Sunday, January 31, 2010

mirror image

I love this photo! The photographer has done an excellent job at capturing the model (Miguel Iglesias) from various angles using the mirror effect. The side view shows the model's finely developed muscles, in particular his abs and pecs. I love the play with colour, the flesh tones against the white tights. What are your thoughts on the photo, the model and what the photographer has accomplished? - V.

Friday, January 29, 2010


A while back I promissed you more photos of the Karshner Triplets which I found after looking through my disks for something else. I can never tell which is which but you can obviously see why they've been so successful as models and spokesmen! a few years ago a couple of bloggers collected quiet a number of their images and presented them on one of their blogs. Its through their efforts that these are to be seen. Thanks, Patrick (I can't remember the name of his partner both of whom were based in Utah at the time). I don't believe either of their blogs exist anymore but they would know best. In the meantime, enjoy these pics!!! - V.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Is it summer yet? Here it is with winter with us, spring just around the corner and summer just a thought in the not too distant future! I'm thinking about getting some shades (sunglasses) to add to my collection of summerwear and to that some clothing of pleasant design. The guys wearing the shades bring all this to mind, not that its been a terribly hard winter, it hasn't! - V.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


The weekend is here and what better way to start it but with a photo of hot Bernardo Velasco. So how do I describe the weather, its overcast and dull but certainly warmer for this time of year than in years past. Its a catch up day for me to get various things done that need doing with time limited during the work week. Have a great weekend and enjoy it whatever you decide to do. Have some fun too! - V.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

alter ego

My friend, Scott Herman, sent me this link to his latest video today. As he says, "check out some behind the scenes footage from my “Alter Ego” Photo shoot!" So which type of person do you think he is, the one on the left or the one on the bed to the right? Check out Scott's video and you decide! - V.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well, here's a nightcap for you. The guy in the shower is rather fitting with the rain and all we are having outside. I hope he inspires some pleasant dreams, unless you get hot and bothered! All I can say to that is do what you can to have a good night!!! - V.


I am having some chai tea, a mixture of black tea, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamon and star anise. It hits the palate just right! I bought a box of chai while I was out grocery shopping this afternoon. I was listening to some Indian music from south Asia just a while ago but now I have brought out some of my CDs of which I have several from India. It all goes rather well with the chai!!!

Meantime, the rain is back ahead of the high winds that are to come our way overnight. The long range forecast calls for a mix of rain and sun through the week but the warm temperatures are to continue which is unfortunate for the winter olypians hoping for more snow and colder temperatures. - V.


Yesterday (Saturday) started off rather promissing with the sun showing its face in greaterr frequency than we've seen it in a long time. The day was partly cloudy with sun and temperatures very spring-like. Health issues (several trip to the bathroom) made going out not a wise move, so I stayed home and got caught up on things. I finally may have figured out why the health issue; I bought groceries on Friday evening on my way home from work which included a pineapple that that evening went bouncy-bouncy from the kitchen counter as I was getting a tea bag (the crown was slightly higher than the cupboard door and fell over as I opened the door). Was the pineapple responsible? Perhaps, perhaps not but I did feel a lot better today. This fruit does have a fair bit of fiber which is good for moving things through the gut. All is good!

So, today after three loads of laundry were behind me, I was out by bus and SkyTrain but instead of heading into Vancouver as I originally planned, I decided to stop at Metrotown. This included two stops, one at the drugstore for some tea tree oil and some soap (starting to run out) and second, to one of the largest grocery stores in the area to get some more groceries that I didn't get Friday evening. The experience cost me nearly 20 dollars at the drugstore and around 66 dollars at the grocery store. My, how the money disappears fast. However, I only go shopping at Metrotown once every two or three months. Otherwise, its usually in downtown Vancouver or near my place in New Westminster. Either way, we have to eat but I try to get the best deals I can.

Now its supper time but nothing too fancy, just sandwiches and tea. There is hot salami and some cheese for the sandwiches to be washed down with Earl Grey tea. I may have a navel orange for dessert but after some time at the computer, it'll quickly be time for bed. I'm up at 5 am Monday for the start of another workweek. As a nightcap, I may have a glass of white wine, Blouberg, a fresh, lively white from South Africa (Stellenbosch, for those that need or want to know). I hope you had a great weekend and that your week will be awesome! - V.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Heri Quiles was born in Puerto Rico in 1987. His home town is Barranquitos in the central part of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Last year he won the title of Mr. Puerto Rico Model 2009 at the tenth "Misters of Puerto Rico" male beauty pageant. Heri is the model representing international designer Anthony Quintana's underwear line. Aside from his interest in modeling, he is also an avid environmentalist. You can find out more about the pageant he won by checking here. A thought came to mind that my Puert Rican friend, Patric, might know more about him since they both live on the same island. What do you say, Patric? Anyway, enjoy the photos! I hope they inspire you to excel yourself, to do the best in whatever interests you! - V.

Friday, January 15, 2010

winter olympics

We are halfway through the month of January now that 2010 is well underway. Its also less that a month away from the start of the winter olympics here in Vancouver (and Whistler) and after a week or so of steady rain, the snow in the mountain venues has been melting fast. I believe Cypress Bowl lost about a meter (39 inches) of snow and after I had a look at the long range forecast, there doesn't seem to be an end to the wet stuff, atleast for the moment.

The sky started clearing some this afternoon (Friday) and the sun began to show its face after being largely absent for most of the month. The sun though poses other problems: yet warmer temperatures! Man would appear to have little control over these events. Mother Nature is in control and anything is possible, but what is most certain is more rain and least certain, some colder temperatures and snow! We will see what transpires.

So, Brad, when you do come, and its just before the start of the games, bring along some of that cold, frosty Atlantic air and enough snow to satisfy a winter olympian! We could use some!!!

Meantime, in preparation for the start of the games the road closures and detours have started. I believe the aim last week was to reduce traffic but the results were about 2.5 percent, about half the projected figure. Now its hoped to reduce the traffic in the downtown by 10 percent. I say good luck because it'll be a challenge. So where are the extra trains and buses to pick up those that have left their vehicles at home? The olympic village has been sealed off from the public and the street closures have started. This will be an interesting lesson for everyone! - V.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scott on butts and thighs

My friend Scott Herman sent me a link to his latest video. Above is a photo of him to inspire you before checking out his latest masterpiece. The pic does show his thighs but you'll just have to believe that his butt is awesome too! The underwear is by "baskit!" In his own words Scott tells us:

How to Get a "Porn Star Butt" and "Hollywood Thighs": "Be a 10 in 2010" Woman & Men (Home & Gym)

So, check it out here! - V.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sankt Ulrich

Both Brad and I love to travel. He prefers not to travel alone, so I won't disappoint him in that department as I can be his trusted companion, translator and tour guide all rolled up in one. Above is a photo of the Church of St. Jakob in St. Ulrich in Sued Tirol (South Tyrol). The town is also known as Urtijei. There are three main language groups in the region: German, Ladin and Italian. The photo is from the Wikipedia Commons and not my own. Ah, but I could take as good a photo or better. So it all depends on whether Brad is interested in Europe as a travel destination. Perhaps other places are on his list of interests, so we will see. Meantime, South Tyrol and a number of other destinations in Europe are on my list of interests. I've seen the Swiss and Austrian Alps, so it would be nice to venture into Italy to see these mountains from that vantage point. Where would you like to go if the chance presented itself? - V.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

thoughts of summer

We can think of warmer weather, such as summer, where less clothing, or even minimal or none, is the rule. Well, this is certainly the case at the beach! The past summer is not all that far behind us and the one to come is't all that far either ahead. Since we're in the middle between the two, we have the memories of a season passed and the promiss of one to come. Let these photos give you some inspiration as many of you (in the northern hemiphere at any rate) as in the throws of winter! Enjoy these!!! - V.

the Karshner triplets

Today I was looking through some disks and found a couple of photos of the Karshner triplets but there are more. Once they're all together (the best ones) I plan to dedicate an entire post to them but don't ask me to get them straight. I still can't tell who's who. Meantime, enjoy these! - V.

Friday, January 8, 2010

dull and wet

Its raining and is supposed to continue that way through the weekend into next week. As a result, I will be spending a lot of time at home but then there is plenty of research to be done on the matter of starting up the business that Brad and I will be involved in. That keeps us both motivated and focused.

The weather is rainy here but where Brad is right now in Nova Scotia its anything but rainy. They've had plenty of snow and I wouldn't be surprised if they are still digging out from under all that white stuff. Brad, we'll trade you some rain for some snow. We'll need colder, snowy weather for the winter olympics anyway!

Anyway, its late and time for bed. There's more coming but do have an awesome weekend in the interim! - V.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I love these photos, especially of hot guys. Photographers such as Adam Bouska and others come to mind. How about you? And where do they find them all? - V.


I love hot guy with muscles to show off, don't you? - V.

hot dude

As we fast approach another weekend, here is snother hot dude to offer you inspiration. This weekend will mean rain right through the following week but this will be a good time for working indoors. Completing work at the computer comes to mind! - V.

business research

The research I'm doing in advance of setting up our business is going along great and once Brad gets here the process should be rather quick to finish up what is lleft to do. For now its a matter of research, finding a name and so on. After the name is agreed upon and its available, the company name must be registered within 56 days. It was also strongly suggested to meet with an advisor for an hour or two plus a lawyer concerning the legal aspects. Then we go on from there. For now let Dolph add some inspiration as we wind down the week. Have a good one! - V.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

added new link to favourites

There is a blogger friend in Puerto Rico that I have been exchanging emails with for some months. Check out his newest online mag called "Hunks Click" which you can find here. This certainly gives Brad and I some inspiration for presenting even greater posts. Thanks Patric for sending me the link to your latest online effort! Much appreciated!!! - V.

Monday, January 4, 2010

January blog pick

Mac over at Yummy of the Day has chosen this blog as his January blog pick. Thanks, Mac! I hope this blog lives up to the challenge. Meantime, feel free have a look at Mac's blog. Have a great week!!! - V.

snow but not here on the coast

Today I learned that the northeast (US.) is digging out of a heavy snowfall. Mostlikely this is also the case in the Maritimes on the Atlantic coast in Canada. The U.S. south is also experiencing record cold weather. Meantime, here on the west coast it has been rain along the shore and snow at higher elevations.

I had expected to chat with Brad online but with the snow I can appreciate why this isn't happening this evening. Once they dig themselves out, things should improve but Brad would be able to explain their weather a whole lot better than I. I hope to hear from him soon. Meantime, have a good night (or good day)!!! - V.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Nothing special this evening as far as supper is concerned, just some homefries, diced onions, backbacon and eggs that hit the stomach just nicely. Now I'm having a hot toddy (lemon juice, some honey and some rum from Barbados topped up with some freshly boiled water). That'll get me ready for bed if nothing will and perhaps put me in dreamland. All considered, there's much to dream about! Have a good night!!! - V.


Well, I had a very pleasant surprise late this afternoon when I finally heard from Brad. We kept firing emails back and forth so fast that the news in the previous one hadn't sunk in yet. He said he was "typing a mile a minute he was so excited" and was waiting for my next message. Brad didn't have access to msn today, so we couldn't chat that way but he does plan to get online Monday evening. I was typing as fast as I could too and no less excited than he was!

We are planning to go into business together as you may have gathered by now (look at the bottom of the webpage)! Anyway, to get things rolling after a few false starts, I contacted a few people connected to community business banking that I know and got the boost that I needed and the motivation, with some much needed assistance. The details that I got were fired off to Brad and then I heard from him some hours later. That then lead to our furious typing back and forth to get caught up, ask questions and get some answers. Our contact ended just before 5 pm Pacific time (nearing 9 pm his time) but was rewarding in ways I cannot express in words.

When we do finally see each other upon his arrival here, there's a great big bear hug and then some waiting for Brad. All I can say is that there's a "big bond between us", as he himself said, and this is over 5000 kms across a continent, just imagine the thing in the same room or place!

It'll be a busy day Monday, as side from the usual work load, when I get some business done and Brad and I chat some more, this time on msn! Before I close for today, Brad does read this blog when time permits (and he's near a computer), and I, as many others, are looking forward to when he can post once again. He has so much to say. I can feel it! Fill you in some more later. Now I'll get back to my supper which may be burning on the stove as I write! - V

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hmmmmm? I found this image posted on the net but what struck me when I saw it was the similarity to what Brad looks like. I don't know who the model is or the photographer but this guy has the slim, muscular physique, short dark hair and good looks that Brad has, though it definately isn't my friend, just there's a resemblance. The dark shades add a special something though Brad is way hotter in my eyes but I'm biased since I actually know him! I'll explain what I mean later and Brad can probably say it even better. - V.


Here is some inspiration for a Saturday. The model is Craig Malozzi. Enjoy your day and make the most of it! - V.

more rain

The new year has started much as the old one ended: with rainy weather! There was a heavy rain warning in effect here from late Thursday to late Friday. When I got up out of bed mid-morning today, it was raining. I really don't think it ever stopped, or at least not long enough to matter. I am certainly looking forward to some sunshine!

Today I'm doing some more cleaning and organizing around the apartment. I'm taking the empties over to the liquor store across the street to tidy up the cupboard and then clean up the bathroom and kitchen when I return. That and some work at the computer about describes the day.

During the night I was thinking (or was I just sleeping on it?), a time when my thought processes seem to work best, and arrived at a conclusion by morning. Given Brad's great business sense I thought it best to have him take the lead in our business venture but we'll each do our part and do what each of us do best. This allows me to focus on what I do best: photography! Brad will be continuing with the business after I'm done and gone, so he may as well make his stamp now since it'll be his alone later.

For now there are thousands of images to choose from for use in producing greeting cards, postcards, calendars, posters and such. This is even before we work on amassing model photos and branch out into video! - V.

Happy 2010!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had an awesome festive season and that now that 2010 has started, that it started off right for you. Let's see how this year turns out. Last year was interesting enough!

Well, as far as I can tell, Brad is a very busy fellow. I don't know how he does it but he has my admiration and respect, aside from the love I've always felt for him, as I would any close friend or relative. I see him busy all day, 7 days a week, so I can see why it might be difficult to keep in contact for the moment but I know he wants too, just time is a factor. To take full advantage of the opportunities that abound and live on the east coast is quite something. There's more to choose from these days than when I was growing up. This could mean stress but it doesn't have to be that way, eventhough having less to choose from makes life simple, having less could also be boring. So, Brad loves the excitement and he's certainly got that. I'm in his corner all the way regardless and I told him so. He's also a profound, talented writer in his own right and I'm looking forward to more of his posts once he's ready, looking forward as we all are!

The last time I heard from Brad was just before Christmas when I sent him my Christmas wishes and got a quick reply from a party he was at. I know he wants to chat online but I can see time as being an issue. This certainly doesn't mean that I'm not on his mind. We will see what develops.

In the meantime, my first blog, HALIAEETUS, has had a name change to VOLKER'S PHOTO BLOG. I made a few changes Friday evening to that blog and the photo journal that Brad and I share (sorry, its still restricted to the two of us). This blog may undergo a name change as well but I'm waiting for Brad's input before proceeding. Meantime, the new website is delayed a bit but this will proceed this month despite of the delays. More on all that later.

Meantime, have a happy, healthy and rewarding 2010! - V.