Saturday, July 25, 2009

Burnaby Mountain

Well, Brad and I are in regular touch with each other once again after a few months lapse. I took care of an errand in north Burnaby during the noon hour and then headed up to Burnaby Mountain by bus (#135) to the campus of Simon Fraser University (SFU). From there I walked to the western end of the mountain to sit on a bench while taking in the scenery and a cooling breeze out of the west-southwest. Then it was a walk from there along the Trans-Canada Trail eastward to the Powerline Trail. I hiked northward (and downhill) along that trail until I encountered a sign that said the trail was closed (didn't look that great anyway, though the scenery did!). This was also the point where the Trans-Canada Trail resumes its eastward trek. After that, I retraced my steps and walked southward along the trail to the Pipeline Trail and then westward to join up with Gaglardi Way.

I encountered a guy resting to one side along the Powerline Trail with his bike on the other side. We struck up a short conversation. Basically I was initially concerned about his health but since he seemed to be coherent as far as his speech was concerned and such, his health was nolonger a concern on my mind. He did ask about his buddies and I told him they were well ahead of him. So he got himself up, picked his bike up and was off. Another guy on a bike running his three dogs was encountered along the Powerline Trail and then again on the Pipeline Trail. The latter time, he looked back after he passed with his dogs, only to see me looking back at him (I took a shot the first time but not the second). I didn't get a photo but the thought did cross my mind! My main man is, and will long be, Brad. The feeling is mutual!!!

After the walk, I was exhausted and so, when I got home nearing 5 pm, I cooled down and then took a shower. I'm feeling much better after a rest, shower and a beer. I'd feel even better with my main man with me by my side, or to have shared my journey, but you'd understand that wouldn't you? Photos coming soon, as soon as I can download them! Have a great weekend guys!!! - V.


MAC said...

I'm glad to hear that you're in contact with Brad again. I wish you both the best. Have a great weekend!!!

SpiritMountainGuy said...

Thanks, Mac!!! ('m off to bed shortly after the long walk this afternoon. Photos coming soon! The walk to see the scenery was certainly worth it! You'll have a great Sunday too! - V.