Friday, January 15, 2010

winter olympics

We are halfway through the month of January now that 2010 is well underway. Its also less that a month away from the start of the winter olympics here in Vancouver (and Whistler) and after a week or so of steady rain, the snow in the mountain venues has been melting fast. I believe Cypress Bowl lost about a meter (39 inches) of snow and after I had a look at the long range forecast, there doesn't seem to be an end to the wet stuff, atleast for the moment.

The sky started clearing some this afternoon (Friday) and the sun began to show its face after being largely absent for most of the month. The sun though poses other problems: yet warmer temperatures! Man would appear to have little control over these events. Mother Nature is in control and anything is possible, but what is most certain is more rain and least certain, some colder temperatures and snow! We will see what transpires.

So, Brad, when you do come, and its just before the start of the games, bring along some of that cold, frosty Atlantic air and enough snow to satisfy a winter olympian! We could use some!!!

Meantime, in preparation for the start of the games the road closures and detours have started. I believe the aim last week was to reduce traffic but the results were about 2.5 percent, about half the projected figure. Now its hoped to reduce the traffic in the downtown by 10 percent. I say good luck because it'll be a challenge. So where are the extra trains and buses to pick up those that have left their vehicles at home? The olympic village has been sealed off from the public and the street closures have started. This will be an interesting lesson for everyone! - V.


Patric said...

Wow! The Winter Olympics is so interesting! In our area, this year, we are holding the Caribbean Olympics, so the city hosting it is really so busy! But it seems they are not prepared because there are still many structures that are not yet finished...

SpiritMountainGuy said...

Today is partly cloudy with sunshine along with spring-like temperatures. Here, the weather is the major factor that could cause problems for the winter olympics but we shall see!

As you've noted, there is always work to be done before the start of any games, or any event. The barriers are going up to keep the public out of the various venues where only the officials, security and police, the athletes and the ticket holders are allowed. For now, weather is the main foe! - V.