Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The day has come, well tomorrow

Thursday is the big day, an important day for both Brad and myself. I'm working a half day and then heading straight for the airport to meet with Brad who is expected to arrive from Halifax during the lunch hour. By the time I get there, he should have collected his bag(s) and be waiting for me in the nearest coffee establishment at the terminal. Brad advised me that he'll be dressed "standoutish" so I should easily notice him. I'm so excited that we are finally going to meet in person after all that has happened in the last year.

In other news, the auctioneer will send a crew to pick-up the stuff heading to auction tomorrow. This will be sometime in the late afternoon. We should be back from the airport by 4 or 5 pm at the latest in time for their arrival. After the items to be sold are removed, I can get the place in some sort of order.

I plan to go through the books and records, including cassette tapes and CDs, separately and weed out what is no longer required there. There is another source where these items are to go. More on all this soon. For now, I'm off to the shower and then to bed. The alarm clock rings at 5 am, which isn't far off!


Anonymous said...

I'm extremely happy that I was mistaken, Volker.
Best of luck to both of you.
Enjoy the day, you deserve some sunshine in your life.
I hope Brad appreciates how fortunate he is!


Volker said...

We shall see but for the moment, we are both rather excited. More to follow!

MAC said...


Volker said...

Brad wasn't able to make the flight, so it was cancelled but he does intend to fly here. I hope to get further details soon. The crew from the auction house arrived and picked up the items going up for sale. That part is behind me, which is a load off my shoulders.