Sunday, December 27, 2009

snow then,none now

Back in December 2006 I allowed my blogger friend, Jared, over at Completely Naked to post one of my photos. This one is of a series of photos taken after a snow storm which started November 20 had ended. The snow was fresh and untouched by man nor beast. The camera is facing east, northeast and the sun is off to the south (right off the frame). The sun made its appearance through an opening in the cloud cover to the south of where I lived at the time in north Surrey, British Columbia. Its looks very pristine and surreal at the same time but the driving afterwards was terrible. The side streets were never ploughed (the city just didn't have the equipment) though the main roads were passible. What for me was "normal" where I came from back east, was a disaster here in the lower mainland on the west coast where such snow hadn't been seen in more that 20 years. This photos makes for an awesome Christmas pic. Sadly, this year we had a green Christmas. What snow we had (a dusting), melted in the rain that follow about two weekends ago or so. When I find the disk that has more photos from this series, I'll post a few more. Have a great festive season!!! - V.

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