Friday, December 18, 2009


As Christmas fast approaches, I've only received one card but that's not unusual since I get a lot of greeting via email. Then others I used to get cards from have passed on. That's the thing as we get older.
Last week I bought an Italian cypress tree (see photo above) to dress up the place for the season. The last such tree I had was bought in December 1999, the year my mother passed on, and a tree I kept repotting until I sold the house in southwestern Ontario in September 2005 when I left the tree with the new owners. It was brought outside and left on the front porch in the spring and then returned inside in the autumn to be dressed up for Christmas. It was about three feet tall when I left it behind!

My incense burner is out of its box where it had been packed for over a year or more. All it needs is some incense. Sandalwood is my favourite!!! - V.


Craig said...

I have a plant (not sure what kind-maybe in the lily family) that my mother had in our old family house. She died in '81, so I'm guessing the plant is close to 40 years old now. (I'm an older guy too obviously.)

Merry Christmas Volker! Thanks for posting.

SpiritMountainGuy said...

If you'd like the plant identified, send me an email to the email address posted in my profile or the one at the bottom of this webpage and I'll do my best. I've been an avid gardener since my teens. Though I currently live in an apartment, I still keep up with horticulture and other related fields of interest.

Have a Great Christmas too!!! - V.