Sunday, June 8, 2008


The weather for the last few weeks has been overcast and sometimes rainy. Not usual for this time of year when it should be sunny and warm. We do get the occasional sun showing through the cloud cover but its more like a tease. Hopefully this won't be a year of blah-type weather but there is a whole summer yet to come.

Well, I spent at home mostly surfing the net viewing some of my favourite blogs. My favourite links will be updated soon. I did go out late in the afternoon to get some groceries and a six-pack of beer. Now the evening was spent surfing the net after a short nap. I am sipping on a Samuel Adams Boston lager as I write. I love trying new beers. Some of the Belgian beers are my favourites. That and a good dry white wine hit the spot, especially on a hot summer day.

I hope all is well and that you're having an awesome weekend where you are. Drop in and leave a comment! - Volker

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