Championships National Tour 2008 at the Student Union Building at the University of British Columbia]. I was hoping Brad would be here by then but such is the way things go. As a former breakdancer himself, I thought he might appreciate seeing this competition. Another time. However, if you're in the Greater Vancouver area and into breakdancing, go and have a look. Tickets are $15 each.

More later. Have a good week what is left of it and an awesome weekend to follow! - Volker

Sunday, July 13, 2008


This past week has been rather routine with nothing of great interest happening. Wednesday I made the mistake of having crumpets for breakfast before heading into work. What an error that was. I paid the price later in the afternoon with frequent trips to the washroom. Since I'm lactose intollerant or don't have enough enzymes to metabolize milk sugars, anything that has any milk in it will give me grief. The last time that happened was a couple of weeks ago after consuming a small piece of chocolate! I certainly didn't have that problem when I was younger but it is an issue now that I am well into adulthood. I am learning but I do have the occasional weakness for chocolate and such. Some old habits are hard to break!

Other than that, the work week was routine, so when the weekend came, I was so happy to do something that had nothing at all to do with work. After a glass-topped computer desk was delivered Saturday morning and some laundry was out of the way, I walked over to Braid SkyTrain station to catch a train to Brentwood station on my way to Burnaby Mountain. I walked up Willingdon to Hastings Street to catch the 135 bus to Simon Fraser University which is located on top of the mountain. From the campus it is a short walk to the western end of the mountain where the Horizon Restaurant is located. Great views of the lower mainland from there! On my way back to the bus stop I was eating salmonberries and huckleberries, both in season now. Both are a bit on the tart side, just the way I like them!

I arrived home exhausted and ready for bed but was back at it again on Sunday when I went into Vancouver for a walk along the seawall from one end to the other starting at the entrance off West Georgia Street. I ended up at the main beach at English Bay and was ready to return home afterwards for a short rest and then some supper. Now I am ready for bed once again to get ready for another work week. Hope you had a great weekend where you are and that your week to follow will be filled full of interesting things to keep you from getting too bored! Meantime, I am looking forward to Brad's arrival here in the west! Have a great week! - Volker

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eye Candy

While we're all waiting for Brad's arrival here in the west, here are a few pics of hot dudes to captivate your interest. Again, the emphasis is on well-developed abs, pecs and so on. Enjoy! - Volker

Sunday, July 6, 2008


On Saturday morning I took care of those business arrangements so that Brad can begin his fun trip westward. And yes, we are both very excited as you might understand. Saturday morning before I headed out to take care of errands, Brad and I chatted briefly online where I relayed my home (soon to be our home) and work addresses and phone numbers. Wouldn't want him getting lost! If all fails, some or all of the contact information can be found in emails I sent him while he was still at sea. These were to update him on the apartment hunt and the conclusion: the find. I am so looking forward to those frequent updates and the awesome photos from Brad as he progresses westward to British Columbia. Look forward to more! Meantime, the photo above is of some boats in Vancouver near the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and Stanley Park. Enjoy!!! - Volker

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kayaks and other things that float

Last Saturday was a hot, sunny day! Many took advantage of the fine weather after weeks of dull, overcast skies with coolish temperatures. These kayakers were no different. I hope you've got some decent summer weather where you are. Enjoy your summer regardless whatever the weather brings! - Volker

Friday, July 4, 2008


Well, I just finished chatting with Brad online and am so excited he's soon on his way west. In fact we are both very excited about the new adventure! I had planned on depositing some funds into his account to cover fuel costs but ran into a snag: I had withdrawn the money from my account but then realized that Brad's account information was at home, so I'll have to make the deposit Saturday morning. I have a few errands to attend to, so can do that on the way into Vancouver. I am so looking forward to hearing from Brad daily to chart his progress across the country. He can't be here soon enough!

The weather here has been overcast for the past few days but is making signs of clearing for the weekend. I have a number of places in mind to take Brad once he's here, so will leave any major travels until his arrival. This is so awesome!!! I've been up since about 4:30 this morning so I'm starting to get rather tired. More news to come! - Volker

Early Sat. AM

Today was a productive , yet long day.

My life is packed into boxes & my travel agent is hired on!

Iam West-bound Late Sunday/early Monday to checkout the new place with Volker.

Volker and I had a bussiness arrangement planned for tonight, but he must have fun into some issues!
The plan was to leave late today/early Sunday, but I will have to wait for our bussiness arrangement and personal plans to be finalized!

Eitherway, my agent rocked my shoes nearly off today with a booklet of huge savings that will make my crosscountry trip wickedly fun!

Iam almost too excited for my own good, as is V!

So, I will be touching up last minute details & getting last minute directions from Volker late tonight or early tmrw AM, then it's cross country for me! Tons of pictures to follow.

Daily prediction ;

Sunny skies & an early banking morning.. again!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Computer issues

Well, its been warm in the apartment the last few days, warm enough to cause the laptop to shut down unexpectedly. The computer shut down twice last evening, the last time being close to 9:30 pm. I did manage to download some new photos taken over the past weekend. That was done the previous evening when the apartment as cooler. Perhaps the fan is nolonger as efficient as it was when the machine was new but I hope to sort it out soon. Meantime, the laptop works perfectly well when the apartment is cooler. I hope to get a new fan Friday evening with the hopes this will help (increased air flow). I will keep you all posted, including Brad. - Volker

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ronan Bertoli on Garoto Pop

Kayaking on a Saturday

Saturday was such a beautiful day! The weather was perfect with a mostly clear, blue, sunny sky, hot temperatures and plenty of activity in and around Stanley Park. Kayakers were out taking advantage of the fine weather as you can see in the photo above. The photo was taken from the seawall with the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club just east of the park in the background. I completed another walk of the entire seawall from end to end which is probably my sixth time this year. I hope you had a great weekend. I certainly did! More photos coming as soon as they're downsized. - Volker

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!!!

Well, those on the east coast will be well into Canada Day by now but it is just past 10:30 am Pacific Time here on the west coast. The weather is sunny and warm with a thick mist on the horizon which you can see for miles in any direction. Above though, the sky is blue.

This morning I had to walk to the SkyTrain Station rather than take a bus. Everything was running on a Sunday schedule, so buses were starting later. The first SkyTrain was leaving King George Station at 7:08 am. I was at Columbia Station to catch it for 7:17 am and at work by 7:45 am. Its quiet here at work but there are some people working. I've been up and down the tower several times returning to the concierge desk to assist people that paged me but after an hour or so I finally got a complete tower patrol done. I'll be off again shortly to patrol once again.

So while I am working this Canada Day and making premium time (time + time & a half), have a great Canada Day celebration however you choose to celebrate it. And for those south of the border, have a great 4th of July celebration which comes up on Friday. So whether in Canada or the United States, have a good one!

Before I close, I am looking forward to Brad's arrival this month. He plans to be here in time for the pride parade which takes place on Sunday, August 3rd, but then who doesn't love a parade! - Volker