Sunday, December 20, 2009


Right now I'd relaxing (or chillin"as is often said these days) after spending some time in Vancouver. It's pouring rain but I'm sure there's plenty of snow up in the higher elevations, enough to make the skiers more than happy! So, to relax I'm playing some 18th century classical music from northern Italy: organ accompanied by the hammered dulcimer (d.h. Hackbrett auf Deutsch). It's not a combination I've heard before and so when I saw the LP back in the 1980s, I snapped it up. Well what I'm listening to is a tape recording made from that LP. The LP is packed away somewhere in one of my many boxes that have yet to be unpacked. Who's music is playing? Melchiore Chiesa (?-1782), Pietro Beretti (around 1750) and Angelo Conti (?). As much as I love the organ, I love the hammered dulcimer even more. A most interesting combination!

I cooked up some beef vegetable soup for supper, slow-cooked and hearty! It was Earl Grey tea and Christmas cookies as a treat while waiting. There's some for work tomorrow and more for the next couple of days. I was getting tired of sandwiches and had to make a change!

So, if the likes of hot soup doesn't warm you on a cool, rainy evening, then perhaps getting together with a hot friend for some fun might help warm you up. Check out Tassos' post entitled "Good Friends" for more photos from the series. If that doesn't get you heated, then we'll have to try something else! Have a great night!!! - V.


Anonymous said...

I love the man on man action. I just wish they weren't wearing those damn jeans.

SpiritMountainGuy said...

If you'd like, I can email the rest of the series which is far more revealing? Email to let me know. - V.