Monday, March 28, 2011

raging sun, raging sky

I was in Vancouver Sunday afternoon. It was then that I could see how extensive the flowering of shrubs and trees was. Along the way I stopped to buy a couple of dvds, one at HMV and the other at Priape.

The first was a French film with English subtitles called L'enfance Nue, or Naked Childhood. Its about a child that is sent from one foster home to another which doesn't sound like an ideal situation. I'll comment more on that one once I've had the time to see it.

The one I have seen is the film by the Mexican director Julian Hernandez called Raging Sun, Raging Sky. This film is a winner of the Teddy Award in 2009 at the Berlin International Film Festival.

So basically, Kieri and Ryo, two young, handsome Mexican men fall in love. There's a unquestioning bond between the two. Then Ryo is abducted and Kieri begins a search for his soulmate. Its not an easy search as things are encountered to test their devotion to each other. The film is a visually stunning ode to the male nude and the power of desire. I'll explain more once I've taken the time to see this film again.

Meantime, enjoy your day and have a great week guys! - V

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