Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yesterday (Saturday) started off rather promissing with the sun showing its face in greaterr frequency than we've seen it in a long time. The day was partly cloudy with sun and temperatures very spring-like. Health issues (several trip to the bathroom) made going out not a wise move, so I stayed home and got caught up on things. I finally may have figured out why the health issue; I bought groceries on Friday evening on my way home from work which included a pineapple that that evening went bouncy-bouncy from the kitchen counter as I was getting a tea bag (the crown was slightly higher than the cupboard door and fell over as I opened the door). Was the pineapple responsible? Perhaps, perhaps not but I did feel a lot better today. This fruit does have a fair bit of fiber which is good for moving things through the gut. All is good!

So, today after three loads of laundry were behind me, I was out by bus and SkyTrain but instead of heading into Vancouver as I originally planned, I decided to stop at Metrotown. This included two stops, one at the drugstore for some tea tree oil and some soap (starting to run out) and second, to one of the largest grocery stores in the area to get some more groceries that I didn't get Friday evening. The experience cost me nearly 20 dollars at the drugstore and around 66 dollars at the grocery store. My, how the money disappears fast. However, I only go shopping at Metrotown once every two or three months. Otherwise, its usually in downtown Vancouver or near my place in New Westminster. Either way, we have to eat but I try to get the best deals I can.

Now its supper time but nothing too fancy, just sandwiches and tea. There is hot salami and some cheese for the sandwiches to be washed down with Earl Grey tea. I may have a navel orange for dessert but after some time at the computer, it'll quickly be time for bed. I'm up at 5 am Monday for the start of another workweek. As a nightcap, I may have a glass of white wine, Blouberg, a fresh, lively white from South Africa (Stellenbosch, for those that need or want to know). I hope you had a great weekend and that your week will be awesome! - V.

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