Friday, June 27, 2008

Canada Day ahead

The weather made a great improvement today. The sky was mostly clear and the sun shon brightly quite a change from the dull, overcast weather of the last few weeks. There were some exceptions but in the main it wasn't very appealling to many of us who were expecting more summer-like temperatures (and the sun!). Now temperatures are in the low 20s Celsius during the day and have climbed up to 15 during the night, up from the 9 to 12 degrees Celsius range. Being near the ocean, the weather can be unpredictable and miserable but when the sun comes out, it can get extremely nice as Brad will soon find out.

With the weather the way it is I plan to head up to Hollyburn Mountain to trek one of the many trails. Brother's Creek Loop seems an ideal choice! Should the weather hold, I'll be taking plenty of photos again, in which case the best will be posted. Once Brad arrives perhaps we can do a bit more exploring together, not to mention picture taking. It would be awesome to have him with me now. I could think of all sorts of things we could be involved in, couldn't you? More about all this (Hollyburn) after my trek.

Meantime, I am off for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). I'm back to work on Monday at the usual time and working on Tuesday, Canada Day! Things should be rather dead at work that day. Some employees had already left for an extented weekend today (Friday) and won't be back until Wednesday, July 2nd. For those of us that end up working that day it means plenty of money (time + time & a half). Enjoy your weekend and holiday however you choose to celebrate it. If you live outside of Canada, enjoy your weekend too and have a great time. - Volker

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