Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Over the last few days, well since Thursday of last week when our communications resumed with Brad's return from sea, we have been in daily contact by msn, email and also have tried the phone though my phone seems to have a loud crackle on the line. I'll have to have a phone technician look into this. Last night Brad tried phoning but storm with plenty of rain and lightning seemed to have other ideas.

So now not a day or night goes by where I am not thinking of Brad. He is on my mind even at work lol. I am providing what assistance I can to help him move west and am so looking forward to his arrival. He is surely to receive a great hug and more from me when he does! I will more than just say in words how I love him but also in action. I've got to get ready for work and am not even dressed yet. More on all this later, perhaps this evening! - Volker

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