Monday, January 11, 2010

Sankt Ulrich

Both Brad and I love to travel. He prefers not to travel alone, so I won't disappoint him in that department as I can be his trusted companion, translator and tour guide all rolled up in one. Above is a photo of the Church of St. Jakob in St. Ulrich in Sued Tirol (South Tyrol). The town is also known as Urtijei. There are three main language groups in the region: German, Ladin and Italian. The photo is from the Wikipedia Commons and not my own. Ah, but I could take as good a photo or better. So it all depends on whether Brad is interested in Europe as a travel destination. Perhaps other places are on his list of interests, so we will see. Meantime, South Tyrol and a number of other destinations in Europe are on my list of interests. I've seen the Swiss and Austrian Alps, so it would be nice to venture into Italy to see these mountains from that vantage point. Where would you like to go if the chance presented itself? - V.

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