Friday, July 31, 2009

Burnaby Mountain - photos

These are the photos from last Saturday's hike on Burnaby Mountain with commentary to follow. - V.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Burnaby Mountain

Well, Brad and I are in regular touch with each other once again after a few months lapse. I took care of an errand in north Burnaby during the noon hour and then headed up to Burnaby Mountain by bus (#135) to the campus of Simon Fraser University (SFU). From there I walked to the western end of the mountain to sit on a bench while taking in the scenery and a cooling breeze out of the west-southwest. Then it was a walk from there along the Trans-Canada Trail eastward to the Powerline Trail. I hiked northward (and downhill) along that trail until I encountered a sign that said the trail was closed (didn't look that great anyway, though the scenery did!). This was also the point where the Trans-Canada Trail resumes its eastward trek. After that, I retraced my steps and walked southward along the trail to the Pipeline Trail and then westward to join up with Gaglardi Way.

I encountered a guy resting to one side along the Powerline Trail with his bike on the other side. We struck up a short conversation. Basically I was initially concerned about his health but since he seemed to be coherent as far as his speech was concerned and such, his health was nolonger a concern on my mind. He did ask about his buddies and I told him they were well ahead of him. So he got himself up, picked his bike up and was off. Another guy on a bike running his three dogs was encountered along the Powerline Trail and then again on the Pipeline Trail. The latter time, he looked back after he passed with his dogs, only to see me looking back at him (I took a shot the first time but not the second). I didn't get a photo but the thought did cross my mind! My main man is, and will long be, Brad. The feeling is mutual!!!

After the walk, I was exhausted and so, when I got home nearing 5 pm, I cooled down and then took a shower. I'm feeling much better after a rest, shower and a beer. I'd feel even better with my main man with me by my side, or to have shared my journey, but you'd understand that wouldn't you? Photos coming soon, as soon as I can download them! Have a great weekend guys!!! - V.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

beach volleyball

The weather has been hot and sunny, just the kind of thing we need to get people out to the beach swimming, sunning and playing beach volleyball. What an excellent way to burn those calories with an awesome workout, get a tan and show off those muscles all at the same time. Plus there's the fun of being out with others and having a great time! I was in Vancouver again Sunday afternoon for a walk along the Seaside walk along the north shore of False Creek. The main beach at English Bay is where I ended my walk and these photos resulted from a shoot at the beach of guys playing a game of volleyball. A number of beaches along English Bay are set up for the game and other activities. If you live in the area, have a look or join in!
There's a lot of activity in the first two photos aside from the game. There are people taking in the sun, having conversations, and the lifeguards taking a patrol along the water's edge. I thought some of you might appreciate a close-up of the above scene, so have a close look at the pic below. That's a guy in some colourful underwear on the right but who cares if it isn't a speedo or some other piece of swimwear, it fills the need and looks great!

Above the beach along Beach Avenue, there was plenty of activity both Saturday and Sunday with people out riding their bikes, jogging, skatebording and rollerblading! I hope you're enjoying your summer too!!! - V.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Here we are in the midst of another warm spell that should last through the weekend. The temperatures are to near 30 degrees with blue skies and perhaps some light wispy clouds to complete the scene. The weather was somewhat cooler during the week (late teens to low 20s), and from what I'm told is more the usual summer weather they get here with warm periods between. When it does get hot, it can get a bit uncomfortable in our apartments or homes since many have no airconditioning. Since I don't, my computer has the tendency of crashing from overheating, which it did again about 9 pm after about an hour online. When the cooler weather returns, it'll run for hours without issues and certainly without problems through autumn and winter into spring.

I received an email from Brad in response to mine sent out this morning. There's been another death in the family. I know all too well what that's all about after gone through three such passings in my immediate family and others outside of the family. For the moment all I can offer is my mind and spirit since being there physically is not a possibility at the moment. All I suggested was opening up to me to release the frustrations. There should be plenty of those as I can attest from my own experiences. You can lean on someone strong since there's not much point leaning on someone that's not! My heart is with him in these hard times but as we all do, he shall pull through.

In other news, it was payday today and time to pay the bills to get myself out of debt after a long illness back in 2006 into 2007. We do what we must in order to get through life. We take care of ourselves so that we in turn can take care of others. Practically speaking, if we don't take care of ourselves, we're not much good to anyone else, that's my view anyway.

I'll have more pics when time and weather conditions permit. I'll be out in Vancouver on Saturday to take more photos and likely out again Sunday. Enjoy your weekend regardless of the weather conditions you may find yourself in. Make the most of each hour and day! - V.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

False Creek

This past weekend I decided to head into Vancouver on Saturday rather than saving it for Sunday. Its a good thing I did because Sunday it started to cloud over in the afternoon making for less than ideal photo opportunities. I love to have a bright blue sky in the photo and besides, the colours are brighter all round, but some cloud is good since it adds interest. Well, I decided upon walking along the north side of False Creek once again and these are just some of the photos that resulted. I hope you like them!
Well into the walk I noticed this artwork along the way. The top part turns with the wind and the "goose" flaps its wings in the process though slowly. The first pic is a close-up and the second is a shot taken from a distance away. I had missed this one entirely on the previous walks, so you never know what you see that you may have missed previously!
II also took some shots of the highrise condos in Yaletown. The one above and below are just two of them. There are enough parks about to break the scene, add interest and give people to meet, play ball, lounge in the sun and so on.

My next walk along False Creek will likely take me along the south side as well to check out the Granville Market once again, the one on Granville Island. Of course, birds are to be seen everywhere, such as the gull preening below.

Here's a view of the Granville Bridge with the market on Granville Island below it. There were people sunning themselves too where ever there was a patch of green grass to be found. Below is a closer view!

Sunset Beach is located just west of the Burrard Bridge where the False Creek meets English Bay. I love the small plantings to be found there. They would make great backgrounds for a photo shoot. I've been spotting out possibilities for the last year or so for such photo shoots. In the above photo we are looking through a Russian sage with the beach, English Bay and the mountains beyond. Then there's the planting with the fan palms and annuals, another interesting backdrop.

The main beach at English Bay had lots of the usual activity on a warm, bright, sunny day, such as the volleyball game taking place in the photo below.

The photo above is the scene along Beach Avenue above the change rooms to English Bay Beach. Looking at the palm trees you wouldn't think this scene was above the 49th paralell but it is. Then there are the flags along Beach Avenue where Denman and Davie Streets meet. The last photo shows a local Starbucks outlet where you have a clear view of English Bay, a great place to watch a sunset regardless of the time of year. So to conclude my time in Vancouver, from Denman and Davie Streets I walked into the downtown to get some groceries and then head off home by SkyTrain. Hope you've enjoyed these photos. There'll be more since there's a whole lot of summer yet to come! - V.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

more Carlos Freire

Here are a few more photos of Brazilian model, Carlos Freire. Carlos is hot whether he's clothed or not. The last photo is my favourite! How about you? - V.

Brett Chukerman - actor

Sunday, I also had another look at the DVD of the movie, "Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds." American actor, Brett Chukerman, plays a major part in this movie. Brett was born in August 1981 in the city of Chicago, Illinois who is best known for his roles in gay-themed independent movies. In 2000 he plays the lead role in the short film "Crush." He's also had roles in "Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds" and"The Curiosity of Chance", both from 2006.
Brett started acting at age 18 with MTV's "Underwear", playing Scott in an episode "Three's a Crowd" and at 19 he landed a role in "Dead 7" as Harley, then "Return to Innocence" (2001), "Boys to Men"(2001) and "Crush" (2000). Though he's straight, Brett's played gay roles and believes that's just one aspect of his persona. We'll have to keep an eye on this hottie! - V.