Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kennedy Space Center circa 1980s

My trip to south Florida that decade took me from Tampa where my plane landed to St.Petersburg, then to Fort Myers and Miami, then Key West before heading up to Titusville to visit the cape and the Kennedy Space Center. I took in gardens and such before I ended up seeing the rockets. I purposely chose to go before the March break started to avoid the crowds. There was an interesting spread as far as temperatures were concerned while in Titusville from frosty nights (you could actually see the frost on the ground) to very warm, summer-like temperature by late morning. For those of you that are interested in seeing more photos I took while at the Kennedy Space Center in the 1980s, here is a good selection. The top photo shows an assortment of rockets. That looks like the Mercury capsule on an Atlas rocket in the background!
Anyone remember the Gemini program which used the Titan rocket?
All kinds of tourists came from all over to see the center. There was even a building that had a snack bar at the end. Unbeknownst to the customers seagulls were lined up along the roof edge ready to swoop on unsuspecting people. One guy lost his entire tray of hotdogs! I wondered what people found so curious and it didn't take me long to find out!!! Some entertainment of sorts, I guess!
So seeing these rockets up close gave me a chance to appreciate how big they actually were. With people in the photos you get a good perspective and a way to judge the size!
The last couple of photos show some of the launch facilities. I wasn't sure if the last one would turn out okay but it did! Enjoy the photos and feel free to comment or ask questions! - V

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturn V booster rocket

Back in the mid to late 1980s (I think it was about 1987) I went on a trip to south Florida. I was living in London, Ontario at the time and flew down to Tampa from Toronto, a flight which included a champagne breakfast. One of the stops was the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. I never realized how big the Saturn V rocket was until I saw it laid out on the ground. The above photo is of the booster rocket. You can see someone taking a photo which should give you some idea of its size. I'll have more photos once I've scanned the colour slides. This will take some time since I'm working during the week when time is limited. Meantime, enjoy this one! - V

alpine garden

I have just scanned some colour slides taken with a 35mm film camera I had back in the 1980s. Back in London, Ontario during the late 1980s I had an alpine garden in the front yard which I had moved from the backyard where it had been next to the vegetable garden. For the moment I cannot remember the name of the plant with the pink flowers but I believe the Latin name starts with an "L." I'll do some research to determine the correct name. I would trim them back after flowering. Sometimes I would be rewarded with more flowers!

The plants in front and low to the ground bore white flowers (need to research this name as well). I trimmed those flowers back after they had flowered as well.
Another view of the garden (triangular shaped) with two spruce trees in the background, a Hoopsi Blue Spruce on the left and a silver-green needled spruce to the right at our home in southwest London, Ontario. I planted the blue spruce along with the help of my younger brother Norbert. We stuck in an old broom handle and tied the young tree to that but we never thought the thing would grow straight. Eventually it did and the tree even served as a nesting place for Tree Sparrows and a pair of Cardinals!
Another view with the front porch with its bay window in the background.
I also grew other plants such as this Edelweiss plant (Leontopodium alpinum). Even when I replanted this bed with heathers in the late 1990s I still had a couple of Edelweiss plants mixed in with the new plants.
I also had some Sedums (Hens and Chickens) along the edge of the flower bed to keep things interesting. That's all in the past since the home was sold in 2005 six years after my mother had passed on. She was the last of my parents to pass on! Like everything in life there is a beginning and an end. Its accepted! - V

Saturday, June 25, 2011


If the beach you're frequenting is too busy, too loud and people are crammed in like so many sardines, how about trying this one? - V


Well, this is a reminder for me to buy new underwear once my finances are back in order! Something that's comfortable and looks great. What about you??? - V


I love this photo showing some butt not to mention some other muscle development! See those strong arms? Regardless of what your physique looks like, whether slim, or medium build, or what ever, do something that you like to do. I could be swimming or sailing, or perhaps biking favourite trails, or hiking up mountain trails but do something that you love and enjoy, something that you'll continue and carry through on. The gym is not for everyone but some exercises to warm up would be of benefit before heading out on your day.

We can't look the same as the other guy, it would be such a dull world if we were all the same like coming out of a cookie cutter! Appreciate the differences! I know I do. Carry on with what you're doing and enjoy!!! - V


Model Seth Kuhlmann shows us what he can do with a cigar while showing off some muscle. Love his eyes! I may be allergic to tobacco but I love the look, what do you think?
And you've probably seen lots of Daniel Rumfelt. Here's another above, and Chase Bauer in the image below!
And more! There are plenty of hot looking guys out there to provide us with more than enough inspiration to get fit, if we aren't, or to stay that way, if we are! Have an awesome weekend regardless of what you choose to do, guys!!! - V

health update

I've completed two full weeks of work without issues of any kind. So far so good!

Thursday I was at the hospital for a test focusing on the kidney function. I'll be in the hospital in the near future for two more tests concerning the same issue. It is part of the progress the specialist is doing to find the cause for the high blood pressure which led to my mini-stroke with symptoms that were confused with vertigo and really it wasn't. Its a good thing that I went to the clinic and then the hospital!

Our health is most important. We can't be of help to others in our lives if we are in poor health. Take care of any issues that come up rather than leaving them. Later may be too late!

Enjoy life and what it has to offer! - V

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alpine flowers

From the late 1960s until I sold and moved in 2005 I was growing alpine flowers somewhere on the property. For a while it was in the backyard next to the vegetable garden and later they were back in the front yard for others to appreciate. Two of my favourite flowers were the Wide-leafed Bellflower (or Giant Bellflower), or Campanula latifolia in Latin. These spread easily and even grew in the cedar hedge row. I collected seed in mason jars when the seed were ripe. It was necessary to transplant the plants early. Once they were established they had these whitish taproots that made it impossible to have a successful transplant situation. The two images here are from the Wikipedia Commons. The lower one is by Kurt Stuber, 2004. That is also how they'd look in the hedge row!
The Edelweiss, or Leonyopodium alpinum in Latin, was taken by Friedrich Boehringer, 12 Sept 2010. I grew at least one or two of these plants at any one time. I even managed to grow one from seed. These also grew amongst the heathers I had in the front yard during the last years living in the house.
Now a species of moth called the Mouse Moth also frequented the yard. It is attracted by various plants, trees and flowers such as Campanulas, Cranesbills, Parsley, Oak, Popular and others. We had plenty of food sources for them and the bees, particularly the bumblebees! I also grew this tallish pink flower. I still have to locate the name of it and then upload the photos to post. I have plenty of photos of this flower, you'll see when they're posted! - V

Sunday, June 19, 2011


This is Davey. Check out Paul Dedona Photography for more of him and others. Paul's photography is awesome! - V

Seth Kuhlmann, model

Model Seth Kuhlmann comes from Watson, Louisiana and was born in 1991. He was discovered by a couple of guys with a camera while staying with his uncle in Arizona and his career in modeling took off from there. He's great in football and baseball but Seth is obviously very photogenic!

Seth is 6 foot tall, has a 32 inch waist, dark blond hair and green eyes. He's got a lot going for him right there!

He came to New York City in late September 2010 and has been the focus of interest of various photographers such as Gregory Vaughan, Joe Lally, Rick Day and others. With his awesome looks its no wonder his career has taken off gangbusters! He'll certainly be worth watching both in photography and in acting. I've posted some of the images that grab my attention but there are plenty more of him as well. Keep watching!!! - V


Do you know how to get your partner excited or is it always the same old stuff and things getting dull? Try something new and interesting, and take your time about it! Why the rush? Have some fun! Isn't that part of life, having some fun on our journey through it? The journey's as exciting as the destination! - V

more James Franco

Here are some more James Franco photos to inspire you. I hope you all had a great weekend and I wish you the same for the coming week! - V

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tristan and Isolde

The story Tristan and Isolde has been popular since the Middle Ages and has appeared in German, French and English. It was even put to music by Wagner, though I'm not much of an opera fan. With operas I'm likely to change the channel on radio and tv if I don't turn either off all together.! It was even commemorated on a stamp (above) during Germany's Third Reich. The image itself is from Wikipedia where you can check out more about the story as well as the movie with James Franco and others. - V

James Franco

I've seen the movie, Tristan and Isolde, starring James Franco as one of the lead actors a couple of times, In fact I have the DVD. Its such a sad movie with an even sadder ending of two lovers that never get to marry the one they truly love! Nonetheless, check it out just the same!!! - V


In the past I have showered imagining my troubles and woes going down the drain along with the water but a hot shower is so relaxing to sooth the aching muscles too! Keep that in mind the next time you shower. - V

kitchen help

There are times when the kitchen help will heat up the kitchen faster than the food on the stove. This might be one of those times! - V


I've long had a spiritual and emotional connection with my boyfriend. Neither of us would deny it! I think he'd like to have me in his arms as much as I would like to have him in mine! How's your relationship and where would you place it? - V

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

monkey business

This is a photo of my late brother Norbert and myself in the winter of 1955. This was two years before we came to Canada. Note the stuffed monkey on the counter with the horn! Keep that in mind when you re-read the Gemini horoscope in the previous post. - V

horoscope (gemini)

I don't want out leave Brad out of the picture as far as a horoscope reading is concerned. He's a Gemini, so here's the entry for the same week as the Leo entry given a few days ago.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Primatologist Jane Goodall, who lived for years among chimpanzees in Tanzania, is one of the world's top experts on the creatures. Can you guess what her favorite toy was when she was young? A stuffed monkey, of course. There were no doubt foreshadowings like that in your own childhood or adolescence, Gemini. Right? Signs of the magic you would eventually seek to ripen? Seeds of destiny that had just begun to sprout? Now would be a good time to reflect in those early hints. You'll benefit from updating your understanding of and commitment to the capacities they revealed.

(From: Free Will Astrology - week of June 9)

Interestingly, I have a few Gemini aspects in my natal chart. When I was a young child, I too had a stuffed monkey as a toy and have the photos to prove it! There are two images of such. - V


Well, on the rambunctious theme, some Vancouver hockey fans got a little too excited when their favourite team lost the 7th game and went so far as to set cars on fire! Let's be good sportsmen and not set cars afire. It doesn't look good and gives people the wrong impression about the city and its fans, guys! - V

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I am number four Part II

I was able to watch this movie (I am number four) in its entirety this evening. Its not for everyone but it does have an important message we should pay attention to. There are even a few good shots of Alex Pettyfer's awesome physique. Alex plays one of the lead characters in the movie. Something worth seeing! A report is coming up as soon as time is available. - V

Monday, June 13, 2011

I am number four

I purchased the three disk copy of the movie "I am number four" starring Alex Pettyfer amongst others on my way home from work this evening. It included the Blu-ray plus DVD versions. I plan to see it later in the week when time permits. A report follows afterwards! Have an awesome week, guys!!! - V

horoscope (leo)

I read this interesting entry in Free Will Astrology for the week of June 9

Leo (July 23-Aug22):

I dreamed you had been tending an unusual garden for months. Your crops weren't herbs or flowers or vegetables, but rather miniature volcanoes. Each was no ripe and stood about waist-high. They erupted with a steady flow of liquid blue fire that you were harvesting in large gold, Grail-like cups. Apparently this stuff was not only safe to drink but profoundly energizing. You sipped some of the potion yourself and distributed the rest to a large gathering of enthusiastic people who had come to imbibe your tasty medicine. The mood was festive, and you were radiant. This dream of mine is a good metaphor for your life in the immediate future.

(from the recent issue of Vancouver's Urban Weekly WE) - cryptic or what! - V

back to work!

I'm heading back to work this morning. In fact, i'll be out the door in a few minuted and on my way to the bus stop and the train. This has been after a month of recovery after suffering a mini-stroke early in May. It does help to keep in shape! All this helps the recovery in the long run. Have a great day, guys! - V

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I've had a number of boyfriends over the years but Brad has to be the one that has grabbed my attention for the longest and for good reasons. Those in the past were absorbed with self-interest and only satisfying their own egos. One came all the way to Vancouver from Toronto but all he wanted or seemed to be interested in was sex. Perhaps he wasn't that good in communicating, not everyone is, but that was the impression I got.

Brad on the other hand, knows what to say and when to say it. We have a natural spiritual and emotional bond. Even when I had my latest health issues, he contacted me at a time when I actually needed a lift. Since he doesn't have a computer of his own, sometimes communicating is a bit of a challenge but not impossible. He always seems to find a way. For what ever reasons, he cannot be out here until Christmas at the earliest. When he does arrive, it will be well worth the wait for both of us, and he knows it! He'll be wondering why it all took so long! It'll be awesome to hear that deep, sexy voice in person rather than over the phone and wrapping my arms around that awesome body of his. I can't wait to kiss him either! Hey sexy, get here and we'll all be the better for it! I can feel that warm, moist breath of his now!!! Let's make some music and all your past troubles will be just there, in the past and ancient history!!! - V

local traffic bottleneck

Late yesterday afternoon (Friday) I observed the traffic on McBride Blvd locally as I have done many times before. Who designs a highway system that leads northward through Surrey to a bottleneck in New Westminster that leads no where in particular. If this highway connected with Hwy 1 (the Trans Canada Highway), this would make some sense but it doesn't. It connects with local two-lane arterial roads that create this traffic jam. When will the local municipal mayors, Translink and residents get on the same song sheet and design a highway system that actually works? People don't want to spend their free time idling in traffic when they could be with their families, at a favourite restaurant or seeing on of the many parks in the area. Why don't all the local municipal politicians, Translink and the public all get on the same song sheet and design at system that works for everyone, not just for special interests? This would be a novel idea, don't you think? - V