Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jarryd Smith - model

Jarryd Smith is a hot South African model I've discovered through reading Bodhi's blog, "Tres Fab Sweetie!" This model is 22 and has a lot of potential I would say. Check out Bodhi's blog for more photos and information on Jarryd! The link is in the sidebar.

Life and Our Part in it...

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages." William Shakespeare

The quote above often comes to mind when I read about discussions about life, death, the fear of death and so on. Birth as well as death are all part of life, our existance, so why fear what cannot be avoided. It seems logical to accept the inevitable. We do have some control, depending upon our station in life, on how we live our lives and the manner in which we exit (die) but the basics of being born, living our lives and dying remains the same. We can do what we like but that particular outcome cannot be changed.

So live life fully, love others as well as yourselves, and toss fear aside for its just an imposter. Fear just muddies the works and confuses the matter. Be honest and respect yourself as well as others, even your supposed enemies. Honour the Earth, the flora and fauna for they are as much a part of this living cycle. Share with others, both your successes and failures. Greet death as a doorway to yet another existance, another reality, like moving from one room to another.

Those are my thoughts on the matter, for today anyway. Enjoy your weekend and your part(s) in life!

Anton Antipov - model

One of my hot favs, Anton Antipov, posted this this photo on his blog recently. Check out his recent post at the link in the sidebar. Anton's posted one of his exercise routines plus some interesting links. Check it out!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Mirror Image

Mirrors: I've loved the image in this pic since I first saw it a couple of years ago or more. A guy with toned, lean muscles has always excited me. How about you? If you've got some really hot self-pics (and they must be of yourself, of course!) showing your hot body and you'd like me to post them, feel free to share them by sending them in to me. Include your name (first name only) with the pic and if you'd like to include a little bit about how you developed that hot physique of yours, that would be great too. My email address is in the sidebar. Have a great weekend, and be safe!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

its back but not for long

Yes, the snow is back. Its been raining off and on for the last couple of days but this afternoon the white stuff started coming down. The Weather Network calls for 5 to 10 cm of snow this evening and overnight and up to 15 cm in the valley but it won't last. The ground is too warm and a night temperature of -2 degrees Celsius won't keep it for long nor will daytime temperatures in the 5 to 9 degree mark. I could hear the grumbling at work this afternoon and more of the same from a person that got off the bus with me this evening. Spring is just around the corner. There are signs everywhere if people look carefully.

Today was the first time I saw Gregor Robertson, the mayor of Vancouver, in person. He rode his bike to the venue where a news conference was being held and looks younger than photos of him in the newspapers would indicate. In 2003 Gregor was voted one of the top 40 under 40 by The Globe and Mail. Previously I had only seen photos of him in the papers, especially during the municipal election a few months back. You can read more about him and his team by going to .

Well, there are two more work days to go before the weekend. Should the weather be reasonable with some sun I'll be out taking some photos. Burnaby Mountain is a distinct possibility if the right conditions prevail. A trip to the conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver is also a strong possibility where, even if its raining, it won't matter because what's to be seen is indoors. This indoor venue has all sorts of interesting tropical and subtropical plants and flowers plus birds flying about. More on all that later.

Now I'm off to take a quick hot shower before getting back to the computer for a bit before bedtime. Have a good night (or good day, depending on where you're at) and chat some more later!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


To close off the weekend, here are a few pics of hot dudes and their butts. We've covered the abs and pecs, so shouldn't forget the butts. They're important too. Oh, and about the last pic, I can appreciate a guy that can do a head stand regardless of the state of dress. A former music teacher of mine could do one in his 70s but then he had been a gymnast in his younger years. And since we're getting closer to warmer weather here in the Greater Vancouver area, I thought I'd add a few photos with sand and water to have us thinking of summer and its activities. Enjoy the pics!

day to day activities

Its lunch time here on the west coast, raining lightly and the sky is a dull grey. I just had a hot shower after getting up late (after 11 am) and feel refreshed and alive ready to tackle the day's activities, including the laundry that I didn't get done yesterday!

During a weekday, I normally get up around 5 am, do the usual bathroom activities like taking a pee, brushing my teeth and having a good, long, hot shower to wake me up for the coming workday. Then I pack what I'm going to take into work with me, such as a change of clothes and food for breaks and lunch (I usually don't buy anything except on occasion, like paydays), and then prepare some breakfast, usually oatmeal with fruit, granola or shreaded wheat in the summer, plus toast and tea. Then I sit down to fire up the computer (laptop) and read whatever emails might have been received since the previous day. All the while, I haven't gotten dressed yet. I sleep nude and don't get dressed until long after getting out of the shower. Usually about 7 am I put on a t-shirt, then some socks and briefs, take one final trip to the bathroom before getting into my jeans, putting shoes on and adding a jacket, sweater or nothing further, depending on the weather and the time of year. I grab my backpack, turn off the lights and head out the door, locking up behind me.

The bus is usually at the main corners where I live shortly after 7:30, so I leave home no later than 7:20 (I've got it down to a science). Its a short ride to the SkyTrain station and then a 30 minute or so ride into town where I work. The SkyTrain ride is the usual, crowed after 22nd Street station and particularly bad at Joyce, where people often step on my toes getting in. I stay positioned near the doors, so I can easily get out rather than fighting my way through toward the doors when needing to exit. Aside from getting stepped on, I have gotten pushed, squeezed against the partition where I'm standing, had my nuts rapped a few times, and so on. After twenty years of taking the trains you'd think people would have a handle on it by this time but this is not the case. They can be rude and selfish, stand in front of the doors when people are trying to get off, or worse, get on while people are getting off. Going home is no different, just in the reverse. The train gets less packed as you get closer to home.

I spend my day at work doing what I have to do and then am off at 5 pm but often don't get out the door until around 5:30 pm or so. If something has happened that requires my attention, then I might get out a bit later. That's the weekday!

On weekends, I sleep in, obviously not getting up at 5 am, and often get up between 9 and 10 am, but on a rare occasion will be up between 8 and 9 am. The weekends is when I get stuff done, especially in the colder months of the year where the daylight hours are so short. In the summer its different because there is so much more daylight to work with. So in the summer I can spread things out through the week taking my camera along for a trip after work, such as Stanley Park or Burnaby Mountain as just two examples. The weekend is when the lion's share of chores and such are done (i.e. laundry, cooking, cleaning the apartment, etc) and of course, any excursions about the Greater Vancouver area. Such destinations as Grouse Mountain, Queen Elizabeth Park and Victoria are still in the works. Of course, there's Whistler where I haven't been yet either.

I do plan on setting up a studio in the livingroom area and get started at doing indoor photography, so getting studio lights and such is a must. That will be done as we get into spring. All that may require adjusting the schedule some, the after work hours one that is. With a partner living and working with me (photography) it may mean adjusting the schedule some for that reason alone.

These are exciting times but this is my normal day to day schedule, so I'm active even when not working. Needless to say, I don't spend a lot of time in front of a tv but do have plenty of movies on dvds and vhs tapes to spend an evening with a diversion for two. Getting out to enjoy a restaurant or bar is a very strong possibility once my partner's here. I don't care to eat or drink alone. I can do that at home currently. Getting out in nature to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and exercise is what its about for most of the year.

Have a great Sunday and week for those that are already there! Now its off to finish my late breakfast and then get the laundry done.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Awesome-looking abs get noticed and rightly so considering the effort that goes into getting them in the first place and keeping them as well. Then a well-toned, muscled man get attention for other reasons. Aesthetically, it looks good, handsome or what is commonly referred to as "hot", to the point of being erotic! Well, this afternoon I went digging in my files to find some "hot" examples that might inspire guys to improve their physique for the better. Here is what I found but you be your own judge.
Needless to say, the laundry that I had planned to do during the afternoon into evening didn't get done and so will have to be done Sunday since Monday is the beginning of another work week. Feel free to comment and add your critique! Have a great Sunday!!!

Edilson Nascimento - Brazilian model

Leandro Okabe - Brazilian model

Rafael Lazzini - video clip

Rafael Lazzini - Brazilian model

Brazilian model, Rafael Lazzini, comes to us from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Rafael was born on June 13, 1985, is 1.88 m (6'2") tall, has brown hair and green eyes. This series of photos was taken a few years ago when he got his start as a model (check out "the boy" and "Terra" for more info) and it seems he's been a busy guy since then. Check out for more on that! Meantime, enjoy the wallpaper pic above and the rest of the photos!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Halligen

The Halligen is a region of North Frisian Islands (Nord Friesland) located north of Hamburg along Germany's North Sea (Nordsee) coast. The land and sea is subject to the tides and weather. There is a lot of sand and peat and rock is made up of sandstone plus other sedimentary rock layers, all easily at the mercy of the elements. The prevailing winds in the colder months of the year come out of the northwest effecting the storm tides. There are a number of national parks along the sea coast to preserve the flora and fauna for future generations. In the planning stages of a trip to Europe in the summer of 1972, this region had been on my list of destinations but because of time restrictions, I had to drop the Halligen from my list to await a future trip. At that time, the island of Sylt was on the list as far as the Halligen is concerned.
The maps above shows the Halligen as it was in 1650 and the map below is of Rungholt as it was in the 14th century before a severe storm washed it and neighbouring parishes away in 1362 A.D. Another severe storm in 1634 A.D. washed even more away (remember the sand, peat and the action wind and water has on them?). Legends have been written about these lost towns and villages that disappeared in the sea. Perhaps I'll do a Google search to see whether I can find some of them to post later.

Above is part of a map from 1650 A.D. and below one from 1858 A.D. Note the changes!

One way to control the action the climate has on the land is to dike up parcels of land and build windmills to pump out the water as has been the case in the Netherlands and across northern Germany. The diagram of a windmill that is found in Britz in west Berlin. Another way to protect homes and other structures is to throw up earth to form a raised "Hallig" where there are no protective dikes in place. This is the case in the North Frisian Islands of the Halligen. The photo below illustrates one such Hallig.
Below is the style of home or building that is fairly typical of the region, complete with thatched rooves. Note the brick: since sand and clay is easily available as a construction material, this would make logical sense. All illustrations and photos in this post are from Wikipedia and are in the public domain. Perhaps some day I'll have some photos of my own to add but these will serve as illustrations on the matter for the moment.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Newton of BBB 9 fame


When my mother was alive, she was into doing all sorts of handiwork, such as needlepoint, crocheting, etc. I have six pictures that she did. This is just a sampling. Rembrandt's "Nightwatch" appears above (the original oil painting hangs in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands). The interesting thing about this painting is that the most important people of them time are in the background and others, far less important, are in the foreground. This caused a stir at the time as you can well imagine. The needlepoint version is certainly a lovely piece and very colourful. It took my mother six months or more to complete this work and she swore that would be the last one. That turned out to be the case too! The others have their charm as well. For the moment, they're not up on the wall yet but this is planned for the future. For the moment, they're leaning up against the wall. I just thought I would share this aspect of my heritage with you, so its not all photography and such with me!


The relationship between man and nature is a complex and sometimes deadly one. A special post on the Rungholt, a former town in Nordfriesland in northwestern Germany, is coming up soon. The town and neighbouring parishes were washed away by severe weather in the 13th century. Look forward to more details.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

eye candy

With Valentine's Day and the weekend nearly behind us, here is some eye candy to close off the weekend. Have a great week!!!