Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cupid's Love Bytes

Well, I started up a new blog (adult), which should make some or all of you very happy.  It's called Cupid's Love Bytes and is restricted to adults only, so if you are not adult or are offended by the sight of nude guys, then don't have a look.  Otherwise, enjoy the journey, and may Cupid fling an arrow your way.  Its not my fault if you get caught in the line of fire.  You have been warned.  The bytes come in because the images are digital and the arrow may cause a bit of a bite!  This keeps this blog general and non-restricted.  For those that are able, enjoy the journey! - Volker

Erica II

Here's a larger view of my heather plant on the dining room table.  The Erica x darleyensis "Kramer's Red" certainly ads some colour to the room.  The same plant out on the balcony is also blooming some but not as prolific.  I hope you're all having a great Sunday.  I'm off to get some laundry done, so have a good week! - V

Saturday, February 25, 2012


While on my way home yesterday evening, I bought this heather plant to use as a centre piece on the dining room table.  Its an Erica x darleyensis "Kramer's Red."  I used to have some of these plants in my garden back east in southwestern Ontario (London).  These are very pretty and the plants would attract a lot of bees when they were in flower in the spring, mostly bumblebees but also butterflies and hover flies.

Its a slow day.  I'll be spending a lot of time at home unless the sun comes out and stays out for a long while.  The sun was out a bit earlier but it has disappeared once again.  Sunday, its laundry time once again but I plan to watch some movies this evening (DVDs) since I have enough of them and there doesn't appear to be anything interesting on TV for the moment.

Have a great weekend, guys! - V

Friday, February 24, 2012

land search and other stuff

Today while mentioning that I was looking for property (land) in southwest Nova Scotia, I learned that the person that I got my consolidation loan through at the credit union in Vancouver is from the same area of Nova Scotia I am looking at.  She happens to be from Shelbourne.  How small is that world?  As I often feel, nothing happens without a reason, regardless of how trivial we think the situation is.

So,one of the places I was looking at late this afternoon is  about $45,000 with several bedrooms and a bathroom, certainly in need of an upgrade but certainly something worth considering as far as a purchase.   My friend Brad and his fiancee could live in the place until I decide to retire to the east.  Its a winner for them and for me!  Something to consider.  - V

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I killed my mother - German language film trailer

Today I saw the German language film trailer for Xavier Dolan's first film, I Killed My Mother.  The mood and emotion is the same.  I  have the French language version of the film on DVD and have seen it once, though I have seen excerpts from it on several occasions.  Check it out. - Volker

Dalida's Bang Bang on Les Amours Imaginaires

I love this song called "Bang Bang" which you find in Xavier Dolan's second film called Les Amours Imaginaires  (or Heartbeats in English).  Its such a rich song and sets the mood and tone for what is coming in the film,  Xavier, by the way, is our young actor/film director from Montreal, Quebec (Canada).  Check it out, both the song and the film.  - Volker

dieux du stade

I bought the Dieux du Stade calendar last year, so if there are some yet available, I might purchase another one for this year.  There are more than enough awesome shots of these muscled guys.  Each month is split up in two parts and then there are extra photos as well, so there is more than enough to make it interesting.  Check out the DVDs on the making of these calendars as well.  They give you a feel for what the calendars are all about and you know what went into setting up and making the shots that appear in the calendars. - V

Saturday, February 18, 2012

tattoo guy

For those of you that love guys with tattoos start the night heading off to bed with this hot dude.  - V

almost naked banana split

Well, I obviously missed something on Valentine's Day, don't you think?  The hot guy on the left is a real cutie!  Someone help him with the chocolate sauce.  We can't let that go to waste.  Banana split, anyone?  I love that smile too.  Something to think about for next February! - V

squirting in the back alley

With spring just around the corner here on the west coast (Vancouver, BC area) and then summer not far away after that, Andrew Christian has given us some ideas for summer fun.  The swimsuits look awesome too!  What do you think?

Meantime, we have spring heather coming into full bloom here and there is some on my apartment balcony which is also starting to flower.  Have an awesome weekend! - V

Friday, February 17, 2012

fresh face

This evening on my way home from work I encountered a young, fresh-faced guy likely in his early 20s.  I had taken the SkyTrain home from Vancouver where I work and caught a bus to take me on that final leg home.  That is where I encountered the guy with a smile on his face and eyes twinkling, so full of life.  Its the positive mood that struck me, the kind of reaction that perks you up and makes you feel good.  I'm sure his friends appreciate him a lot.  So why do we not see more of such people rather than those that are just going through the motions and coasting through life on automatic?  The latter where were referred to as "automatrons" by Edgar Cayce decades ago.

Anyway, I am certainly thankful for the encounter and do hope for more of them, though not necessarily the same person.  That wouldn't be realistic would it?

Its been a long day and now I'm off to bed perhaps to shake this cold (virus) I caught at work.  Its been making its rounds on the floor I work on and elsewhere in the building.  Have a good night and  an awesome weekend! - V

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, guys!  I found the star and heart on Burnaby Mountain a few years ago while on a visit.  They kind of express my thoughts today, and they are one the only Valentine that matters to me, B, where ever he is.  A day doesn't go by where he's not in my thoughts in some way.  Have an awesome day!!! - V

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Art Deco II

Here's another photo that I took of the Art Deco building on Burrard Street at West Hastings in Vancouver's downtown.  The shadow spoils it I think but I'l have to go into town on a sunny weekend to get a better angle without the offending dark spot. - V

Red-shafted Flicker

There are plenty of western flickers in the area.  The western red-shafted flicker is native to the western half of North America.  This is one on a tombstone in the Fraser Cemetery, Sapperton.  - V

Friday, February 10, 2012

clock tower

This is another of the photos I took earlier in the week when we still had nice weather.  This is a clock tower on West Hastings Street at Granville Street in downtown Vancouver.  There is a schooner at the top of the weather vane.

When I came home this evening, I had a light supper and then fired up the computer the check emails and such.  The only problem was I have two user accounts set up, one for me and the other for Brad.  I clicked on Brad's instead of mine and started his up instead.  Then I had to switch users to get mine going.  I must have had Brad on my mind at the time I was getting the computer started up.  Its the first time I've done that.

Now I'm going to have a quick shower and then go to bed.  Its moving toward midnight here on Canada's west coast.  Have an awesome weekend, guys! - V

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hotel Vancouver

A couple of days ago I took a few photos before heading off to work.  This was in downtown Vancouver and just within blocks of where I work.  Here the sun was rising in the east leaving light and dark shadows on buildings.  The above photo shows the Hotel Vancouver on Burrard Street at West Georgia Street in the downtown, where our client had our Christmas dinner in December.  Its a high end hotel where I stayed once for 200 dollars a night in the off season.

I photograph what captures my interest.  Its usually something in nature but occasionally its a building or even someone wakeboarding (in the summer, of course!).  Enjoy your weekend once you get there.  As for us, we may expect more sunshine and less rain this weekend.  How about you?  - V

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Art Deco

This is a photo of the top of an Art Deco-style building in downtown Vancouver taken this morning before work.  The building is on Burrard Street at West Hastings Street.  It was a challenge getting the right angle for a decent photo because of the angle of the sun at the time of morning I took the image.  This style was popular in the 1930s and there are examples across Canada dating from that time in our history.  I'll have more once the photos are all edited.  Meantime, appreciate this one! - V

Monday, February 6, 2012

car wash

Do you remember the Andrew Christian video:  Freshman Car Wash?  This is just one image from their video.  Check them out on their website and on their link on Facebook for more.  The uncensored video is worth watching!  Have an awesome week, guys!!! - V

Sunday, February 5, 2012

sunset Saturday

This was the sunset late Saturday afternoon as seen from the western end of Burnaby Mountain with the sun setting behind Vancouver Island to the west.  I took a whole series of photos but did take a few more after this one before leaving to catch a bus home.  There were a lot of other interested photographers up there with me at the time.  I guess we all had the same idea!  Enjoy!!!  - V

Saturday, February 4, 2012

view from Burnaby Mountain

I went up to the top of Burnaby Mountain late this afternoon.  It was warm (nearing 10 degrees Celsius) and because of this, and the fact the water was still cool, a mist/fog had formed over the water of the Georgia Straight and English Bay between the mainland and Vancouver Island.  The took this photo this afternoon nearing sunset.  The view looks to the west-northwest with Capital Hill (Burnaby) in the foreground and downtown Vancouver in the background (left) and the North Shore Mountains on the right.  This is one of several images taken this afternoon.  I'll have more soon.  Meantime, enjoy this one! - V

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jedward Sexy

So, guys, this was the video that I wanted to post originally.  Here is the Jedward Twins video.  They've certainly got the routine down right.  They're rather good actually.  Can't wait to see them with a little more meat on their bones. - V

Jedward Twins

The Jedward Twins have appeared in the UK.  This isn't the clip I was looking for but it the same song.  You'll get the idea from the video..they don't have enough meat on their bones, so just imagine these twins in a couple of years. - V