Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today I took the time to Google my old street address in southwestern Ontario and to have a look at the street view as the property is seen from the curbside. I was somewhat shocked by what I saw.

The roof was redone in a light brown shade of asphalt shingles but that wasn't the cause of the shock. Nor was it the fact that the shed had been moved. I had planned on doing that anyway and move it into the backyard if I had stayed but that wasn't it either. The new owners had a cast-iron planter at either side of the carport (at the front) but that wasn't it either. Well, what was a shock was that there was only trees and a lawn to be seen for the most part. Most of the flowerbeds with the flowering shrubs and roses were gone. The one bed that remained had been replanted.

The new owners have the right to do with their property what they will but from a point of stewardship of the land, the eco-system, it didn't make much sense to me. There was a lot of life on that property, like wild rabbits, bees and butterflies of all sorts. I can't say that the bees and butterflies are there anymore since there's nothing for them to sustain themselves on. There's lots of grass, so the rabbits may still be there. The same would hold for the birds since the trees are still there as well.

The lawn looks like a mono-culture affair, so the likelihood of chemicals (herbicides and pesticides) being used is high which is not a wise choice for the environment in my opinion. As a race we are paying the price now and will later with greater effects in the future if how we treat out environment isn't turned around. I spent years gardening using organic methods and rarely resorted to the use of chemicals to solve a problem, or a perceived issue. Aside from using organic methods, my view was to keep the eco-system strong and diversified.

All that aside, the front yard looks boring and uninteresting. No curbside appeal there either. But such is life. We live, we make mistakes or triumphs and learn from the results there of, or that's the hope. There's no sense in worrying about it since nothing will change the outcome. Such is life, so let's move on! - V.

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