Saturday, January 31, 2009


That hot Brazilian model, Edilson Nascimento, is one of my favourites. Here's another photo of him hoping that his smiling face greets you on an awesome weekend.

In other news, the stuff to be auctioned off has been picked up and sent to the auction house. Now the living room looks more like what it should and far less like a storage room. I'll be sorting through more stuff but this going out for donation (clothes, bedding, etc). Then the books and magazines are up next. That should give me months of activity in sorting all that. Of course, we should be well into spring by then and have summer near at that time.

Brad's arrival is delayed once again. He was unable to make the flight that early in the day and had to cancel. There are later flights but the cost is a little more but not much. I'm going to suggest those as an option. Meantime, he does want to come but I do hope he gets his butt in gear very soon. There are things to do and places to visit. There's a lot of fun, pleasant stuff ahead for both of us. Brad can benefit greatly from being a part of all that and more. The credits from the cancelled flight can be used to pay for a rebooking and topped up with additional funds if necessary.

After May I'm intitled to take vacation time with the new company since I'll have been with them a year by that time. A trip to southern California and Las Vegas is a strong possibility. I am still working on the details and will have to get a passport in order to enter the U.S. respecting the new entry requirements. More on all this later.

Meantime, have a great weekend guys!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The day has come, well tomorrow

Thursday is the big day, an important day for both Brad and myself. I'm working a half day and then heading straight for the airport to meet with Brad who is expected to arrive from Halifax during the lunch hour. By the time I get there, he should have collected his bag(s) and be waiting for me in the nearest coffee establishment at the terminal. Brad advised me that he'll be dressed "standoutish" so I should easily notice him. I'm so excited that we are finally going to meet in person after all that has happened in the last year.

In other news, the auctioneer will send a crew to pick-up the stuff heading to auction tomorrow. This will be sometime in the late afternoon. We should be back from the airport by 4 or 5 pm at the latest in time for their arrival. After the items to be sold are removed, I can get the place in some sort of order.

I plan to go through the books and records, including cassette tapes and CDs, separately and weed out what is no longer required there. There is another source where these items are to go. More on all this soon. For now, I'm off to the shower and then to bed. The alarm clock rings at 5 am, which isn't far off!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fernando Bacalow

Recently, I found some photos of another Brazilian hottie, Fernando Bacalow, born on January 18, 1983 in Osasco in Sao Paulo, Brazil. These are some that I love the best and give us a great view of those well-developed muscles of his. The pics are from Terra the Boy. Fernando has also been in the contest for Season 7 of Big Brother Brazil and posed for Paparazzo. Go over to Cisoto or We Love Guys to see more of him but this should give you a taste! By the way, of those viewing this blog Brazil has the greatest number of hits in South America but then that country has a good share of hot models coming our way. Each region of the world has their own to offer, not just Brazil, but that country certainly has my attention at the moment. How about yours?

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Bodhi over at "Tres Fab Sweetie!" had a post on wallpapers from GT (Gay Times), a UK gay magazine. These two pics appeared on their 2008 calendar which I had on the wall in the dining room. I posted a photo of the latter pic last month. Check out Bodhi's blog for more of them plus the link to GT to see even more!


Thursday, January 22, 2009


The fog we've been experiencing for the last week is continuing. The fog is found in the valley near the Fraser River, in low lying areas such as the city of Richmond, English Bay, Burrard Inlet and the Georgia Strait. Yesterday as I left home for work, New Westminster wasn't too bad except near the river but as we got to Vancouver on the train, the mist became more evident. That's pretty well what was seen all day at work yesterday: fog! The photo above was taken Sunday from the Fraser Cemetery in Sapperton (New Westminster). You can see the mist above the Fraser River in the distance. In Vancouver it was a different story as can be seen in the photo below taken along the seawall in Stanley Park, just past the 2nd beach. English Bay was shrouded in fog and the fog horns from freighters could be heard constantly. There was a photo posted on one of the local papers on the weekend of the office towers in downtown Vancouver poking through the fog, the city fog-shrouded except for that! I believe the photo was taken from Grouse Mountain, which of course enjoyed sun-filled skies! If this continues into the weekend, I will make a trip to Burnaby Mountain, an excellent vantage point, and take some photos from there. Meantime, I'm off to work!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another mist-shrouded day

Time ran out for me yesterday but I made it a point to visit Vancouver's Stanley Park today (Sunday). It was sunny with a bright blue sky but near rivers, lakes and the ocean there was plenty of fog/mist. The small pond in the photo above is located just north of the Lost Lagoon. The mist you see is coming from English Bay via Lost Lagoon. The low-hanging mist obscured the sun near the water as you can see in the photo below (Lost Lagoon).

Lost Lagoon, a pond now that its long been land-locked, was frozen over for the most part and not as many birds were seen as would normally be the case. This will change as we get into February and March but there were swans, coots, mallard ducks and other fowl to be seen.

This grey squirrel looking for handouts was spotted in the shrubbery near a bridge about halfway between Coal Harbour and English Bay's 2nd beach. The photo below captured one of the many chickadees to be seen in the park. They travel in flocks and can be spotted by listening for their distinctive call which gives them their name. I hope you all had a lovely weekend what ever it is you chose to do. Have a great week!

Ethan Reynolds on reFRESH

While in downtown Vancouver Saturday, I dropped in the Chapters store to find this photo of Ethan Reynolds gracing the cover of reFRESH magazine. The same issue is also available at Little Sisters on Davie Street and presumably Priape also has the same. Great that Ethan's getting this exposure and his career as a model is continuing. I also took the time to read the article inside where Ethan was interviewed. More later!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bryan Thomas

For you Bryan Thomas fans, including Mac, I found these on the net recently. Enjoy! Meantime, have a great Sunday!


The sun did appear today (Saturday) but much of it was obscured by a ground fog/mist that hung in the valleys and depressions in the Greater Vancouver Area for much of the day. Above the mist you could see clear blue skies and when I took the train into Vancouver to complete some errands, that fog was less severe in around Metrotown because of the higher elevation than elsewhere. The scene above was taken this afternoon in the mist shrouded Fraser Cemetery in Sapperton, a part of New Westminster, British Columbia. During my walk to Sapperton SkyTrain station I noticed some lichen that was in bloom with the recent warmer temperatures we've been having (well, for us its warmer!). The tombstone in the centre of the photo, by the way, dates from 1886. I had hoped to get to the Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park to feed the birds but it was nearing sunset and it gets dark early yet. We'll have to wait a few more months for longer daylight hours!


Yesterday I saw a quote posted by someone commenting on the "OMG" post at Davey Wavey's Break the Illusion blog. The quote is part of a comment posted by "Hunter." It struck a chord with me immediately. How about you?

"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."

-- Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

So with that, we are well into another weekend. The sun has shown itself and the temperature is supposed to climb to +12 today (sorry guys, for those that are still knee deep or higher in snow!) but these are the realities of living on the west coast, well here in the lower mainland anyway! Have a great weekend! Enjoy it in a way you like best. Now I'm off to enjoy the warmer temperatures as I head off into town (Vancouver). Bye for now!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I'm making some progress in unpacking and sorting my stuff. The progress is good and about three quarters done. There are just four china barrels, a few mirror pack containing pictures and "mirrors" plus a small assortment of boxes. I hope to have this all done by the weekend and then call the auctioneer to pick up the stuff ready for auction (he holds his auctions on weekends). Once the sale items are out of the apartment, I can get it organized in time for Brad's arrival, well most of it. Its a challenge working that around a full-time job and other duties. However, its nice to have a largely organized kitchen and a real bed to sleep on instead of an airbed or a simple, hard mattress that's supposed to pass for a bed.

A leg on the dining room cabinet came loose, so I will wait with that until Brad arrives so he can help me move the top unit which is too heavy for me to lift alone. Then I'll glue the leg back on, wait for the glue to dry and then set the top unit back in place before loading the cabinet with china and other stuff. The glass top for the dining room table is still packed in a crate, so once the other items are removed by the crew from the auction house, I'll have room to set the crate on the floor and removed the wooden top to get at the glass top inside.

Various items like books and LPs are going to other places for sale where I'll likely get more money for them anyway. Slowly the place will get organized and have a degree of normalcy, what ever that is!

The weather has warmed to above freezing. It should be near 9+ Celsius tomorrow, and much of the snow has melted. Its overcast for the most part but neither snowing nor raining for the moment. The sun does make the odd appearance but not often enough for my liking. Spring flowers start showing as early as February which makes my friends back east just jealous and no fair when they still have snow on the ground.

Anyway, I'll update some later. Right now its time for a shower and some unpacking before heading to bed. Five in the morning comes early enough. More later!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hot dudes to wrap your arms around

Here it is Sunday evening here on Canada's west coast with another work week ahead of us. To put us into another state for a moment, here are some guys with the hotest abs and pecs going, well as far as I can say. They're hot enough to wrap your arms around and perhaps more!!! Have a great week guys!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Earthquake in Costa Rica Thursday

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hot dudes

Earlier in the week I took some time away from the unpacking and sorting I have to do, to do a little bit of surfing on the web. In the process I found these hot pics and especially love the one above of the guy sitting on a red chair with shirt open and pants down a bit to reveal some of his pubes. Having the colour red in the photos somewhere seems to make it for me plus having a hot model certain helps a lot. Showing skin is nice, even giving a hint of what else could be seen in the future, gives it all a certain hotness. Its not always necessary to show full frontal nudity to get this effect. You can see this in the examples here. Using props can add some interest to the shots too. What are your thoughts on this and perhaps you can expand on the main points I've made and that you bring up??? Meantime, enjoy these pics as we start another weekend!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Photos from Edilson Nascimento's first shoot - 2007

These are a few photos from Edilson's first photo shoot in 2007 and are some of the best I love from that series. Its no wonder he is considered so hot. As I mentioned in the previous post, the hits I'm receiving on this blog rather proves the point. Enjoy these pics which are most likely familiar to those that have been following the career of Edilson Nascimento!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hot dudes in underwear

If you're suffering from the winter blahs, these pics ought to cheer you up some! If there's something you'd like me to post, let me know. I do know that Edilson is a particular favourite around the world. The hits on this blog rather prove that, so if I find something new and interesting, or even older and still interesting, I'll post it. Meantime, enjoy these pics!

Unterhosen fuer Matrosen

While having a look at the Swiss "Display Magazin" that Bodhi at Tres Fab Sweetie had mentioned as he introduced bloggers to a hot Swiss model, I came across these very hot examples of underwear. They're listed as "Unterhosen fuer Matrosen" but I think they're suited for anyone, not just for sailors! What are your thoughts?