Friday, July 17, 2009


Here we are in the midst of another warm spell that should last through the weekend. The temperatures are to near 30 degrees with blue skies and perhaps some light wispy clouds to complete the scene. The weather was somewhat cooler during the week (late teens to low 20s), and from what I'm told is more the usual summer weather they get here with warm periods between. When it does get hot, it can get a bit uncomfortable in our apartments or homes since many have no airconditioning. Since I don't, my computer has the tendency of crashing from overheating, which it did again about 9 pm after about an hour online. When the cooler weather returns, it'll run for hours without issues and certainly without problems through autumn and winter into spring.

I received an email from Brad in response to mine sent out this morning. There's been another death in the family. I know all too well what that's all about after gone through three such passings in my immediate family and others outside of the family. For the moment all I can offer is my mind and spirit since being there physically is not a possibility at the moment. All I suggested was opening up to me to release the frustrations. There should be plenty of those as I can attest from my own experiences. You can lean on someone strong since there's not much point leaning on someone that's not! My heart is with him in these hard times but as we all do, he shall pull through.

In other news, it was payday today and time to pay the bills to get myself out of debt after a long illness back in 2006 into 2007. We do what we must in order to get through life. We take care of ourselves so that we in turn can take care of others. Practically speaking, if we don't take care of ourselves, we're not much good to anyone else, that's my view anyway.

I'll have more pics when time and weather conditions permit. I'll be out in Vancouver on Saturday to take more photos and likely out again Sunday. Enjoy your weekend regardless of the weather conditions you may find yourself in. Make the most of each hour and day! - V.

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