Wednesday, July 15, 2009

False Creek

This past weekend I decided to head into Vancouver on Saturday rather than saving it for Sunday. Its a good thing I did because Sunday it started to cloud over in the afternoon making for less than ideal photo opportunities. I love to have a bright blue sky in the photo and besides, the colours are brighter all round, but some cloud is good since it adds interest. Well, I decided upon walking along the north side of False Creek once again and these are just some of the photos that resulted. I hope you like them!
Well into the walk I noticed this artwork along the way. The top part turns with the wind and the "goose" flaps its wings in the process though slowly. The first pic is a close-up and the second is a shot taken from a distance away. I had missed this one entirely on the previous walks, so you never know what you see that you may have missed previously!
II also took some shots of the highrise condos in Yaletown. The one above and below are just two of them. There are enough parks about to break the scene, add interest and give people to meet, play ball, lounge in the sun and so on.

My next walk along False Creek will likely take me along the south side as well to check out the Granville Market once again, the one on Granville Island. Of course, birds are to be seen everywhere, such as the gull preening below.

Here's a view of the Granville Bridge with the market on Granville Island below it. There were people sunning themselves too where ever there was a patch of green grass to be found. Below is a closer view!

Sunset Beach is located just west of the Burrard Bridge where the False Creek meets English Bay. I love the small plantings to be found there. They would make great backgrounds for a photo shoot. I've been spotting out possibilities for the last year or so for such photo shoots. In the above photo we are looking through a Russian sage with the beach, English Bay and the mountains beyond. Then there's the planting with the fan palms and annuals, another interesting backdrop.

The main beach at English Bay had lots of the usual activity on a warm, bright, sunny day, such as the volleyball game taking place in the photo below.

The photo above is the scene along Beach Avenue above the change rooms to English Bay Beach. Looking at the palm trees you wouldn't think this scene was above the 49th paralell but it is. Then there are the flags along Beach Avenue where Denman and Davie Streets meet. The last photo shows a local Starbucks outlet where you have a clear view of English Bay, a great place to watch a sunset regardless of the time of year. So to conclude my time in Vancouver, from Denman and Davie Streets I walked into the downtown to get some groceries and then head off home by SkyTrain. Hope you've enjoyed these photos. There'll be more since there's a whole lot of summer yet to come! - V.

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