Sunday, February 15, 2009

signs of spring

The weather was warm, nearing 11 degrees Celsius in places, but cooler near the water. There are signs of spring every where if you take the time to look carefully. A planting of heathers is in bloom along West Georgia Street in Vancouver and then some trees are showing signs of life in Stanley Park, as can be seen below.

A racoon was given a morsel to feed on and then wandered off to do its own thing. Below, there is a view along the seawall looking east toward the main beach at English Bay. If you look carefully, you will see a pair of drummers on a park bench drumming away for passersby.
And since the weather was sunny and warm, there were many people out taking advantage of the sun and fresh air, like below, showing the main beach at English Bay at low tide. I hope you all had a great weekend where you are, and if you're still in the throws of winter, remember that spring is not that far off.

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