Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Butts come in all shapes and sizes but the guys that keep themselves fit have some of the most awesome butts. Starting with the skater, here is a small sampling. What's your favourite? Care to comment, so this rest of us have an idea of what guys are thinking. Meantime, enjoy! - V

Monday, September 27, 2010


Just to give you an idea of the view, here's a photo of Birg taken from the summit of the Schilthorn. The image is from Wikipedia but I have a lot of my own. They just need to be scanned into the computer in order to show others. Have a great day!!! - V

Sunday, September 26, 2010


To sleep perhaps to dream! Well, we all hope for pleasant dreams for others as well as ourselves. Let's hope yours are filled with wonders as Sunday winds up!!! - V

Europe II

The other day I began the story of my first trip back to Europe at age 18. The European trip started and ended at Amsterdam. The land that Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is built on used to be a lake. It was still a lake in the 17th century and the part that the airport is located on was Schiphol, literally "ship hole." The waters in this area of the Haarlemmermeer (Haarlem Lake) was whipped up in severe storms only to send ships and boats to their deep grave, hence the name. Later the lake was drained and used as farmland. Around the WWI an airport was built there and later a Fokker airplane production plant was built nearby. Then the area was developed to what we have now.

So once I got to Dortmund where did I go? Well, I had left Canada with a student railpass (2nd class) good for two months plus a rail timetable for all of West Germany, including to and from West Berlin. I used my aunt and uncle's place as starting point for side trips that included a boat trip up the Rhein from Koblenz to Mainz with view of castles and vineyards on both sides of the river before returning to Dortmund.

Another side trip took me to central Switzerland where I stayed on a farm on an alp above the village of Lauterbrunnen in the Bernese Oberland. That trip included some work haying on the farm and a Sunday hiking up a mountain called the Schilthorn. For that one, I took a cable car from Stechelberg to Muerren above the valley floor. That took the cable car above the roughly 900 foot cliff and from there I hiked up to the next cable car station at Birg. There was an awesome view of the mountains across the valley (Lauterbrunnental) which included the Jungfrau, Eiger and the Moench among others. I knew at the time that the next valley was used as a set for the tv program called "George", a show about a Swiss maid, a doctor and a St.Bernard dog called "George!" I later found out that the mountain I climbed was used as a set for a James Bond movie. Some of the skiing scenes were shot around the station at Birg. The entire station at the top of the mountain was built as part of the set and then donated to the Swiss after the movie was completed. Ah, the things you find out during and after a trip. I didn't hike up further since time was a factor. As it was, it was nearly dark when I returned to Stechelberg.

A half-sister lived in the town of Ettlingen, near of Karlsruhe, and I used that location to travel to Salzburg to meet up with my 10th grade German teacher. She was taking a course in the city over the summer. The area was used during the filming of the movie called "The Sound of Music", just an awesome setting for a film. I climbed up a mountain in the city to get a view of the area in all directions. After a view of the old town and the mountain, I met up with my teacher, we went sightseeing and then for supper washed down with a beer (Stiegel). After my two day stay in Salzburg, I headed west through the Austrian Alps by train which went through Innsbruck and Zurich to Basel. After the train left Innsbruck, we encountered a severe thunderstorm with plenty of lightning and rain. The journey through the little country of Lichtenstein took ten minutes before entering Switzerland. I didn't bother going back to Lichtenstein with the rain and opted to proceed to Basel and back to Ettlingen.

Yet another journey took me to Strasbourg where I stayed a couple of days at a hotel in a square opposite the train station. There's so much to see in the old town with its canals on the river Ill. The city of Strasbourg is in Alsace where both French and a local dialect of German is spoken. The dialect is similar to the one spoken on the other side of the Rhine (Rhein in German) in the Black Forest, Schwarzwald in German. I tried to get the cathedral in a photo but even a few blocks away, I could only get half or two-thirds of it in the frame. Later I was able to get a shot of the entire cathedral from the rooftop of a museum near the canals but just outside the old town. The old town has a typical Germanic feel to it with houses made of wooden timbers and the food is typical Alsacian, Germanic with a French flair!

From Strasbourg I proceeded by train through the region of Franche Comte down the Rhone River valley past Arles and on to Perpignon where I changed trains to get to the city of Carcassonne. The focus of my stay in Carcassonne was the old town where I had reserved a hotel room. I managed to get quite a few photos of the ramparts around the old town which date from the Visigothic period. I even met an American family from Arizona visiting from the United States and joined them for supper. The stay was awesome but two days was far too short.

From Carcassonne I went on to Paris for a couple of days via Toulouse by train. It was raining the evening I got into that city, so I couldn't see much, not even a walk along the streets of old Paris but the next day was sunny and just a beautiful day for a walk through the old town to the Bastille and the Gare de Lyon and then back to the Notre Dame cathedral before returning to the hotel in the Rue de Gramont.

Toward the end of my stay I used Dortmund as a starting point for a trip by rail through the Lueneburger Heide to Hamburg and up the Jutland peninsula to Fredericksborg in northern Denmark. From there I caught a ferry going to the Swedish city of Goeteborg (Gothenburg in English) and from there on by rail to Oslo, where I managed to see the Viking Ship museum and one other regional museum where a saw an old wooden stave church before deciding to leave for Stockholm (couldn't find a hotel room for the night). In the train from Oslo to Stockholm we passed forests and lakes reminding me somewhat of northern Ontario with all of its lakes and bush. The arrival in Stockholm was wet! I opted to stay only the night since I thought the weather as it was would leave the stay unproductive but the day I left the sun was out and the rain was gone. I had made my decision, so I continued by train to Malmo and the ferry ride to the Danish side. I managed to get a shot of the castle that was used as a setting for Shakespeare's play, Hamlet! The castle was in silhouette as the sun was setting. Elsinore is the name of the castle from the play.

Early on I had also been to the city of Bremen from where my paternal grandfather had worked. He had actually lived in Bremerhaven just to the north and had worked for the German Federal Railways, or Deutsche Bundesbahn in German. The one day visit there included a tour of the harbour at Bremerhaven!

Another side trip early on included West Berlin where I stayed with another aunt and uncle. My aunt there was my mother's sister. One day I managed to take a bus tour of both sides of the city and then another visit to East Berlin with a fellow traveler I met on the bus tour. East Berlin felt depressing compared to vibrant West Berlin. The West Berlin stay included a visit to Charlottenburg Palace and a boat tour on the Havel. I would make two more visits to the city during two later trips overseas.

Then I had planned a couple of nights in Amsterdam before returning home to Canada but this ended up being two days in the city but a night in Cologne followed by the final night in Amsterdam. There were no rooms available the first night, so I headed back by train to Cologne. It didn't matter since I had a railpass anyway.

There's one note I'd like to make. Its amazing the number of drunks at the Goeteborg train station that speak perfect English. They were enough of a trouble, pests I guess, that I was persuaded the staff at the station to purchase a berth in a sleeping car for that rail trip to Oslo from that Swedish city. As I would later find out, the police in Stockholm spoke perfect English as well. So did the taxi drivers but ask the average Swede and you might run into a language problem!

So that was the trip in which I was 18 when I arrived and 19 years old as I left, awesome and mind-changing!!! Feel free to comment or ask any questions you like. - V

hot dude

I've seen this photo on the net over the last year or so and what catches my eye every time I see it are the muscles, especially the abs, but for others, perhaps, it might be the tattoos or what's on his mind as he gives the camera the finger! You decide what it does for you. I hope you're having a great Sunday, guys!!! - V

Friday, September 24, 2010


There's so much to see and do in Europe that I don't even know where to start but suffice it to say, you'll find something that interests you, whether its art and history, the solitude of nature at its best, or the vibrant life of the city. The image above, taken from Wikipedia, is of a restored castle in Alsace near the German border in eastern France. I was born in Germany and came over to Canada with my parents when I was nearing 4 years old. It was after being in the country about fifteen years that I had the first opportunity to return to Germany, and Europe in general, to see relatives on both sides of the family plus also see places that I had long been interested in seeing. I guess that seems as good a place as any to start in my story of my early experiences in Europe.

It was mid-July 1972 as we drove to the Toronto International Airport where I was to meet a charter plane that would take us to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport (now called Amsterdam Airport Schiphol). It would also be my first time on an airplane of any kind, another first! And the first time traveling alone! There was some mix-up or problem with the plane we were to take, so we were sent off to Montreal's Dorval Airport on a DC-9 to catch a flight to Amsterdam. We were treated to hot drinks, such as coffee, as the plane rose and fell while flying on to Montreal. It was a stormy, rainy evening with sufficient turbulence that it was a chore trying to drink a cup of coffee without getting it all over my lap. I did success by taking the sip while the plane rose. Hey, we're never to early or late to learn a valuable lesson, whether 18 or 81! Once at Dorval, we changed planes and proceeded to Amsterdam without a hitch!

The CP Air plane (charter flight, you remember) approached The Netherlands by flying over Scotland and northern England before the final approach over northern Holland. I took a lot of time looking out the window at the landscape below and the ships plying the waters of the North Sea. So after being up for the day in Canada and having an overnight flight to Europe, it was morning when I finally arrived in the city of Amsterdam by bus from the airport. From there I boarded a train to Duesseldorf in Germany and then a circuitous route that would finally take me to the city of Dortmund in the Ruhr valley. That was where my uncle Anton, my father's younger brother, and aunt Erika, lived.

Because this was my first time alone on a long trip (seven weeks), having some challenges was not unknown. My aunt and uncle did get to the train station to meet me but because of the delay in my getting there, they went home. Next, I tried to find some place to exchange traveller's cheques but this was an impossibility, so I decided to walk to their place from the train station, after studying a map of the area at the station. I walked past a brewery (Dortmund had 12 of them at the time) and then found myself walking to the east on Lange Strasse. When I got to a railway bridge on the left, I was to have gone under it and then to the left. Instead, I ended up going to the right and getting way off course. I tried to ask people for directions but the women I encountered ran off without being of any help. Then an older man, retired, in his 70s I guess and on a bicycle, offered to help after I explained what had happened and where I wanted to go. I had the address with me but the map I needed was not with me. The man and I lifted my flight bag up onto his bike and we walked in the right direction toward my aunt and uncle's apartment building.

Well, we got there, my aunt Erika met us at the door, and I was dead tired after being up for such a long period. Remember, it was evening now on the first day in Europe. I thanked the gentleman for his assistance as did my aunt. Then he was off and I was inside for a bite to eat before bedtime. All this before even seeing anything!

My uncle worked for the German Federal Railways, or Deutsche Bundesbahn in German, as had his father, my grandfather. He worked in a switching station and I remember us going there to have him show off his work place. My aunt and I were there for only a short while, long enough for me to get an idea what his work involved.

So what else did I learn? I found out that a day consisted of lots of eating and drinking. First it was breakfast, then a mid-morning coffee with desserts, then lunch. then coffee and cake in the afternoon before supper (Abendbrot) before I aunt would ask me if I wanted anything else before bedtime. Wow!!!

I'll continue with the story of the first trip back soon. Consider this the first installment! I'm writing this so that others can have an idea what happens when we travel, the things we encounter and the things we learn. I do this for you as well as for Brad. I'm also hoping he contribute some of his input and reactions as this story continues. Its an adventure that we shouldn't pass up if the opportunity is there. Take it and have some fun! Next time I talk about some of the places I visited around western and northern Europe before returning home to Canada. Meantime, I hope you've enjoyed the start!!! - V

hot dude

For all you guys that love hot dudes and tattoos here's something to start the weekend with. Have a great weekend, whatever you choose to do!! Be safe!!! - V

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

gout is back

There was a storm front that moved through the area late Sunday into Monday which brought rain, lots of it, well certainly not as much as other parts of this country have suffered but more than we've had all summer.

Well, at the same time came gout symptoms but this time affecting my left foot rather than the right. There's little swelling at the moment (and I'd like to keep it that way), so it may just be arthritis something I also have in my right knee, and its been with me since my teens in case you think its all about old age! I'm taking some aspirin each day to dull the pain and I'll likely head over to the clinic to get a prescription for an anti-inflammatory. That's in case there is some swelling.

My supervisor at work is away on vacation next week, so its me that's holding the fort as the saying goes. Besides, if we don't work, we don't get paid. Not working creates its own set of issues. So, in the interim I'll do what I can to keep the pain and swelling away while this heals itself. I hope all is better for you. Besides, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!!! - V


Yes, we all have to deal with spam if we have a computer or use one. Some of my email accounts at times have more spam than actual email from people I know or updates I've asked for. I won't name them here but certain accounts are worse than others. I'll leave it at that.

On Windows Live I've been getting an awful lot of friend requests from people I don't even know (women for the most part). Such spam is blocked and reported. If I changed the settings to stop these spam requests, then friends of mine that would want to connect wouldn't be able to.

Facebook had some strange pages as I logged on but I'll get into that later. Suffice it to say that there have been a lot of changes in that social medium lately. Meantime, have a great day what ever it brings, hopefully happiness!!! - V

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

on the bench

As I've said previously, summer's soon over here but you can start thinking about where you'll be next summer and what you'll be wearing, that is, unless you can afford to go to a warmer climate during the winter! Dreams are what life is made of. - V

Insel Ruegen

With the very strong possibility that we're off to Germany next summer (2011) the island of Ruegen in northeastern part of that country is on my radar as possible places to visit. The island is on the Baltic Sea coast and easy enough to get to by rail from Berlin, which as also a definite destination. The map below shows the island's location in relation to the rest of the country. The photo above shows a typical scene on a country road, tree-lined and all. All images are from the German Wikipedia. Something to think about! - V

Monday, September 20, 2010


The first day of the work week is behind us, so here's an image to inspire you. This time its underwear rather than swimsuits! Good photography goes a long way to selling a product, any product, and having hot models certainly helps. Any thoughts? In this case its Rufskin underwear but what's you favourite style or brannd of underwear??? - V


Dreams of a summer past and one yet to come! I hope yours was an awesome one!!! - V

Sunday, September 19, 2010

summer's end

Summer's nearly gone here with just days until the official start of autumn. Its been raining through the weekend, pouring rain during the night and even some lightning with thunder. Lightning and thunder aren't often seen in these parts, inland yes, but not so much here. Back east where I lived most of my life (soutwestern Ontario) there was plenty of it in the summer, even in the winter on occasion. So, the weather where swimwear is suitable attire at the beach has fallen behind us. Now its time to wear something warmer! Ah, but all's not lost, there's still warmer places like Hawaii or Cuba perhaps, or where they're just heading into spring, there are such places as Australia and Argentina just to name a few. Get out and buy your ES swimwear but to be sure there are many other labels out there as well.
Now I can just visualize seeing Brad in some hot swimwear, can you? We're planning to head out to Germany early next summer, so we'll certainly need some new swimsuits for the beach on the Baltic Sea. What do you think? Sounds like a plan to me! Well, I hope you've had an awesome weekend and are ready for the work week, well, if you're working. If school is the thing, well, good luck on your studies! Take care, guys!!! - V

Saturday, September 18, 2010

hot dudes and more

Its been just over a week since I heard from Brad but he did warn me that he can only use the computer at the work camp he's in when the operator is away. We can only exchange emails but even a short one is a welcomed message. Brad's staying in a second work camp and, if I'm correct, this one's on the island, Vancouver Island! He's cooking for the guys and again, if memory serves me correctly, its something he was doing back east in Nova Scotia. The first camp he was in was in Kicking Horse Pass where he was staying with his cousin, the only cousin he's got he says. I passed through that area on my way west in February 2006, the route through Banff, Lake Louise, Kicking Horse Pass and Golden and on to Vancouver. Brad must like where he's at and what he's doing. Its his journey through life and I should be patient enough to see him take it where he has to go.

The second camp sounds like one that's much easier for me to get to, so I sent him an email today asking if we could meet up there or in a nearby town. I'll wait to see what happens but I'd love to see him and get caught up on things. It beats emails and stuff though they've got their place too!
Today its a mixed bag. Its been raining, not that we don't need it, but its also been sunny at times. The temperature is around 19 degrees Celsius and the humidity, well, its around 88 percent from what I see on the weather network.
I re-loaded my smartcard, so I have enough funds to get the laundry done either this evening or in the morning. Then I've been reading emails and checking out blogs through the afternoon. Now with the rain stopped for a bit I may head over to the mall at Metrotown, Metropolis at Metrotown its called. There's more coming, so come back!
Well, I've added a few photos here of hot guys in jeans and one not. I love seeing awesome dudes with their hot physiques stuffed into blue jeans or whatever attire they like and I hope you do too, so enjoy the pics! They're taken from the net but I can't say who the models are or who took their photos. Obviously not mine but I'd love to take such awesome photographic work. Have a great weekend, guys!!! - V

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hot dudes

Today, I asked for and received a letter from my financial institution admitting it was their mistake that cause the NSF cheque. This letter goes to the property manager at the building complex I live in. The purpose is to allow me to submit personal cheques again rather than money orders. Otherwise, I'd have to submit money orders for each month that rent is due. This should be the end of all the recent troubles and put us back to where we were before this all happened. I wish everything was as simple to resolve.
The weather was overcast and dull most of the day. I don't think I saw any sun though I did see some blue patches in the sky. The humidity was at 82 percent this morning as I got up. As a result, I couldn't sleep well during the night. Rain is in the forecast but we only had a sprinkle where we are.
Brad asked me if we could go to Germany. This was in one of his recent emails. Well, since I haven't been there in years, haven't got any relatives alive that I used to visit around any more and would love to travel with someone that I find very special and close, I said we'll go but next summer. July seems to be the best month for me. I only get two weeks vacation time at the moment but may ask for a third if the company I work for will allow it. Otherwise, its at least two weeks. One of the definite stops is Berlin, the German capital and the gay mecca of Europe. There's a lot happening since the wall came down and changes have been many.
Before closing, I thought I'd add a few random photos to inspire you, to motivate you, or to just bring a smile to your face! Enjoy!!! - V

Monday, September 13, 2010


Today, I found out what contributed to my financial woes at the start of the weekend. A payment had come out of the wrong account and caused an overdraft situation. The landlord has the rent funds and I've been reimbursed the fees that I was charged for the pleasure. I wish that everything was resolved so easily!

On a brighter note, I thought Brad might find the above photo of interest since he's been a cowboy himself. I hope you've all started off your week on the right note! Have a good one!!! - V

Sunday, September 12, 2010

hot brazilian

Edilson, our Brazilian hottie, has appeared recently inJunior Magazine (Brazil). I see he's still in fine form and looking as hot as ever! With that, have a good night or good morning, depending upon where you happen to be when you read this!!! - V


I've always enjoyed watching hot guys in wetsuits or seeing photos of them. What about you? The weather is getting cooler here with autumn not far away, so we may see much more of this as the water gets colder. What do you think? - V

Scott Hoover Photography II

Here is another collection of Scott Hoover's photography to inspire you! Thanks, Scott, for allowing me to post these images! Have a look at his website for more. The link is in the right sidebar. Enjoy!!! - V

hot male

Photographer Dylan Rosser does some awesome work! Here he's showing a hot model in underwear. Now, is it the awesome muscles the model's got that turns you on so much that you want to develop the same, or you love the underwear and you'd like to buy it, or perhaps you don't care about the underwear at all, you just want the model? Its all part of being human! - V

Saturday, September 11, 2010


My friend Jamie Dominic and his band mates of -Motivations- are playing their hearts out. Jamie sings vocals and plays guitar. His other band members are Pat Strawbridge (guitar), Steve Langone (drums) and Josh Kern (bass). If you live in the Nashua, New Hampshire (USA) area and are interested in rock, please give them your support. They'll appreciate it! Have a look at their MySpace page for more here!!! - V

Friday, September 10, 2010

what a day

This morning the SkyTrain had its problems which caused severe delays in people being able to get where they had to go. That included myself. I usually leave earlier than I have to in order to take such delays without getting too late. And today (Friday)? Well, I was still late for work. I arrived about 9:30 am when the start time is 9 in the morning. By the time I was changed and ready to start it was 9:30.

The day only got better. When I returned home, I found an envelope taped to my apartment door. It appears the rent cheque bounced and additional funds are owning. Tomorrow I'm out to get a money order to rectify the matter. It seems I've been focused on taking care of other's needs but mine are important too. All this said, I'm looking forward to someone's arrival, someone very special to me. If it turned out different, it would be a heart break and we all know what that means! Here's hoping for a better tomorrow!!! - V

Thursday, September 9, 2010

photos for calendar

I'm in the midst of choosing photos for a calendar or two (2011). There are over 10,000 images to choose from. There can be too much of a good thing! I guess that would apply in this case. The photo above was taken last autumn from the western end of Burnaby Mountain and overlooks Capital Hill in the foreground, followed by Stanley Park in Vancouver and then the Coastal Mountains in the background. - V

join Scot Herman at Diesel in NYC

My friend Scott Herman will appear at Diesel in New York City, Friday, September 10. Check out the details above. If you live in the NYC area or are visiting the city and are interested, you might just want to attend this event. You can even win some Diesel Gear!!! - V

Monday, September 6, 2010

more Admiralty Point Trail pics

The Admiralty Point Trail runs south from its trailhead in Belcarra Park in the village of Belcarra and continues south to Burns Point via Cod Rock and Admiralty Point. This is a selection of photos I took on the Saturday, August 28th hike which took three hours down and back, including to stop for photos! Aside from plenty of conifers of various types and deciduous trees like alder and such, there are lots of ferns to be seen plus a few colourful surprises.
I did take a series of photos of this conifer tree growing on a nurse stump. This is just one of them. Then if you look closely, there are signs of autumn colour in various places.
Some of the tree are tall, very tall. Then a group of kayakers started off from one of the small beaches on the way down to Admiralty Point.
I did manage to get a shot of a spider web caught in the sunlight. This shot is facing into the light! There's another shot of that ship you've seen before in the previous post on the trail.
There's a shot of a small beach and Cod Rock in the photo above and a view west-southwest looking down Burrard Inlet in the image below.
Admiralty Point and the land that includes it and Burns Point actually is Federal Crown land leased to the city of Vancouver. The end of the lease period is coming up soon.
Before continuing to Burns Point I did try to get a good photos of a Douglas' Squirrel. There was another shot taken but is was worse with a good shot of the bark of the tree but a squirrel out of focus! The little critter was busy playing hide and seek!
There are surprises here and there with some bright colour. That's Whiteshell Bank in the image below. Its along the north shore of Burrard Inlet.
Once I got to Burns Point I took a number of photos of the high voltage lines crossing Burrard Inlet, of the inlet itself, of the trig point at Burns Point and so on. There was a chirping-like sound heard from the power lines running overhead perhaps due to the water below? I hope you've enjoyed the photos. Feel free to comment! - V