Sunday, December 27, 2009

more snow pics

During my first year here in the lower mainland of British Columbia once I got settled I was living in north Surrey. Toward the latter part of November 2006 this snowstorm started on a Friday and continued through the weekend. When the snow had stopped coming down, I took these photos. So in addition to the one that I sent Jared, here are some more from the series. Shots are taken through the livingroom and dining room windows facing east plus another window facing north. When the sun came out, it made for a surreal sight.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Meantime, I did some research afterwards and learned that this is actually "normal" weather for this region. What has been the case for the last 50 years or so is actually above normal. That being said, the main roads were fine but side streets were not ploughed nor were parking lots. The apartment complex I lived in at the time never bothered to arrange for a plough and left the snow nature to melt. That took just over a week. People have no idea!

Back east in southwestern Ontario the main roads would have been cleared the first night and then the side streets would have been next. The streets and sidewalks would have been cleared within 2 - 3 days but then they have the equipment to move the snow, here they don't. It does look beautiful when untouched by man nor beast, so enjoy the pics. There will be more from the series at Haliaeetus, my other blog. I certainly welcome comments! - V.

snow then,none now

Back in December 2006 I allowed my blogger friend, Jared, over at Completely Naked to post one of my photos. This one is of a series of photos taken after a snow storm which started November 20 had ended. The snow was fresh and untouched by man nor beast. The camera is facing east, northeast and the sun is off to the south (right off the frame). The sun made its appearance through an opening in the cloud cover to the south of where I lived at the time in north Surrey, British Columbia. Its looks very pristine and surreal at the same time but the driving afterwards was terrible. The side streets were never ploughed (the city just didn't have the equipment) though the main roads were passible. What for me was "normal" where I came from back east, was a disaster here in the lower mainland on the west coast where such snow hadn't been seen in more that 20 years. This photos makes for an awesome Christmas pic. Sadly, this year we had a green Christmas. What snow we had (a dusting), melted in the rain that follow about two weekends ago or so. When I find the disk that has more photos from this series, I'll post a few more. Have a great festive season!!! - V.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Friday, which was Christmas Day, I had little appetite. When I woke up this morning, I realized why this was the case: I had a cold! Since I take vitamin D tablets and otherwise take care of myself by eating right, this should be rather short-lived. That fact that a co-worker has taken up smoking again and that I am allergic to tobacco smoke, may have some contribution to the outcome but such is life! The fact that he was also sick with the cold should also be taken into consideration, don't you think?

So with this in mind, I am staying home over the long weekend (4 days) to recuperate and also minimize others from getting exposed to the rhinovirus, something that others may not necessarily consider. My thinking is that when we are considerate of others, others may be considerate of us. Its a tall order but we can think of an improvement in this regard. Here's to hope! With that, I'm off to bed soon. - V.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas 2009

After I got home from work just before 7 pm, I went out to have a look at the Christmas lights that decorated peoples homes and apartment balconies. I was gone about 45 minutes but found some close at home that were the best I think. So, here are a few photos to brighten your Christmas!
Merry Christmas - Frohe Weihnachten - Joyeux Noel - Bon Natale and to all a safe and wonderful festive season!!! - V.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Right now I'd relaxing (or chillin"as is often said these days) after spending some time in Vancouver. It's pouring rain but I'm sure there's plenty of snow up in the higher elevations, enough to make the skiers more than happy! So, to relax I'm playing some 18th century classical music from northern Italy: organ accompanied by the hammered dulcimer (d.h. Hackbrett auf Deutsch). It's not a combination I've heard before and so when I saw the LP back in the 1980s, I snapped it up. Well what I'm listening to is a tape recording made from that LP. The LP is packed away somewhere in one of my many boxes that have yet to be unpacked. Who's music is playing? Melchiore Chiesa (?-1782), Pietro Beretti (around 1750) and Angelo Conti (?). As much as I love the organ, I love the hammered dulcimer even more. A most interesting combination!

I cooked up some beef vegetable soup for supper, slow-cooked and hearty! It was Earl Grey tea and Christmas cookies as a treat while waiting. There's some for work tomorrow and more for the next couple of days. I was getting tired of sandwiches and had to make a change!

So, if the likes of hot soup doesn't warm you on a cool, rainy evening, then perhaps getting together with a hot friend for some fun might help warm you up. Check out Tassos' post entitled "Good Friends" for more photos from the series. If that doesn't get you heated, then we'll have to try something else! Have a great night!!! - V.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Craig Malozzi

Here are some photos of Craig Malozzi to spice up your weekend. Craig is a 22 year old model from Allentown, Pennsylvania now living in New York City. The photographers in question have done an awesome job showing Craig at his best. There'll be more on him at a future date but meantime, enjoy these images! I see some similarity to Scott Herman as far as muscularity is concerned, do you? - V.


As Christmas fast approaches, I've only received one card but that's not unusual since I get a lot of greeting via email. Then others I used to get cards from have passed on. That's the thing as we get older.
Last week I bought an Italian cypress tree (see photo above) to dress up the place for the season. The last such tree I had was bought in December 1999, the year my mother passed on, and a tree I kept repotting until I sold the house in southwestern Ontario in September 2005 when I left the tree with the new owners. It was brought outside and left on the front porch in the spring and then returned inside in the autumn to be dressed up for Christmas. It was about three feet tall when I left it behind!

My incense burner is out of its box where it had been packed for over a year or more. All it needs is some incense. Sandalwood is my favourite!!! - V.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ready for Christmas?

For those of you that celebrate Christmas, are you ready? Each year I begin decorating my home slowly, building up to the approach of Christmas week. The ornament in the photo above used to hang near the fireplace on the family home. This ornament was made by one of my mother's friends years before my own mother passed away. A lot of ornaments can be made using simple, easily accessable things, such as in this case, pine cones, dried plants and colourful ribbons. For me, dressing up the place with ornaments, a tree and some aromatic and colourful plants or plant settings, such as holly and spruce or fir, probably goes back to the old celebration of Yule, celebrated by the Germanic and Nordic peoples before the introduction of Christianity. I'll have more about the Christmas celebration as we approach the day in question. - V.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

domain name

Things are moving quickly and it looks like I should have a new domain name selected and purchased by the end of the year if not sooner. It did seem like it wouldn't have been a reality until mid-January or so but things have been moved up. Once I have the domain and have selected a template, I'll work on setting up the new website for Bradley & Volker Art Photography. So, Brad, if you're reading this, things are looking good.

That leaves get the business cards early in January. I plan to purchase my first studio lights this as early as this weekend in time for the January start of the business. This blog and the other one will continue just the main focus will be on the new business and its companion website! There's more happening but I'll have more news later. Meantime, we're fast moving toward Christmas but the holiday season won't put a damper on my work. More later! - V.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reead and Scott Herman in Cybersexy

Scott sent me an email last week with a link to a new video featuring the music of his friend, Reead, plus photos by photographer Michael Tammaro. Of course, the photos are of Scott Herman. Since the video is designated for those 18+, check out Scott's YouTube channel and sign in using your YouTube account to see the video. Personally, I don't see why its rated for 18+. There's nothing racy in it. Check that one out and compare it to the Reead video ("Baby") set in Paris. Some seem to have nothing better to do than to find fault in something. If you don't like it, don't watch it and if you've never seen it, why are you finding fault in it in the first place? Below is a photo of the musician friend. Check all the videos out while you're at it.
And for your pleasure, here are some hot photos of Scott by Michael Tammaro. I had Scott choose some good ones for me to post, so savour them! He looks hot clothed or semi-clothed! What do you think??? - V.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


"Love is an undulating energy that moves through you, within you and radiates out of you and changes everything."
- Bartholomew

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Davey Wavey explains Sugar Daddy relationships

break the illusion

I found this post from Davey Wavey over at Break the Illusion interesting and his explanation even more so.  Check out the video and then go over to his blog to comment.  Meantime, that makes me think about the relationship I have with Brad.  He’s younger and certainly good-looking and I’m older but certainly young looking than most my age.  I wouldn’t call myself rich in monetary terms but I am as far as life experience and my general outlook in life and how I treat and react with others.  Is this a Sugar Daddy relationship with me as the Sugar Daddy?  Perhaps.  I see a lot of potential in others that perhaps they don’t see in themselves.  My focus is Brad as far as relationships are concerned.  So what does he see in me?  We’ll have to have Brad post his thoughts in order to understand our relationship from his perspective.  For that, we’ll just have to be patient!  But Brad did indicate to me recently that he was going to post again.  Give us all space and time!  With patience, wisdom and understanding, the unimagined is possible and we may be pleasantly delighted in the outcome!!!  Yes, I’m an eternal optimist.  Well, its far better than the reverse!- V.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas lunch

Work concluded at 1 pm for us. We were off to the Hotel Vancouver for a department Christmas lunch. It was a buffet, so there was plenty of food to choose from. I was stuffed afterwards, returned to work to pick up my things and then return home. After reading the papers, emails and such (no supper as I was more than full), I got to loading the few photos I too at the event and resize them before posting one of them. The scene of the reindeer and the pointsettia plant is at the salad bar (just above it). Now its time for bed! I'm more than just a little sleepy!!! - V.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

new blogger friend

I have always valued true friendships. These are hard to find and are to be charished if you come upon one. If you have more than one of these, then you are truly blessed. Well, I have a new blogger friend, Jay, who has a blog called Jay's Blog. Its a simple title and to the point. You'll find his link in the right sidebar but if this will save you time, you'll also find it here.

Jay, I value all my friend's contributions to life and help them where I can. In return, we help each other through life's rough spots. We can never have too many friends. I look forward to reading more about your life, your interests and your joi de vivre! Will others follow your blog? My posting your link is certainly a start and may be destined to expand you circle of friends. Allow others to be part of your life, so collectively we become greater for it. I welcome you as my friend. May our friendship grow and prosper!!! - V.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

male bonding

I first saw this photo of a group of guys arm in arm facing the sea with their butts toward the camera more than two years ago. It was on an Australian blog at the time though I'm certain that's not likely the first place it had appeared. Nudity brings us the feeling of freedom with the wind blowing through our hair and over our skin. Coupled with male bonding all are the same leaving their attire and station in life behind them. Ah yes, but here we'll have to wait until summer returns before we can do any frolicking in the nude. Its far too cold for that at the moment, unless you're in the tropic or in the southern hemisphere, in which case, take advantage of the pleasant weather! - V.

Friday, December 4, 2009

looking in the mirror

I guess at this point you have an idea what interests me. Guys with a lean, muscular physique certainly get my attention regardless of the angle the photo is taken. Here is another hot mirror image but unfortunately I don't have the name of the photographer. Grabs your interest does it? - V.

looking for male models

We have started an active search for prospective male models. The basic details are found at the bottom of this webpage but if you're male, over the age of 18, are in good to excellent shape, interested in modeling and live in the British Columbia lower mainland, then we'd love to hear from you. This would allow someone to expand their portfolio while allowing us to expand our own and benefits us all. The best photos would be posted on this blog (and the new website to follow). See the contact information at the bottom.

Brad's email address, which has been activated, will be included once he is ready to begin his part. We both look forward to this new challenge with great excitement. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


Thanks!!! - V.


Happy Friday. or as its commonly referred to, TGIF Day!!! The weekend is upon us and its been cool but sunny all week, since December 1st anyway. So its a weekend of sleeping in, catching up on things, shopping, paying the bills and with the weather as it is, getting out to get some photos taken. Its been quite frosty in the mornings lately and snow is a distinct possiility. Get cleaned up and have some fun. Enjoy your weekend, whatever it brings! More later. - V.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today I took the time to Google my old street address in southwestern Ontario and to have a look at the street view as the property is seen from the curbside. I was somewhat shocked by what I saw.

The roof was redone in a light brown shade of asphalt shingles but that wasn't the cause of the shock. Nor was it the fact that the shed had been moved. I had planned on doing that anyway and move it into the backyard if I had stayed but that wasn't it either. The new owners had a cast-iron planter at either side of the carport (at the front) but that wasn't it either. Well, what was a shock was that there was only trees and a lawn to be seen for the most part. Most of the flowerbeds with the flowering shrubs and roses were gone. The one bed that remained had been replanted.

The new owners have the right to do with their property what they will but from a point of stewardship of the land, the eco-system, it didn't make much sense to me. There was a lot of life on that property, like wild rabbits, bees and butterflies of all sorts. I can't say that the bees and butterflies are there anymore since there's nothing for them to sustain themselves on. There's lots of grass, so the rabbits may still be there. The same would hold for the birds since the trees are still there as well.

The lawn looks like a mono-culture affair, so the likelihood of chemicals (herbicides and pesticides) being used is high which is not a wise choice for the environment in my opinion. As a race we are paying the price now and will later with greater effects in the future if how we treat out environment isn't turned around. I spent years gardening using organic methods and rarely resorted to the use of chemicals to solve a problem, or a perceived issue. Aside from using organic methods, my view was to keep the eco-system strong and diversified.

All that aside, the front yard looks boring and uninteresting. No curbside appeal there either. But such is life. We live, we make mistakes or triumphs and learn from the results there of, or that's the hope. There's no sense in worrying about it since nothing will change the outcome. Such is life, so let's move on! - V.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Prospect Hill plays Roller Coaster

My friend Scott Herman sent me the link to this YouTube music video.  Its introduced by Scott himself, who plays a part in the video.  Prospect Hill is an up and coming band in the Boston, Massachusetts area of the United States.  Enjoy the video, and thanks for sending the link, Scott!!! – V.