Saturday, December 12, 2009

Davey Wavey explains Sugar Daddy relationships

break the illusion

I found this post from Davey Wavey over at Break the Illusion interesting and his explanation even more so.  Check out the video and then go over to his blog to comment.  Meantime, that makes me think about the relationship I have with Brad.  He’s younger and certainly good-looking and I’m older but certainly young looking than most my age.  I wouldn’t call myself rich in monetary terms but I am as far as life experience and my general outlook in life and how I treat and react with others.  Is this a Sugar Daddy relationship with me as the Sugar Daddy?  Perhaps.  I see a lot of potential in others that perhaps they don’t see in themselves.  My focus is Brad as far as relationships are concerned.  So what does he see in me?  We’ll have to have Brad post his thoughts in order to understand our relationship from his perspective.  For that, we’ll just have to be patient!  But Brad did indicate to me recently that he was going to post again.  Give us all space and time!  With patience, wisdom and understanding, the unimagined is possible and we may be pleasantly delighted in the outcome!!!  Yes, I’m an eternal optimist.  Well, its far better than the reverse!- V.

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