Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Work ahead of Brad's arrival

Well, I am up earlier for work in the morning (Thursday) to work an extra hour (nine hours as opposed to eight). Then next week I am working 8 am till 4 pm on Tuesday which is Canada Day, a statutory holiday in Canada celebrating our country's birth as a nation. Once Brad arrives, this overtime work will be very limited so the two of us can spend as much free time together as possible. We will be working together, not just living together. Brad touched on that in his post. The money from the overtime work will be very useful at time and a half (plus time on a stat) but our relationship is as important if not more so. There has to be a balance in life. Besides, the photos taken of us will be useful for our work together which is enjoyable in itself. There is so much that the two of us plan to experience together, some of it pleasurable work and some of it solely fun and pleasure! What more can I say! We are both looking forward to this opportunity with great anticipation.

Aside from work, there is so much to do ahead of Brad's arrival "home!" I am so looking forward to his arrival. I have to head off to bed but there will be more later. - Volker

P.S.- I did email a photographer friend of mine in Los Angeles about Ethan Reynolds a while back. Sent another reminder this evening. Perhaps Ethan will write when he is willing and able!

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