Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Commitment Part II

Well, I'd rather have a few really good friends rather than a lot of friends that are little more that aquaintances. Then having a partner or two to share in activities and common interests is worth more to me than all the possessions in the world. True friends are hard to find but one they are found, the relationship needs to be nurtured, not taken for granted. This is where Brad comes in. I am looking forward to showing him my world (nature and photography) and in return I would like to experience his world, in other words share experiences like walking in another persons shoes to understand them more fully. And we can also learn a lot about ourselves in the process. His world includes sailing which is something he has promissed for me as well. I look forward to sharing his sailboat with him taking photos of me, of us together and me of him and such. Brad can also ride a bike, so I'd love to go on a long bike ride again. There are so many interesting bike paths in the area. This is something to look forward to and what one can experience with great friends and partners!

Before I continue to far along, you may have gathered that I prefer men but do understand that Brad is straight and knows very well that I am gay. He was hoping I was single, which I am, and although he's straight, he prefers living with women or gay men. Is this saying that straight men in general are a bore? Perhaps, but there are always exceptions. Some are very exciting and open, certainly even gay-friendly. So when we finally do share an apartment, the plan is to share our own experiences in this blog, each writing posts from our own unique perspectives. it remains to be seen how this commitment made in February turns out. I have done what I can do, so now it is Brad's turn to surprise me, as I'm certain he is well capable. More on this in coming posts. - Volker

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