Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pics of last Saturday's dragonboat race

Here are a few more photos taken last Saturday afternoon during the dragonboat races held at False Creek in Vancouver. The races began at 8 am with races held every twelve minutes until 4 pm. I saw two races while there and then went on to take photos of the nearby olympic village under construction. The tents in the first photo are those of Cirque du Soleil which was also in town. Enjoy these and feel free to comment! - Volker

Friday, June 27, 2008

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics - olympic village under construction

The olympic village for Vancouver's 2010 Winter Olympics has been under construction over the winter and continues. Here are a few photos of the current status of construction taken last Saturday. - Volker

Canada Day ahead

The weather made a great improvement today. The sky was mostly clear and the sun shon brightly quite a change from the dull, overcast weather of the last few weeks. There were some exceptions but in the main it wasn't very appealling to many of us who were expecting more summer-like temperatures (and the sun!). Now temperatures are in the low 20s Celsius during the day and have climbed up to 15 during the night, up from the 9 to 12 degrees Celsius range. Being near the ocean, the weather can be unpredictable and miserable but when the sun comes out, it can get extremely nice as Brad will soon find out.

With the weather the way it is I plan to head up to Hollyburn Mountain to trek one of the many trails. Brother's Creek Loop seems an ideal choice! Should the weather hold, I'll be taking plenty of photos again, in which case the best will be posted. Once Brad arrives perhaps we can do a bit more exploring together, not to mention picture taking. It would be awesome to have him with me now. I could think of all sorts of things we could be involved in, couldn't you? More about all this (Hollyburn) after my trek.

Meantime, I am off for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). I'm back to work on Monday at the usual time and working on Tuesday, Canada Day! Things should be rather dead at work that day. Some employees had already left for an extented weekend today (Friday) and won't be back until Wednesday, July 2nd. For those of us that end up working that day it means plenty of money (time + time & a half). Enjoy your weekend and holiday however you choose to celebrate it. If you live outside of Canada, enjoy your weekend too and have a great time. - Volker

Info on the day - to - day

Hey blog-lovers ,

A potentially busy day is on the incline & I thought I would
drop a post before I hit the town!

Lately I have been designing a bussiness plan for Volker and I to operate out of
BC, in an online genius franchise, that holds unlimited potential for gain & growth.
The plans are going well, and are in the 30% completed range at the second.

Iam planning to buy my ticket online at midnight on July 4th, because Volker
and I have scheduled a bussiness agreement for that time,
( At least he is reliable unlike other people I know
who should have cheques in my office by now. )

I will be contacting an old friend & advice giver, Ethan Reynolds tonight.
I'm sure there are alot of Ethan or " JR " fans on here, depending
on how much gossip you may believe, you can select the name for yourself!
Regarless, I will be contact Ethan on behalf oy my friend Volker, for a few questions.

So, my day begins and the plans look like ;

9 holes of golf, gym, lunch and coffee at chez bruno cafe & bistro,
swimming at the beach with a friend, cruising & bussiness.

I will have a bigger post with more information that is infact a ton more
fun to read posted by Sunday! Be sure to check back.

Daily prediction ;

Rain & fog.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Work ahead of Brad's arrival

Well, I am up earlier for work in the morning (Thursday) to work an extra hour (nine hours as opposed to eight). Then next week I am working 8 am till 4 pm on Tuesday which is Canada Day, a statutory holiday in Canada celebrating our country's birth as a nation. Once Brad arrives, this overtime work will be very limited so the two of us can spend as much free time together as possible. We will be working together, not just living together. Brad touched on that in his post. The money from the overtime work will be very useful at time and a half (plus time on a stat) but our relationship is as important if not more so. There has to be a balance in life. Besides, the photos taken of us will be useful for our work together which is enjoyable in itself. There is so much that the two of us plan to experience together, some of it pleasurable work and some of it solely fun and pleasure! What more can I say! We are both looking forward to this opportunity with great anticipation.

Aside from work, there is so much to do ahead of Brad's arrival "home!" I am so looking forward to his arrival. I have to head off to bed but there will be more later. - Volker

P.S.- I did email a photographer friend of mine in Los Angeles about Ethan Reynolds a while back. Sent another reminder this evening. Perhaps Ethan will write when he is willing and able!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Over the last few days, well since Thursday of last week when our communications resumed with Brad's return from sea, we have been in daily contact by msn, email and also have tried the phone though my phone seems to have a loud crackle on the line. I'll have to have a phone technician look into this. Last night Brad tried phoning but storm with plenty of rain and lightning seemed to have other ideas.

So now not a day or night goes by where I am not thinking of Brad. He is on my mind even at work lol. I am providing what assistance I can to help him move west and am so looking forward to his arrival. He is surely to receive a great hug and more from me when he does! I will more than just say in words how I love him but also in action. I've got to get ready for work and am not even dressed yet. More on all this later, perhaps this evening! - Volker

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random hotties for a Sunday

This afternoon has turned out to be better than it was this morning weatherwise. The sun is out and the sky has cleared of the cloud cover. Now if you've dozed off, you might want to wake up. These pics should help get you stimuated and get things heated up much like the weather, don't you think? - Volker

Blog roll added

This morning I took the time to remove the old list of links and add a blog roll of my favourite links. There were issues with a few links as they could not be detected, so I'll have to work on those to correct the problem. Meantime, I hope that you find this easier (blog roll) as opposed to just a list of links.

Meantime since Brad is back from sea, I'll work on updating our profile to include his interests and a blog roll for him as well. Updating Brad's information is a priority. Comments are always welcomed. Have a great Sunday, and if your work week has already started, have a good one! - Volker

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dragonboat Race

I went to see the Dragonboat race at False Creek in Vancover Saturday. Scienceworld and the new olympic village currently under construction are nearby. There will be more photos soon! - Volker

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I just heard from Brad. We were chatting on msn for some time and I am so overjoyed to hear from him after such a long time. Words alone cannot say how I feel. They just don't suffice and to hear that he's heading west soon just has me chafing at the bit, like a horse ready to make the start from the gates. I am just overjoyed!!! There will be more one this plus contributions from Brad now that he can get to a computer easily. He's one hot dude!!! I can't wait to give him a great hug and a passionate kiss if he'll let me! - Volker

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eye candy for a Thursday

So here's some eye candy for a Thursday and perhaps providing some inspiration for the weekend to come! - Volker

Commitment Part II

Well, I'd rather have a few really good friends rather than a lot of friends that are little more that aquaintances. Then having a partner or two to share in activities and common interests is worth more to me than all the possessions in the world. True friends are hard to find but one they are found, the relationship needs to be nurtured, not taken for granted. This is where Brad comes in. I am looking forward to showing him my world (nature and photography) and in return I would like to experience his world, in other words share experiences like walking in another persons shoes to understand them more fully. And we can also learn a lot about ourselves in the process. His world includes sailing which is something he has promissed for me as well. I look forward to sharing his sailboat with him taking photos of me, of us together and me of him and such. Brad can also ride a bike, so I'd love to go on a long bike ride again. There are so many interesting bike paths in the area. This is something to look forward to and what one can experience with great friends and partners!

Before I continue to far along, you may have gathered that I prefer men but do understand that Brad is straight and knows very well that I am gay. He was hoping I was single, which I am, and although he's straight, he prefers living with women or gay men. Is this saying that straight men in general are a bore? Perhaps, but there are always exceptions. Some are very exciting and open, certainly even gay-friendly. So when we finally do share an apartment, the plan is to share our own experiences in this blog, each writing posts from our own unique perspectives. it remains to be seen how this commitment made in February turns out. I have done what I can do, so now it is Brad's turn to surprise me, as I'm certain he is well capable. More on this in coming posts. - Volker


Over the last few days, especially the last two, I've had my thoughts on commitments and what they mean to us as human beings. All this thought comes about because of a frustration about getting things started. For all this to make some sense I have to mention Brad. I have known him over a year though I haven't kept an exact record of the time, but there was a dramatic turn in our relationship in February of this year when he asked me if he could be my roommate. I instinctively said "yes" and Brad's expression was "WOW." I understood the potential this new change meant as far as growth as concerned.

So plans were discussed and their implimentation was started. Brad was collecting his belongings together, as well as the available funds, in anticipation of the move west. While he was moving his things over to his father's place and consolidating funds in one bank account, I was out apartment hunting all while working full-time plus carrying out my own interests in studying nature and taking photos, a great combination.

Looking for an apartment, any apartment, one or two bedroom, was a challenge, not alone because of the time element as limited as time was, but also because those offering accommodations didn't often really give a full disclosure of what it was they were offering. One two bedroom apartment I viewed in Vancouver early on was too small even though it was a two bedroom unit. It better suited a couple of students that had few belongings than someone that had enough to fill a large two bedroom unit. Then I looked at another unit, a two bedroom, on Kingsway near Joyce SkyTrain station. It turned out to be smaller than some one bedroom apartments I've seen over the years. The listing for that one I found on Craig's List. I made a few more inquiries only to be disappointed by the waste of time. Again, full disclosure was an issue. I abandonned using Craig's List and used my own instincts and knowledge to find a suitable place.

Finally, back in early April I found a place that would suit both of us, at least for the interim. The one bedroom apartment is in an older highrise building near shopping and transportation. There is a swimming pool plus gym facilities nearby as well. All of this was keeping Brad in mind, so he could continue his training (remember, he's into arm wrestling, and a Canadian champion in his weight and age group plus tenth in the world in the same category). So finding a place was one hurdle behind me. I moved in on May 1st.

Then there was a pay raise at work in my job as a concierge. This was another positive step forward and certainly helped in paying off the debts accummulated in 2007 after my illness. I was sick for over a year until the cause was found that was contributing to the extremely high blood pressure and a heart murmur. Once the cause was found, the remedy was quick and I was soon able to return to work. All this is a long and separate story which I'll get back to sometime later. Now back to the commitment issue.

Then there was a change of companies but I have remained at the same work place (change of contract). This also meant another raise in pay. Another very positive step. So in the interim there are still belongings in storage that have to be moved into the new place. This still needs to be resolved. More on that later.

Now I am waiting for Brad to arrive. After our many instant messages on msn back in February and even a phone call, there was a two week break in his messaging, either IM or email, etc. Then early March I got an IM stating that he was at sea of the east coast. It shouldn't have been totally unexpected since he had been talking about helping a friend of his repair an engine on a boat (ship?) before this happened. If people have a failing, it is a failing to communicate their intentions. Saying what he was planning to do would have cause less upset, and I was upset, both because I was unsure whether the plans drawn up were going to happen, and upset because I was thinking of his safety. In his IM he stated that the move was delayed so he could continue in his career (mariner) and would wait until his return. I am still waiting. The last time I heard from him was in mid-March and nothing since but I do understand he is at sea for months with little contact with those ashore.

I will continue later since i've got to get ready for work, another day as a concierge. Expect more this evening when there is more time to spend on writing down my thoughts. - Volker

Monday, June 16, 2008

Views to be appreciated

I can appreciate beauty in all sorts of places where ever it might be found. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as it is said, so I hope you can take a moment to enjoy the images shown here! Isn't the human form wonderful? - Volker

Sunday in Vancouver's West End

Someone was flying a couple of kites on the main beach on English Bay. It was a line disappearing into the blue sky that caught my attention. The photo above just shows one of them. There was another higher up above Denman and Davie Streets. Then there was this boat seen in the harbour (Coal Harbour) facing Burrard Inlet. This one is coming all the way from the Netherlands. The last images shows red hot pokers in flower in a raised container along the waterfront. These flowers originate from southern Africa. It was a beautiful day for a walk in the bright sunshine and warm temperatures. Hope you had a great weekend where you are! - Volker

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Garoto Pop boy - Felipe Rovaris

Babel Fish

I've added the Babel Fish translation option for those for whom English is not the first language or whose understanding of it is limited or not understood at all. Photos need no translation. Anyone, regardless of language, can get a grasp of those! I hope this help those that would like to read this blog but have been frustrated by the language issue. Feel free to comment. - Volker

Burnaby Lake

Saturday was so nice for a change that I took the time to walk, a very long walk, to Burnaby Lake returning by SkyTrain from Production Way station. By the time I returned home it was around 8:30 pm. I left home at about 2 pm to begin my walk to George Derby Conservation Area then on to Robery Burnaby Park and then finally Burnaby Lake Park. The view above is of Still Creek, a rather appropriate name given the stillness of the water. When I did get home, it was time for a beer (or more). Since it was Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale in the fridge, that was what it was going to be. It tastes real good on a hot day, especially after a long, exhausting walk. More later! - Volker

Saturday, June 14, 2008


The sun is back giving us far better weather than we've had for weeks. Hopefully this will mean an end to the dull overcast weather of the recent past and cheary summer weather to come! The sky is partly sunny here at the moment but a great improvement just the same. Yesterday while at work, the sun came out during the afternoon. It was a bit bright since it had been such a stranger to us for a while. Time for shades (sunglasses) perhaps?

Well, since the weather is what it is, I will be out during the afternoon to take full advantage of this positive development. I will post more later. Have a great weekend where you are! - Volker

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jonas Sulzbach


The weather for the last few weeks has been rather odd, or "strange." We've had weeks of gloomy, overcast skies with occasional rain. The sun has been play with us by appearing briefly and then disappearing. It teased us again Thursday afternoon and then played the disappearing act. I did have a look at the weather network's website and found that the jet stream is further south than it would be normally for this time of year! The jet stream is south of us here in the Greater Vancouer area. I did notice that the weather is warmer further north and east of us (hmmmm???). Even back east, where I had lived most of my life, people have been trying to get out of the "heat" into an air-conditioned environment. Is this global cooling for us and warming for others? Very strange but interesting at the same time, if you know what I mean. Any thoughts? Meantime, I am hearing about sunny weather on the weekend. I'll believe that when I see it for real! - Volker

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mitsou - La Corrida

Soeur Sourire - Jeanine Deckers, the Singing Nun

I know this is going to give away my age but The Singing Nun, Jeanine Deckers, was one of my favourites years ago. The music is unique and quite different from all the rest I listen to or have ever played. What are your thoughts? - Volker

The Police - Synchronicity II

The Police - Synchronicity II: This is another of my favourite groups as noted in the previous post. I must have half a dozen of their CDs in my collection. When I was in my teens, I took accordion lessons for about five years, so I can appreciate the effort that goes into playing great music! How about you? - Volker

Thompson Twins - You Take Me Up

The Thompson Twins - You Take Me Up - is a song I've heard many times over since the early 1990s. I have a weakness for music that grabs me! Other favourites are The Police, Mitzou, and many others from the 80s and 90s. What are your favourites? Check out YouTube. - Volker

Monday, June 9, 2008

More eye candy to inspire

Enjoy the pics and the inspiration they offer! - Volker