Sunday, February 8, 2009


I tried to post a reply to a message on Zorpia I received from a friend in eastern Canada but I keep getting a spam error each time I try to send the reply concerning the situation in Sri Lanka. Messages can be sent to my international friends without issues since I did try that. It seems this one in Canada is a problem. The message is as follows:

"This is a very complicated war brought on by differences in culture, language and religion. As long as the focus is on the differences people have from others rather than the similarities they have collectively, these type of conflicts will continue around the world. Nationalism has created many problems around the world since the mid-18th century and will likely continue with this wrong-headed focus. Then supplying militaries around the world with weapons that only make the weapon makers rich add fuel to the fire. Killing others solves nothing but love and understanding does heals all. That's my view anyway for what its worth."

Its frustrating trying to resolve this issue but resolved it must. Have a great Sunday!

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