Sunday, August 31, 2008


Lately I've been doing some research on various ways Brad can continue his skills as a mariner here on the west coast. I sent him the link to Seaspan, one of the largest companies of harbour and sea-going tugboats here on the west coast. Since he is currently working on a tugboat in Montreal, I thought this would prove useful. Then again there are other types of work such as working on the "Rainbow Hunter" or one of the little aquabuses ferrying tourists around False Creek in Vancouver or perhaps working on ships like the "Abitibi." You remember the "Abitibi", don't you? Then again there is BC Ferries as yet another possibility but Seaspan would seem to be the most likely option. What do you think? Meantime, I am waiting for Brad's arrival! - Volker

More photos of Vancouver's Winter Olympic Village

Saturday afternoon I went into Vancouver to check out how far the construction work at the Winter Olympic Village venue is coming along. The last time I was here was during the dragonboat races in June. Then the weather was overcast and not the best for taking photos but this time round it was quite different. The clouds were distant and the sun was warm. Certainly a pleasing day as could be seen by all the people that were out enjoying the fine weather.

Then occasionally you see something out of the ordinary, like a bride and groom leading a wedding party, all on bikes and ringing bells.

Hopefully the weekend is great where you are. Have a great one with what is left of it! More photos of the village to follow as the work progresses!!! - Volker

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Popcorn by Hot Butter

Duran Duran: Rio

I've enjoyed listening to Duran Duran for a long time. This probably gives away my age but what the heck! The song "Rio" is one of my favourites. Its been the object of a sequel. What do you think? - Volker

Pet Shop Boys: Always on my Mind

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, the olympics are over, the ones in Beijing that is, and there was plenty of celebrating going on with the wins for the various medals. Those that won certainly deserved them, so congradulations to those that won them. On this vane, once Brad arrives, there will be some celebrating of out own. What you see above will be part of it and who can resist a passionate embrace? With the above photo, I am tempted to ask, shall we dance??? More on that to come. Meantime, have a great night! Its finally off to bed for me!!! - V.

Summer? What happened to summer!

One would hardly call the weather here a "California Summer"; it can bearly be called summer eventhough the calendar would indicate that it should. Here in the British Columbia lower mainland warm (translate: hot) summer weather has eluded us lately. It was raining overnight and today it was a mix of sun and cloud all day. Coolish in the morning followed by warmer temperatures in the afternoon. When the sun was out later, it was too bright (definately need sunglasses, or shades as they are called) but definately more summer-like. Its really a toss up for the weekend weather-wise. Its as likely to rain as not but we will see. The weather here has been rather odd in general, even in the spring. I hope the weather is better where you are. Brad, who is still in Montreal, is likely experiencing far better weather than we are here on the west coast. I am hoping that once he does arrive that our weather and temperatures in general will be much better. September can be very lovely here and I plan to show him the best sights taking full advantage when the weather is co-operating.

By the way, the model in the photo above is James Gabbert. Google to find out more about him. There are a few photos out that might interest you. Have a look!

Well, since its another work day in the morning, I must call it a night. Take care and keep visiting!!! - V.


A few weekends ago I was in Vancouver to walk the seawall at Stanley Park (I usually do the complete wall) and saw yet another containership leave the inner harbour followed by one entering. The shots above show the containership entering the first narrows at Burrard Inlet. The inner harbour is just beyond. - Volker

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dan Ar Braz - A. Stivell

Jesse McCartney - Leavin

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Slow day

Sunday was slow. I spent most of the day at home with the exception of a quick trip to the grocery store at the mall across the street. One reason why it was slow, it was raining all day. So it was overcast and rainy, more like autumn than summer. This will change eventually. That is the nature of life here on the west coast and of life in general.

I added Scott Herman Fitness to the sidebar on the right. Check out his link if you haven't already done so. Look for changes in Scott's website soon. Perhaps you might even want to join. The basic membership is free.

Well, Monday its back to work, so an early night is in store for me tonight. I'll be back up after 5 am, so there'll be more later. - Volker

More on Matthew Mitcham

Well, are you wondering why Matthew Mitcham won the Gold in Beijing? I'm not! Its a well deserved medal, don't you think? - Volker

Matthew Mitcham, age 20, wins the Gold

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Heard from Brad

Well, quite some time had passed since hearing from Brad who had been washing dishes along with his brother to raise cash for car repairs after car troubles. This afternoon I finally heard from him after weeks of concern. I was beginning to get worried (and I am a worrier, so I can worry plenty for the both of us!). At the moment, he is working as a tugboat officer raising money for the remainder of the trip west plus his own living expenses. It was such a relief hearing from Brad. Now my mind can be at ease! I plan to do what I can to speed up the process of getting him here safe and sound. My pay next week is tied up paying rent with the remainder going to groceries and other practical expenses. I will be in a position to send him more funds with the following pay in three weeks from now. I still have to discuss with Brad how he is proceeding west: by car or some other means? I have airmiles saved which can be used to reduce an airfare if he is prepared to fly, say with Westjet which takes airmiles. On the otherhand, if he is driving, my funds will help with the gas, lol! Then the airmiles can be used for something else after he's here.

In other news, I have been exchanging correspondence with Scott Herman. His website should be up and running within a week. I plan to post his link in the sidebar to the right, likely this evening, so if you are interested in improving your fitness, have a look [ ]. For someone age 23, he's really got things together! I'll post another update about Scott soon as well.

Well, now I am going to get some laundry done. This time I get to use the new digital machines using a smart card to operate which is so much better than the older machines that these replace. There'll be more later! Have a great weekend too!!! - Volker

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eye Candy for a Thursday

By this time you should have a good idea what turns me on in other guys: fit and trim, naturally muscular, not over muscled. Ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So here are a few more hot dudes to appreciate to motivate you to improve your own physique and thereby bring on benefits to your own health! Enjoy these on a Thursday or anyday!!! - Volker

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Driverless SkyTrain

To got to the various places around the Greater Vancouver area I use the "driverless" SkyTrain to get about quickly and then bus or electric trolley buses from there. The above photo is of Brentwood SkyTrain station on the Millenium Line in north Burnaby and the one below is of a train leaving the same station heading west toward VCC Clark station. These trains are driverless and our current computer technology makes this all possible. Otherwise the concept of overhead trains has been around for over a hundred years such as in Germany as an example.

Then above is a train entering Braid SkyTrain station on the Millenium Line. A trip from north Surrey to downtown Vancouver (Burrard station) takes roughly 30 to 40 minutes depending upon the time of day and how busy it is. I just thought you might like to see what the trains and the stations look like. - Volker

Monday, August 18, 2008

Yet more things that float

A few weekends ago I witnessed a freighter being docked on the opposite side of Burrard Inlet (North Vancouver) and this series of shots resulted. Have a look! - Volker

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Sunday afternoon took me over to Maillardville in Coquitlam for a visit to the nearby Ikea store. Pictured above is a close-up of the clock tower and then the whole tower in the photo below. Weatherwise, it was very hot and humid and has been that way all weekend. A good thing that the sun was not out in full strength otherwise it would have been like a steam cooker. There's not much to Maillardville Village other than the clock tower and some stores in the main corner in the French style but then I didn't venture to other parts of the village.

The main corner is at Lougheed and Brunette Avenue. The name "Brunette" may bring certain things to mind for some. Then below, who can resist a beautiful rose in flower!

The IKEA store is only a city block away from the main corners. That was the destination of the afternoon trip in the heat but then the store was air-conditioned which was a plus. I bought another chair for 20 dollars plus a lamp and a few items for the kitchen. Perhaps Brad can assist me in future trips to the store. After all, he does love shopping from what he has told me. Meantime, he's not here yet but I'm patiently waiting for his arrival. He, along with his brother, must be having plenty of fun where they are at right now. I guess no news is good news, except if you're the worrying kind like I am. Then a short note or a call does wonders for calming the nerves, so at the moment I have no idea where they are other than somewhere between Montreal and the BC lower mainland. What else can I say?!?! Hope you all had a great weekend as we prepare for another work week. Take care! - Volker

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Romalo Arantes Neto pics on an olympic theme

Recent photos of hot Brazilian actor, Romalo Arantes Neto, have been on an olympic theme. He's another guy worth watching. Its almost certain that more hot photos are coming our way. Just enjoy these for the time being! - Volker