Friday, February 17, 2012

fresh face

This evening on my way home from work I encountered a young, fresh-faced guy likely in his early 20s.  I had taken the SkyTrain home from Vancouver where I work and caught a bus to take me on that final leg home.  That is where I encountered the guy with a smile on his face and eyes twinkling, so full of life.  Its the positive mood that struck me, the kind of reaction that perks you up and makes you feel good.  I'm sure his friends appreciate him a lot.  So why do we not see more of such people rather than those that are just going through the motions and coasting through life on automatic?  The latter where were referred to as "automatrons" by Edgar Cayce decades ago.

Anyway, I am certainly thankful for the encounter and do hope for more of them, though not necessarily the same person.  That wouldn't be realistic would it?

Its been a long day and now I'm off to bed perhaps to shake this cold (virus) I caught at work.  Its been making its rounds on the floor I work on and elsewhere in the building.  Have a good night and  an awesome weekend! - V

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