Thursday, March 31, 2011


The model in the image above isn't wearing the underwear pictured but he's sure showing off his fine physique. What do you think? Well, good night folks! I'm off to bed shortly. - V


Keeping with the theme of fitness and looking good here's a recent photo of Jakub Stefano to give you some further inspiration. What more can I say? Enjoy! - V

chokerz4men II plans to introduce 31 new styles on April 1 (tomorrow) plus reintroduce 5 styles and feature 22 continuing styles of jewelry for men.
If you've been working on improving your physique or fine-tuning it, why not pamper yourself with some jewelry to compliment what you've taken so much effort into improving, perhaps something for yourself or your significant other! Check out what they have to offer. The hot models alone is worth the visit! - V

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


And once again, here's another hot Latin hunk to capture your interest, Arthur Sales. There have been a lot of hot dudes out of Brazil over the last few years. Arthur is just one of many! Have a good night, guys!!! - V

latin muscle

Here's some Latin muscle to ignite your interest as we close the month of March. - V

Monday, March 28, 2011

dieux du stade - gods of the stadium

I've been following the Dieux du Stade - Gods of the Stadium since 2004 and have the dvds from that year. Each photographer has their own way of expressing the beauty that these athletes portray. I haven't bought a book yet (just the dvds) but perhaps I can be persuaded. On thing that I did late last year was purchase the 2011 calendar. Check them out if you have the chance. - V

2xist underwear

Are you thinking about getting some new underwear for yourself or significant other? There are so many brand available on the market that its hard to make a choice it would seem. Try having a look at 2xist underwear, just one of many as I've mentioned. Check out a model that has a similar build as yourself to see how it would look on you. What I do is buy one that I like the look of and then if that's a go, I purchase more of them.

Check out the underwear that Justin (19 year old from New Jersey in the United States) is wearing (SLIQ) at the following link at Its a start!

In the near future I plan to post some links of products that may be of interest to you. This would include men's jewelry and underwear, just to mention two. Have a great night! - V

raging sun, raging sky

I was in Vancouver Sunday afternoon. It was then that I could see how extensive the flowering of shrubs and trees was. Along the way I stopped to buy a couple of dvds, one at HMV and the other at Priape.

The first was a French film with English subtitles called L'enfance Nue, or Naked Childhood. Its about a child that is sent from one foster home to another which doesn't sound like an ideal situation. I'll comment more on that one once I've had the time to see it.

The one I have seen is the film by the Mexican director Julian Hernandez called Raging Sun, Raging Sky. This film is a winner of the Teddy Award in 2009 at the Berlin International Film Festival.

So basically, Kieri and Ryo, two young, handsome Mexican men fall in love. There's a unquestioning bond between the two. Then Ryo is abducted and Kieri begins a search for his soulmate. Its not an easy search as things are encountered to test their devotion to each other. The film is a visually stunning ode to the male nude and the power of desire. I'll explain more once I've taken the time to see this film again.

Meantime, enjoy your day and have a great week guys! - V

Sunday, March 27, 2011

the beauty of spring!

Well, spring has truly arrived here on the west coast. The crocuses and snowdrops have been blooming for a while and now the early cherry trees and some star magnolias are in flower as well. Like the image of the guy above, things are looking up! Time to get in shape for the coming season. Have a great week! I'm off to bed, guys! - V

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Steve at sent us an email of thanks for posting about their site and products. I'll do even better by posting once again and adding a link in the sidebar along with links to other select products that might interest you.

This is what Steve had to say recently regarding physical fitness, their site and models:

"Thank you for your kind words! We share the same belief in physical fitness and really try to capture it in our models. Also, thanks for the 2nd write up and the links, it really does mean a lot to us!"

We certainly have a lot in common! Thanks for the images as well, Steve! They're much appreciated.

Enjoy spring now that its here and enjoy life as well!!! As the saying goes, "life is good!" - V

P.S. - There'll be more images soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

life and the people we encounter!

Today on my way home from work I stopped at a garden centre to purchase a large pot for the Cinco de Mayo rose that needs repotting. The clerk that served me turned out to be a Buddhist, a former Christian. We had a short talk on plants and the interconnectedness of life. Its interesting the people we encounter in our daily lives, just living and going about our business! I too have a Christian background (Catholic) but we found our interests and views very similar. How we enrich our lives by engaging in discussions with others of like mind. We never really know unless we take the time to connect!

With that, have a good night, guys! I'm off to bed. - V

Sunday, March 20, 2011

life and beyond

This weekend I've been re-potting some plants out on the balcony and have a few more to do. I've re-potted the Spanish lavender and the wintergreen, that is until I ran out of potting soil. I'll do more as we get into the week with a couple of spring heathers and the Cinco de Mayo rose yet to go. The rose gets pink blossoms with yellow centres and the flowers have an apple scent as well. I'll get on with it as we get into the week now that spring is here. Its been around 10 degrees Celsius through the weekend just great time for planting and such!

Scanning the old photos has brought back old memories with the attached emotions that I thought had been healed. Apparently not! My younger brother Norbert pass away late March 1974 and the emotions involved are just as fresh as if his death had occurred yesterday. We share the same bedroom through most of his life. He was 19 going on 20 and I was 20 going on 21. I have wondered if my getting my own room along with other matters had contributed to the end?

Norbert took a bath one evening in late March and never left alive. My father found him hanging from the shower curtain rod with a towel around his neck and the other end around the rod. The police believed it was an accident in that he really didn't mean to kill himself. They told us to tell others that he died of a heart attack because of the taboo against suicide then.

When my mother was doing things that could be dangerous to her health, she was taken into the hospital for observation (July 1999) only to try to hang herself in the women's shower. Old wounds were re-opened. With that my half-brother was only interested in the money he would get and told me how it was going to be before our mother was even dead and buried! Since he was a Jehovah's Witness, it was left to me to deal with the Catholic priest. He considered himself the oldest but for the priest he would have nothing to do with it.

It took three years to settle mother's estate, which was itself an ordeal!

Die of old age, die of natural causes but don't take your life, even "accidentally." You have no idea what manner of heartache you unleash to those around you.

I would truly like to have a long talk with the person that gave my brother the idea. This was years before personal computers and the internet when information of that sort was much more difficult to acquire.

So when my friend Brad decided not to come west as he had promised, I was greatly shocked and it brought up old wounds that I thought had healed. This affected my appetite and my health in general. I do not hold Brad personally responsible because he had no idea what he was unleashing. My only wish is that he would resume our friendship as it was before. It'll do him well for other relationships to come, including his current one. How about that trip to Europe as you promised, Brad? Its a great way for me to end mine and you to move forward in your life!

"Do onto others as you would have them do onto you!" I share this with you so that you give some thought to what you plan and the effects those plans have on others. With that, I'll close for today! - V

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

new season

This is one of my early attempts at gardening, vegetable gardening in particular. The photo was taken in London, Ontario in 1973. That's a cold frame in the foreground on the right. That's where I started some plants early. Others, such as tomato and pepper plants, were started indoors and planted out after the danger of frost was more or less gone. The latter part of May or early June was usual for that.

I got the weeds pulled early to give the plants unhindered growth potential. In July 1972 I had left the garden to be tended by my father. When I returned home in early September, I couldn't see the vegetable plants for all the weeds. I tried to pull the weeds but when I was finished, I realized it was a lost cause that year. My father was working full-time and then tending to his own garden (flowers), so with everything else time was an issue. Such is life!

Usually I was able to get a good number of carrots, green beans and onions out of the garden along with tomatoes and some peppers. Later in the 1970s I added some alpine flowers in the one corner of the plot on the same side as the cold frame but the opposite corner to attract more bees for pollination purposes.

By the 1980s I also added some grapevines. Earlier I had also added a Northern Spy apple tree in the one corner plus had started several currant bushes from cuttings since I couldn't move the mature bushes to another location. The apple tree bore some excellent fruit until the next door neighbour cut down his pear tree with which the tree had cross-pollinated. I tried a number of options as you can see.

Now living in an apartment I'm restricted to a balcony where I have some potted plants and plan to add more. I'll let you know more about my efforts soon! Currently its raining and earlier we had a bit of thunder and lightning. Have a good night guys! - V

Monday, March 14, 2011


We moved into this new house in southwest London (Ontario) in the late 1960s and that is when I began taking up gardening with great interest. I'm in the photo here taken in the mid-1980s when I was into my 30s. Soon after this I replanted the flowerbed in the foreground. The yuccas (the ones with the white flowers) found new homes in other parts of the front yard which was a chore. The roses in that bed had seen better days though the climber stayed on for some years. The bed was then replanted with alpine flowers which lasted until the late 1990s when the bed was replanted once again, this time with heathers. My interest in plants and flowers in general goes back to my early childhood. Anyway, have a great week! - V


Why shower alone when you can have your friends join you, more than enough to scrub each other's backs wouldn't you say? I can see the glass getting fogged up now. Something to think about if your shower is big enough! - V

Sunday, March 13, 2011

hot dude - hot muscles

Let Sandor Earl, who's a hot 22 year old Australian rugby star and model, get us in the mood to improve our own physique. If he can do it, so can a lot of others given inspiration and motivation! Now sleep on that. Meantime, check out Caricias Gay MGZine for more of Sandor and other hot dudes. The link is in the right-hand sidebar. Have a good night, guys! - V

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

inspiration II

Before I head off to bed here's some more inspiration to help you improve your physique if you not already done so or to keep it that way if you have. Good night guys! - V


Having some extra inspiration as we get ourselves in shape for this coming spring and summer can certainly help, so here's some more with Christopher leading the way. Check out Scott Herman on Facebook to find examples of how others are transforming themselves. Scott has some excellent before and after photos. Check them out, not to mention his website for more inspiration! The website's link is in the right-hand sidebar. - V

Monday, March 7, 2011

signs of spring

Well, there are signs of spring everywhere here in the lower mainland of southwest British Columbia. As I left the apartment complex to catch a bus to the SkyTrain station, I noticed the crocuses in full bloom. Later once in Vancouver there were snowdrops and spring heather in flower as well. The flower buds on the magnolia trees are swelling.

With spring on its way here is something to put you all in the mood. I guess its time to shed the winter pounds and get into shape for the spring and summer season. Get to it guys! Meantime, enjoy the eye candy and keep that as inspiration!!! - V