Saturday, September 1, 2012


Since my last post something happened to change my life forever.  I have adopted a 16 year old boy from Indonesia who had lost his parents and older brother in a car accident in the mountains while on vacation.  All the occupants of the vehicle died when it ended up crashing into a mountain ravine.  One moment your world is fine and then the next its all upside down.  So after the accident, Wahid was looking for someone that would fill the roll as his father.  He found me through a friend on Facebook, so the social media online do serve some useful purposes!

Wahid chats with me daily, as often as 3 or 4 times each day.  A bond his formed and one that is likely to stay for the rest of my lifetime.  I did offer to adopt him legally as my son but I have left that option open not wanting to apply too much pressure considering what he has already been through.  Wahid does want to finished his college education and then come live with me in Canada.  In the meantime, the FB chats and exchanges of emails will have to do.  Those of you that know me on Facebook will know much more about this. 

So,  what have you been doing this summer? 

Meantime, for those living in Canada and the United States, enjoy the long weekend, Labour Day!  I plan to take a hike in West Vancouver tomorrow on trails on the lower part of Hollyburn Mountain, so more photos are coming.  Enjoy what remains of summer, and the long weekend!

- Volker

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tag Me by Andrew Christian

This looks like an interesting form of art, body painting!  Its certainly very colourful.  Perhaps you would agree!
- Volker

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Various things have kept me busy over the past week.  I have finally taken care of most of the backlog of emails since my new notebook is working fine and I have been able to access my email accounts.  I also changed a lot of passwords on various accounts but one of those changes involved Blogger and I had forgotten to record the change that applied to it.  That issue has been corrected and now things are more or less back to normal.

In other news, the last day of spring saw mostly clear skies and sun but that changed again yesterday when the clouds rolled back in.  Temperatures are warmer than they have been but I think its going to be one of those years with less than the usual weather.  Such is life!

Have an awesome weekend, guys!
- V

Sunday, June 17, 2012

been offline

My old laptop died toward the end of April, so Ive been offline until recently while getting things organized using a new notebook.  That has meant going through over a thousand emails in one account alone.  There are some in others but not anywhere as many.

The new machine has a dual language keyboard (English-French), so I am getting used to that.

Have a great Sunday and Fathers Day!

- Volker

Friday, May 4, 2012

24 hours

I've been offline for just over a week.  There was a power surge in the building where I live, and certainly in my apartment, so this resulted in the apartment lights flickering, the TV set going wonky, a pop in the laptop and the smoke dector sounding briefly.  This all resulted in the battery pack popping (that sound) and the fan being effected plus there may be other componants that have been effected.  Anyways, I do have a replacement laptop on order (same brand and model, just newer).  I am picking up a parcel from the local post office outlet near home whichm hopefully contains both the laptop and the router ordered.  If not, I'll be online once everything is back to normal.  There is a lot of work to be done retrieving files from the old hard drive, so this should keep me busy for some time after I get the new laptop computer.  

Have a look at the video above, and if you haven't seen it (the movie), check it out.   Have an awesome weekend, guys!

~ Volker

Monday, April 23, 2012

living in ecstasy

I saw one of JJ Prods other videos yesterday (hot) but then I saw this one which I think is even better.  Be warned, its a gay-themed video.  I recognize the guy eating the apple from a late night show on YTV (Canada) but can't place him exactly.  Perhaps you may!  Watch the video and keep an eye out for the looks back and forth!  Enjoy!

~ Volker

Sunday, April 15, 2012

health news

The last couple of weekends I have been spending my time at home getting as much rest as I can while I sort out some health issues.  Lately my arthritic knee (right) has been acting up and has as the Easter weekend was starting.  It still is.  Usually when it does and there is a storm system moving through, it stops after that system has moved on through.  Not this time.  So, while I get this under control (its rheumatoid arthritis and not age related, that's another one), I have plenty to do at home to keep me occupied.

So there's that and the high blood pressure issue going on but the bp is under control though it has risen slightly with the upper number between 160 and 170.  I plan to return to the naturopath though the MD doesn't like them and has little faith in them.  Its my health and I'll do what I can to bring that under control, with or without the MD's approval.

I hope things are better with you.  Meantime, I am back to work in the morning for a 5 day week.  The last two weeks were 4 day work weeks.  Take care of yourselves, guys!

~ Volker

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mysterious Skin

If you haven't seen Mysterious Skin, do so but its an intense movie, so be warned.  I may sit down this evening to watch it again because its been a few years since I saw it last.  Check it out!

~ Volker

Time to Leave

Yesterday evening I sat down to watch a movie (DVD) that I haven't seen for a while, Time to Leave.  Its about a young man, 31 years old, that is diagnosed with a rare, malignant form of cancer.  The film is about his actions in the last days of his life, how he reacts to life and others, and how others react to him.  Only his grandmother learns of his fate, the rest do not.  Check it out, its worth watching!

~ Volker

Friday, April 6, 2012

Andrew Christian video - weekend starts

Well guys, another weekend starts and what better way to start it than checking out an Andrew Christian video.  We all have dirty laundry.  Lets clean it in style!

Meantime, enjoy the Easter weekend, and what ever you plan to do and where you are spending it, have an awesome weekend!  I'll be off for four days and return to work on Tuesday, so enjoy your's!

~ Volker

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coast Mountains and some thoughts

Saturday afternoon, late before the sunset, I was up on Burnaby Mountain north of where I live to take in the view of the snow-capped mountains to the north.  The photo above is just one of a series taken that afternoon. The scene here looks out toward the mountains from the north side of Burnaby Mountain.  The boats in the bottom of the photo are heading up Indian Arm.  There were a number of boats out that afternoon, including a sailboat.

The temperatures have gotten warmer and are around 10 degrees Celsius at the moment.  The rain is back but there are plenty of signs of spring around.  Crocuses, spring heathers,  forsythias and other spring flowers and shrubs are in bloom now, even the first magnolias.

At work, I have someone working with me into the second week and we get along great.  He's a Gemini, like Brad, and he loves it where he's working now.  If you don't know, I'm a Leo!  It made me think of what it would be like working with Brad.  That was one of the original plans, and I'd see to it happening if he's still interested and up to it.  With a year or two here he'd be a changed man with a broader, deeper understanding of life and what its all about.  It would be awesome to have a hiking companion too!

Well, I'm going to have a quick shower and then head off to bed.  Its nearing 10:30 pm and the morning comes fast enough.  Have a good night, or good day, guys!

~ Volker

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Margaree River, Nova Scotia

I was just watching this program on the Knowledge Network (British Columbia) about the Margaree River in Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island.  Its one of the few rivers that still has a salmon run.  I guess the fact that it is unspoiled and undeveloped would account for this.  The narrator's voice is deep and melodic.  Listen and watch.  Its from an excellent series on Canadian rivers.

~ Volker

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cape Split, Nova Scotia

I've been watching a number of shows on television lately that are set in Canada's Atlantic provinces, such as Nova Scotia where Brad was raised and lives.  Cape Split is just one of a number of places that capture my interest.  When I finally to get down to Nova Scotia, that will certainly be a place that Brad and I will visit along with anyone else that would like to join along.  Awesome place and view!


Xavier Dolan on Laurence Anyways

This is Xavier Dolan's first interview concerning his third film, Laurence Anyways.  Since the interview is in French, those that can understand the language will get more out of it.  The rest of us will just have to follow along.  As you will see, Xavier is quite fluent in both languages, English and French.  I did contribute some funds toward this production.  I would have contributed more but health issues came in the way last year.  Things happen and priorities have to be set. I do hope this film is successful as his earlier efforts!

~ Volker

Xavier Dolan on Heartbeats

In this video clip Xavier Dolan presents some of his thoughts on his film called Heartbeats, on producing cinematic productions and why he makes these films.  It gives us some interesting background to his work.

~ Volker

a musical tribute to Xavier Dolan

This is a musical tribute to our young Canadian film director/actor, Xavier Dolan, with two films behind him and one in the works.  I wish Xavier much success in his current endeavour.  Enjoy the musical journey!

~ Volker

romeos, the movie

Yesterday late afternoon before returning home from Vancouver I stopped by this shop to check out magazines and videos.  I found this movie called Romeos in German with English subtitles (well, I really don't need the subtitles since I can understand the German very well).  The film is about a female trans person that is introduced to the gay scene, but while keeping the truth from others has its pitfalls, Lukas (trans) is introduced to the cute Fabio.  The trailer is in German but I'm sure you'll get the idea.  If we hide who we truly are from others, how does that effect our relationships with others, especially those close to us?  Its worth thinking about and taking a deeper look at.  What do you think?

The movie, which is 94 minutes long by the way, is a Strand Releasing film and won an award at the Berlin International Film Festival.  Check it out if it sounds interesting to you.

~ Volker

Thursday, March 15, 2012

almost naked

Here's a video demonstration from Andrew Christian.  Its a teaser!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

~ V

Sunday, March 11, 2012

taylor kitsch and Mars

Hey, I know you guys are following, or trying to follow, the latest on Taylor Kitsch, our fellow actor from British Columbia, so here'e an interview that will keep you in step.  Check out the latest on his role in Mars.  He's an awesome-looking hunk, don't you think?  I plan to see this as soon as its possible and then report back to the fans!

~ Volker


This morning as I woke up I was thinking of Brad and his situation.  I thought of helping him by discussing his past, his childhood in particular.  His parents divorces and he was tossed from one home to the other, from his father's place to his mother's, sometimes on his own.  Now if I understand things correctly, he's living with his girlfriend/fiancee, even though his sexual orientation hasn't been sorted out on his part.  He says he's not straight, perhaps at least bisexual, but he's the one that need to sort out that issue, I can't do that for him.

But getting back to the root issue, his childhood and the divorce if his parents, anyone I've known that has come from a similar situation (divorce or separation), has had issues for the rest of his/her life.  I know of a friend from a similar situation and family members in the same as well, so its from experience I mention this.

Today I read a news article in a local paper dealing with youth sex and sexual exploitation but the article I found in the Newsleader, and the same one in a Burnaby paper, avoids the root causes which are mentioned in the report that the news article is based upon.  The report itself is an overview of several reports that go into greater detail.  The root causes are an unstable home life, non-supportive parents, abuse in the home, and the list goes on.  Why does the media avoid the obvious.  Is it a bias or lack of focus?  Your guess is good as mine.

So my thoughts have followed a theme today and revert back to my friend Brad.  The thoughts I had this morning were of my reading fairy tales to his children (Grimm's Fairy Tales come to mind, of which there are several that I thought of reading, such as the Fisherman and his Wife, Frau Holle and others which come to mind).  All of these are not stories alone but also contain morals and ethics, things to live by in life.  There's a way of breaking the cycle and that begins in our childhood so that the next generation doesn't repeat the same mistakes as the generation that preceded it.  So a reading of the story before bedtime gave me the scene in my mind of not only Brad's child listening to the reading but also Brad himself.  My book is in German, so I would have to translate as I went along.  Its good that I've read these stories many times over the years.  The book itself was a gift from my mother who brought it over from a visit to Germany in 1962, so its been around for a while and seen better days.  The book itself is in good condition though the sleeve is gone years ago.

I plan to purchase a property in Nova Scotia in an area where Brad lives.  This is all in advance of my retirement.  I turn 65 in only six years from now.  My presence there will allow me to mentor and to be of assistance when necessary, such as watching his children.  Its the least I can do for him.  I feel obligated as if this was decided before I was born.  Everything in life happens for a reason and this situation is not alone in that.  Many factors are at play here even before I buy a property out there on the east coast.  One factor is my health and the slower pace in the Atlantic provinces should help to lessen the health issues if not resolve them completely.  We shall see... I hope you've all had an awesome weekend!

~ Volker

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Corey Price

This video was produced by Scott Hoover (photographer) and shot and edited by Benjamin Godfre.  It was posted on YouTube today and features a new model, Corey Price.  He'll do quite well as a model, don't you think?  Check it out..  - V


This is a photo shoot put together Scott Hoover (photographer) as we get well into 2012.  Check out the video! - V

Friday, March 9, 2012


Here's an ES Collection video to watch as you head into your day (or night).  Enjoy the view! - V

Thursday, March 8, 2012

coming of darkness

I took this image with my DSLR camera shortly after leaving work. This is downtown Vancouver on West Hastings Street at Burrard as darkness approaches.  When I was editing the photo, I cropped out the bottom of the original image as that part detracted from the rest and the focus on the light as night approached.

~ Volker

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

dirty laundry

We all have dirty laundry each week.  This chore has to be done but have you ever seen it done Andrew Christian style?  Have a look.  This might even spice up your weekly laundry day and take the boring part out of it.  And go to the Andrew Christian website to see the uncensored version!  - V

Monday, March 5, 2012

the train

While on my way home this evening on the SkyTrain, a young lady and a male friend got on at one of the stations (Broadway).  Rather than take a seat, because there were a few since it wasn't fully packed, they opted to stand in the doorway nearest me.  I was seated at the end of a row of seats with a glass partition between me and the door.  The young lady was in the doorway leaning against the partition and the young guy was standing closer to the centre aisle leaning against a pole next to me on my left.

At one point the guy, slim and wearing blue denim jeans, adjusted his footing looking down to where my feet were.  Later, at one point, his calf touched my left thigh, not just once but at least twice.  By this point either of them could have sat down together most anywhere.  They both got off at New Westminster station and I continued on to my stop at Sapperton (grocery shopping).

Why do people do what they do?  That's why we have sociologists, psychologists and psychiatrists studying people and their interactions, not to mention find out why they do what they do and the motivations behind their actions.  This evening it felt like someone playing footsie under a table and it wasn't with the person they were with or perhaps close to socially.  I was just waiting for the train to make a sudden stop and have him fly in my lap or on the floor.  The train has been known to make these sudden stops on occasion.  Judging by what I saw when they left, he could fly in my lap any day and I would have tried to save him from embarrassment, he was certainly good-looking enough for anyone!  Anyway, you can think about the ways this might have turned out otherwise.  More later...

~ Volker

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I've had boyfriends over the years.  Some guys I was really interested in and some so so.  I did have a few girlfriends too starting with one that was Italian but after we moved (family) to the west end of the city where I lived at the time, we grew apart.  When we re-connected, the fire was gone, it had fizzled.  A few others later were more interested in others.  One was even interested in married men.  All this put me off.

As for guys, I'm really into them, especially if they are hot, have a pleasant personality and so on.  There was one in the 1970s that I was interested in but he seemed to be more interested in someone else.  Then there were a couple of other guys while I was going to university in the early 1980s.  One was married, so he was excluded but another wasn't but he didn't give me any direct signals (or even vague ones), so we parted.

I had one while I was living and working in Toronto.  In the end, it was his drug habit and the fact he couldn't control his intake of alcohol either plus he was prone to being violent when drunk that I ditched him and moved back to London (Ontario) where I had lived for years.  I wasn't about to settle for abuse!

Then the most recent one is a work in progress.  There is some time, not a lot, but some.  I hope he can get his act together because I really do love him like none of the others before him.  But its better to have loved than  not at all.  That's what we have all heard over the years.  So, there's still hope all things will work out for the best in the end.  I'm an eternal optimist, well, its better than being a pessimist.

So, how's your love life, guys?

~ Volker


The subject of the film called Shortbus came up this evening and I thought I would post the trailer.  I have the DVD and have seen the movie at least a couple of times.  I plan to see it again this evening if I can find where I put the thing (I've got hundreds of DVDs).  One of the actresses in the film is from Vancouver (Sook-Yin Lee who won an award for her part in the film).  Check out the trailer, especially if you like stories of sexual expression ... - V

Friday, March 2, 2012

another weekend

Another weekend is upon us and spring is even closer.  As I left the apartment complex a couple of days ago, I noticed that the crocuses are starting to shoot out of the ground.  That is a good sign that spring is not that far off.  For those of you that are living in the northern hemisphere, how does it look for you?  Is spring any nearer for you??

Meantime, my cold has come back, or perhaps its another strain, after all there are up to 200 different viruses that can cause the common cold.  I bought a bottle of Barbados rum (Mount Gay is my favourite)  on my way home this evening and have made another hot toddy (or grog as I call it) to help ward off the virus and sweat it out in bed overnight.  I hope that everyone is feeling well, certainly better than I am, as we start another weekend.  Have an awesome weekend, guys! - V

Thursday, March 1, 2012

south asian

On my way home on the SkyTrain this evening a young guy got on at Granville station and sat down on the seat to my immediate left between me and a support post.  He was slim in build wearing medium blue denim jeans, a jacket with dark hair.  It appeared me to be south asian, perhaps tamil (darker skin).  His right leg was nestled up against my left and his right arm snuggled behind my left.  I got good vibes from him.  Perhaps he's sat down beside me before!  The seat to his left was empty but a young woman was sitting down to the left of that.  When the seats opposite us emptied, he just sat where he was, making no attempt to move.  He ended up getting up  and off the train at Edmonds station.  All in the life of travelling on the SkyTrain.  Have a good night, guys! - V

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cupid's Love Bytes

Well, I started up a new blog (adult), which should make some or all of you very happy.  It's called Cupid's Love Bytes and is restricted to adults only, so if you are not adult or are offended by the sight of nude guys, then don't have a look.  Otherwise, enjoy the journey, and may Cupid fling an arrow your way.  Its not my fault if you get caught in the line of fire.  You have been warned.  The bytes come in because the images are digital and the arrow may cause a bit of a bite!  This keeps this blog general and non-restricted.  For those that are able, enjoy the journey! - Volker

Erica II

Here's a larger view of my heather plant on the dining room table.  The Erica x darleyensis "Kramer's Red" certainly ads some colour to the room.  The same plant out on the balcony is also blooming some but not as prolific.  I hope you're all having a great Sunday.  I'm off to get some laundry done, so have a good week! - V

Saturday, February 25, 2012


While on my way home yesterday evening, I bought this heather plant to use as a centre piece on the dining room table.  Its an Erica x darleyensis "Kramer's Red."  I used to have some of these plants in my garden back east in southwestern Ontario (London).  These are very pretty and the plants would attract a lot of bees when they were in flower in the spring, mostly bumblebees but also butterflies and hover flies.

Its a slow day.  I'll be spending a lot of time at home unless the sun comes out and stays out for a long while.  The sun was out a bit earlier but it has disappeared once again.  Sunday, its laundry time once again but I plan to watch some movies this evening (DVDs) since I have enough of them and there doesn't appear to be anything interesting on TV for the moment.

Have a great weekend, guys! - V

Friday, February 24, 2012

land search and other stuff

Today while mentioning that I was looking for property (land) in southwest Nova Scotia, I learned that the person that I got my consolidation loan through at the credit union in Vancouver is from the same area of Nova Scotia I am looking at.  She happens to be from Shelbourne.  How small is that world?  As I often feel, nothing happens without a reason, regardless of how trivial we think the situation is.

So,one of the places I was looking at late this afternoon is  about $45,000 with several bedrooms and a bathroom, certainly in need of an upgrade but certainly something worth considering as far as a purchase.   My friend Brad and his fiancee could live in the place until I decide to retire to the east.  Its a winner for them and for me!  Something to consider.  - V

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I killed my mother - German language film trailer

Today I saw the German language film trailer for Xavier Dolan's first film, I Killed My Mother.  The mood and emotion is the same.  I  have the French language version of the film on DVD and have seen it once, though I have seen excerpts from it on several occasions.  Check it out. - Volker

Dalida's Bang Bang on Les Amours Imaginaires

I love this song called "Bang Bang" which you find in Xavier Dolan's second film called Les Amours Imaginaires  (or Heartbeats in English).  Its such a rich song and sets the mood and tone for what is coming in the film,  Xavier, by the way, is our young actor/film director from Montreal, Quebec (Canada).  Check it out, both the song and the film.  - Volker

dieux du stade

I bought the Dieux du Stade calendar last year, so if there are some yet available, I might purchase another one for this year.  There are more than enough awesome shots of these muscled guys.  Each month is split up in two parts and then there are extra photos as well, so there is more than enough to make it interesting.  Check out the DVDs on the making of these calendars as well.  They give you a feel for what the calendars are all about and you know what went into setting up and making the shots that appear in the calendars. - V

Saturday, February 18, 2012

tattoo guy

For those of you that love guys with tattoos start the night heading off to bed with this hot dude.  - V

almost naked banana split

Well, I obviously missed something on Valentine's Day, don't you think?  The hot guy on the left is a real cutie!  Someone help him with the chocolate sauce.  We can't let that go to waste.  Banana split, anyone?  I love that smile too.  Something to think about for next February! - V

squirting in the back alley

With spring just around the corner here on the west coast (Vancouver, BC area) and then summer not far away after that, Andrew Christian has given us some ideas for summer fun.  The swimsuits look awesome too!  What do you think?

Meantime, we have spring heather coming into full bloom here and there is some on my apartment balcony which is also starting to flower.  Have an awesome weekend! - V

Friday, February 17, 2012

fresh face

This evening on my way home from work I encountered a young, fresh-faced guy likely in his early 20s.  I had taken the SkyTrain home from Vancouver where I work and caught a bus to take me on that final leg home.  That is where I encountered the guy with a smile on his face and eyes twinkling, so full of life.  Its the positive mood that struck me, the kind of reaction that perks you up and makes you feel good.  I'm sure his friends appreciate him a lot.  So why do we not see more of such people rather than those that are just going through the motions and coasting through life on automatic?  The latter where were referred to as "automatrons" by Edgar Cayce decades ago.

Anyway, I am certainly thankful for the encounter and do hope for more of them, though not necessarily the same person.  That wouldn't be realistic would it?

Its been a long day and now I'm off to bed perhaps to shake this cold (virus) I caught at work.  Its been making its rounds on the floor I work on and elsewhere in the building.  Have a good night and  an awesome weekend! - V

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, guys!  I found the star and heart on Burnaby Mountain a few years ago while on a visit.  They kind of express my thoughts today, and they are one the only Valentine that matters to me, B, where ever he is.  A day doesn't go by where he's not in my thoughts in some way.  Have an awesome day!!! - V

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Art Deco II

Here's another photo that I took of the Art Deco building on Burrard Street at West Hastings in Vancouver's downtown.  The shadow spoils it I think but I'l have to go into town on a sunny weekend to get a better angle without the offending dark spot. - V

Red-shafted Flicker

There are plenty of western flickers in the area.  The western red-shafted flicker is native to the western half of North America.  This is one on a tombstone in the Fraser Cemetery, Sapperton.  - V

Friday, February 10, 2012

clock tower

This is another of the photos I took earlier in the week when we still had nice weather.  This is a clock tower on West Hastings Street at Granville Street in downtown Vancouver.  There is a schooner at the top of the weather vane.

When I came home this evening, I had a light supper and then fired up the computer the check emails and such.  The only problem was I have two user accounts set up, one for me and the other for Brad.  I clicked on Brad's instead of mine and started his up instead.  Then I had to switch users to get mine going.  I must have had Brad on my mind at the time I was getting the computer started up.  Its the first time I've done that.

Now I'm going to have a quick shower and then go to bed.  Its moving toward midnight here on Canada's west coast.  Have an awesome weekend, guys! - V

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hotel Vancouver

A couple of days ago I took a few photos before heading off to work.  This was in downtown Vancouver and just within blocks of where I work.  Here the sun was rising in the east leaving light and dark shadows on buildings.  The above photo shows the Hotel Vancouver on Burrard Street at West Georgia Street in the downtown, where our client had our Christmas dinner in December.  Its a high end hotel where I stayed once for 200 dollars a night in the off season.

I photograph what captures my interest.  Its usually something in nature but occasionally its a building or even someone wakeboarding (in the summer, of course!).  Enjoy your weekend once you get there.  As for us, we may expect more sunshine and less rain this weekend.  How about you?  - V

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Art Deco

This is a photo of the top of an Art Deco-style building in downtown Vancouver taken this morning before work.  The building is on Burrard Street at West Hastings Street.  It was a challenge getting the right angle for a decent photo because of the angle of the sun at the time of morning I took the image.  This style was popular in the 1930s and there are examples across Canada dating from that time in our history.  I'll have more once the photos are all edited.  Meantime, appreciate this one! - V

Monday, February 6, 2012

car wash

Do you remember the Andrew Christian video:  Freshman Car Wash?  This is just one image from their video.  Check them out on their website and on their link on Facebook for more.  The uncensored video is worth watching!  Have an awesome week, guys!!! - V

Sunday, February 5, 2012

sunset Saturday

This was the sunset late Saturday afternoon as seen from the western end of Burnaby Mountain with the sun setting behind Vancouver Island to the west.  I took a whole series of photos but did take a few more after this one before leaving to catch a bus home.  There were a lot of other interested photographers up there with me at the time.  I guess we all had the same idea!  Enjoy!!!  - V

Saturday, February 4, 2012

view from Burnaby Mountain

I went up to the top of Burnaby Mountain late this afternoon.  It was warm (nearing 10 degrees Celsius) and because of this, and the fact the water was still cool, a mist/fog had formed over the water of the Georgia Straight and English Bay between the mainland and Vancouver Island.  The took this photo this afternoon nearing sunset.  The view looks to the west-northwest with Capital Hill (Burnaby) in the foreground and downtown Vancouver in the background (left) and the North Shore Mountains on the right.  This is one of several images taken this afternoon.  I'll have more soon.  Meantime, enjoy this one! - V

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jedward Sexy

So, guys, this was the video that I wanted to post originally.  Here is the Jedward Twins video.  They've certainly got the routine down right.  They're rather good actually.  Can't wait to see them with a little more meat on their bones. - V

Jedward Twins

The Jedward Twins have appeared in the UK.  This isn't the clip I was looking for but it the same song.  You'll get the idea from the video..they don't have enough meat on their bones, so just imagine these twins in a couple of years. - V

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Let Joey set the mood for this evening and bring on the sandman's dream sand.  So, what are you counting in your sleep tonight? - V

iphone guy

Hey, now you hot-looking guys, if you have a photo of yourself that you'd like us to post, send it to us ( the email is in our profile) and we'll post it with your first name only (or initials).  For those that would like to send in nude photos of themselves, I guess we'll have to start up a separate link (blog) for to post them for others to appreciate.  So, once you've got the hang of how your iphone works, send us your images and we'll be glad to post them so you can share with others and help to motivate! - V

Saturday, January 28, 2012

cupcakes and marriage equality

This image may be dated but the message is not.  Everyone should be free to marry who they like and who they love to spend their lives with the one they care about most in life.  Life is over too quickly to have to conform to someone else's idea of what is right.

While on the subject of cupcakes, my favourite friend and blogger often comes to mind when cupcakes are mentioned.  Yes, that's Mac.  Check out his Yummy blog in the right-hand sidebar.

Meantime, support marriage equality, both straight, gay and what ever! - V

cool and futuristic

Ah, this looks both cool and futuristic, don't you think? - V

another hot dude

There are hot dudes all around, whether you're on your way to work on the bus, the train or what ever, but they are there if you take the time to notice.  For some of us its easy to keep a slim, muscular physique but for others its a case where its a challenge.  Despite being a challenge, the goal of staying fit is worthwhile and works in our favour, don't you think?  Silvester shows us the way, or certainly inspires us in that direction.  - V


I could imagine one of my neighbours looking like this, but truthfully, none come even close to this, not that this hasn't been the case in the past.  We can dream though.  So, how do your neighbours stack up?  - V

Russian blue

Youth, muscles and taking care of yourself can work in your favour later in life.  What you do in your younger years can set the stage for what happens later in life, so take care of yourselves and your body will serve you well! - V

c'est moi

For those of you that know me, this might be familiar but for those that don't, this is what I currently look like.  This photo was taken in early 2010 during the time of the winter olympics in Vancouver, hence the Canadian flags..  I work as a concierge but outside of work I am into photography and hiking on mountain trails...and believe it or not, I am closing on 60 though you might not know it just looking at me.  So, do what you can to take care of yourself, so that your body will serve you well into old age.  If not, it could mean years of agony if not an earlier death.  Our genetics does play a role but how we take care of ourselves can hasten aging or lessen it.  I also posted this photo so that my friend Brad can have the opportunity of seeing it.  He seen some of my photos but I don't think this was one of them.

Take care of yourselves, guys! - V

hot dude, and some thoughts

Ever noticed how over populated the world is and despite all this there are people that are lonely even though surrounded by a sea of humanity.  We are a society so disconnected from what matters that we don't even know our neighbours, nor care about them for that matter.  Its a sad state of affairs that we are in in this modern world.

Jamie is certainly hot (above pic) but take the time to meet and greet your next door neighbour.  You never know when knowing them might save your life, or theirs.

I still remember the day back in the 1960s when it was common to know your neighbours, who did what and how many children they had, etc.  You could leave your door unlocked and not worry that someone would come in and take something.  You helped your neighbour and they helped you.  It was a win/win situation for everybody.

So, what has it all come to in the west, not to mention the east?  We've become a society too rapped up in our own affairs with little regard to what is happening around us until things get out of hand.  We need to turn this around, don't you think?  It's just my view but you make up your own mind on the matter.  - V

hot pic but cool weather

The image shown here is a lot hotter than the weather outside.  I woke up this morning to the sound of one of the maintenance people shoveling snow on the walkway in front of the building outside.  It was just a dusting of snow and not anything like I was used to back east in southwestern Ontario where I lived for decades with plenty of winter experiences.

Well, if you're living in a cold, northern climate deep in the throws of winter, I'll let Justin warm you up, or the sight of him anyway!  Enjoy your weekend, whatever is thrown at you! - V

Thursday, January 26, 2012

four dudes

Well, Teamm8 has done it again showing off not only great designed underwear but some really hot guys to go with it.  Tell me one of your next door neighbours looks like one of these dudes and I'd love to hear from you.

In other news, I'm sipping on some grog again, you know the stuff with Barbados rum in it, and the only time of the year when I'll drink it.  I checked out a distiller that is found in Pemberton, BC, north of Vancouver and beyond Whistler.  They produce small batches of organic gin and vodka which they have for sale along with other items.  I'll post more on the Pemberton Distilleries soon.

Meantime, have a good night, guys, and pleasant dreams!  The sandman has been busy here eyelids are getting heavy.  More later. - V

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

hot dude

Here is someone to dream about overnight as the sandman spreads his dream sand.  I'm about to head for the sack myself.  Its getting late and I'll be up by 5 am.  I'm sipping on some hot grog (freshly squeezed lemon juice, some brown sugar, or honey, Mount Gay rum, which is my favourite, and some freshly boiled hot water to top it off)  and once that's done, I'm off to bed.  Have a good night, guys! - V

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hot muscle

I'll let this image speak for itself, if you know what I mean.  I'm off to bed, so good night, guys! - V

Sunday, January 22, 2012

close-up view

For a nightcap, here's a close-up view of what abs and a great physique can look like.  The sandman is doing his thing, so I;m off to bed.  Have a good night and an awesome week! - V


Here's another rear view of a hot guy..All I can say is flaunt it while you have the good looks and the physique that goes with it.  Youth and beauty don't last forever.  Some of us age like a fine bottle of wine while other wrinkle up like a prune or somewhere between the two. - V

Almost Naked - censored version

Well, here is an Andrew Christian video called "Almost Naked" - the censored version featuring model Jake Andrews.  Go to the Andrew Christian blog to find the link to the uncensored version, if you're 18 or over that is.  Meantime, enjoy this one! - V


Well, guys, its time for me to head off to bed to the land of slumber.  The sandman is quickly catching up to me, what about you?  Good night!!! - V


Can you picture yourself the object of someone's desires?  Is there someone that would do it for you?  Have an awesome Sunday, guys! - V

double hot

Muscles and double the fun, what could be better? - V

muscle and butt

Muscles to appreciate! - V

red undies

Red undies?  What's your favourite colour of underwear?  Do you look good in any particular style or do you take the time to look in the mirror to appreciate such things? - V

Saturday, January 21, 2012


A view of a hot guy in the shower, what could be better short of being in there yourself?  The human body is wonderful to behold especially one in great shape but getting that physique in such shape requires some effort on our part.. - V

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sam Way - musical and cute!

So, Sam Way is both cute and musical.  What more can one ask for?  Check it out! - V

Sunday, January 15, 2012

enjoy the work you do?

My feeling has always been that you should enjoy the work that you do.  If not, its time to move on to something else that will bring you pleasure and you'll get something from.  These guys are obviously enjoying their work.  Check out the video to see! - V


Marlon Texeira has come a long way over the years in modelling.  Check out to see the video to see him first-hand.  It certainly helps to have a handsome face and a physique to go with it.  Do you think he's got it to go into acting?  Ummmmm... - V

Saturday, January 14, 2012

balls and taking risks

There are times when we have to take some risks in life, calculated risks, but risks just the same.  Just sitting where we are and waiting for things to happen may not be enough, if you know what I mean.  So if you're interested in someone that you'd like to spend your life with, ask...don't wait for that person (him/her) to ask you.  If that person makes you very happy, then go for it.  There are times when we must go after what is in our desires, whether its a person or something else of importance.  The ball is in your court! - V

douches froides

Douches froides, or Cold Showers in English:  I have this movie on DVD and have seen it a number of times as I have quite a number of other films in my collection.  I personally love the French movies because they are so much deeper than those from North America.  If you don't mind the subtitles, check it out.  Of course, if you can understand the French language, then you don''t need to bother with the subtitles, do you?  To keep it short, the story starts with a couple of guys with interests in common.  When a third party becomes involved, the story starts to take a turn, and not for the better I would think, but you decide.  I don't like to give stories away, so I won' t say any more.  You'll just have to see it to find out.  - V


Have you ever wondered about things,  whether everything is where its supposed to be?  Are all things working as they should and when you want them to?  Is the sun rising in the east and setting in the west?  Some things to ponder as the hours of the day pass on and the clock keeps ticking away! - V


Ummmm, power!  The image says it all, and so does Cesar, all those powerful muscles packed with energy waiting to get out. - V


So what is a boyfriend?  Who would you describe as such?  Who would you wrap your arms around without question savoring every moment of the experience?  Do you have such a person to share your world and life with?  Are you happy with your lot in life or can there be improvements?  Some things to think about! - V

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Freshman Car Wash

There was never a car wash like this when I had a car, any car!  Maybe I should get another just to take advantage of the experience.  We can thank Andrew Christian for the idea.  What do you guys think? - V

Monday, January 9, 2012

thoughts of land and my retirement

Over the weekend I've been mulling over the possibility of saving up funds to purchase some land back east and building a country cottage on it.  I am looking at Nova Scotia as the place of prime interest.  Land has become insanely expensive here in the west since I came out here and since I had to spend all of the money I came out here with to live while I was recovering from my illness, the plans have to necessarily change.  For the moment, I make more money out here than I would back east, so I'll remain here for the time being salting the funds away and then make a purchase when the time is right.

My retirement is but seven years away, so once this all becomes reality, I plan to spend my time back east continuing my photography, painting (oils and watercolours), writing and exploring nature which I have always loved.  There's a lot to see out east, so living there and exploring, even while retired, is one way to see the country.  I've seen what Cape Breton looks like from programs on television.  That's a definite destination once I'm out there.

I plan to make a few drawings and sketches, so I will post some of my ideas to share with others.  The cottage will be very simple and practical with a galley kitchen, living room, dining area, a small bathroom and at least one bedroom.  The living room is planned to have a cozy fireplace and comfortable seating.  Meantime, while your thoughts are on that and the possibilities, have a good night, guys! - V

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Swiss folk music II

Now I've found the correct video clip.  A co-worker was so enthused by the sausages grilling that she had to get some.  It made her hungry.  Well, I remember a cleaner years ago talking about sledding down the mountain side in Austria during the close of WWII and after that seeing the guy sledding down the mountain allowed me to understand what he was talking about.  This was back in the 1980s, so years ago.  Enjoy the musical journey! - V

Friday, January 6, 2012

Swiss folk music

I've been a great fan of Swiss folk music since the early 1970s.  This isn't the video clip I was looking for but its the right group playing.  The music is as wonderful as the landscape.  If you have the chance, take a trip, even a side excursion to Switzerland.  It would be well worth it in any season! - V

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ben II

This evening on the way home from work the train was reasonably full considering the time.  A young Asian guy sat down next to me and was seated checking out his smartphone for most of the trip toward New Westminster.  At one point toward the end he got up and then sat down across from me.  Then another young Asian guy sat down next to him.  He must have gotten on the train.  I was dozing off now and then but when I looked up again, the two of them were holding hands.  Lovers no doubt and certainly both very  good looking!

That's a photo of Benjamin Godfre above.  So, what interesting things have you seen in your daily life? I'm sure there's something!

Have a good night, guys!  - V

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Model Ben Godfre is presented in this Timoteo underwear video clip.  What better way than a little motivation before bedtime.  And if you'd like to work on your body so it looks like his or similar, there are many sources that can help you make this a reality.  Scott Herman's website (see link below in right-hand sidebar) is just one of many options.  What do you think, are you game?  So, Scott, are you ready for these guys all fired up to get fit? - V

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the new year

Starting off the new year reminds me of the colour "white" in that I feel I have to clean the place up as we are getting into the year, in this case 2012.  I started by removing any Christmas ornaments, though the little tree is there on top of the organ minus the ornaments and tinsel plus there is a decoration that is an imitation wreath with boughs slightly whitened.

I've completed two working days but will get paid for six (working five days in total) by the time I end the week.

I came home, had a light supper (nothing special), watched a little TV (the Property Brothers on Cable 19), had my meds, and then planted myself in front of the computer to read emails and check out some blogs (I love read them, and reading in general).  Now I'm sipping on some German white wine before bed (Deinhard's Piesporter Riesling 2010, in case you were wondering).  That should put me in the mood for bedtime.  And as my idea goes, what's good to drink is also worth using in the kitchen (cooking), don't you think?

Have a good night, guys!  I hope you've had an awesome start to the new year!  I Wish you all the best!!! - V

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Teamm8 Future

I just saw this Teamm8 video on and its awesome what can be done with muscles if you have them, or if not, you'll have to get to work.  Otherwise, we can drool. - V

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!  Have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!  With good health we can do all the other things that we want to do but without that important element life is a challenge.  It can be anyways but even more so without your health in order.

Enjoy the start to the year.  I usually start by cleaning up.  Laundry is the first on the list, so I'll be getting to that shortly.  What do you do to start of a new year?  Take care, guys! - V