Sunday, July 5, 2009

abs for the viewing

Saturday afternoon after my two loads of laundry were out of the way, I decided to get some groceries at Metrotown. This meant a short bus ride to Braid SkyTrain station where upon geting off the bus I found a gorgeous shirtless guy leaning up on a railing further up the ramp near the entrance to the station. His well-developed abs and pecs got my immediate attention. It was one of those times where I wished I had my camera, pen and paper to write stuff down but this time didn't have any of that. The guy was probably about 20 years old or about that and perfect for a model. This guy reminded me a lot of Brad and his lovely physique. There will be more opportunities. I'll have some business cards ready within a few weeks, so that will make things easier too, as far as getting models to take photos of that is! And by the way, that is not him in the above photo but certainly could look like him! Have a great Sunday!!! - V.

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