Wednesday, July 22, 2009

beach volleyball

The weather has been hot and sunny, just the kind of thing we need to get people out to the beach swimming, sunning and playing beach volleyball. What an excellent way to burn those calories with an awesome workout, get a tan and show off those muscles all at the same time. Plus there's the fun of being out with others and having a great time! I was in Vancouver again Sunday afternoon for a walk along the Seaside walk along the north shore of False Creek. The main beach at English Bay is where I ended my walk and these photos resulted from a shoot at the beach of guys playing a game of volleyball. A number of beaches along English Bay are set up for the game and other activities. If you live in the area, have a look or join in!
There's a lot of activity in the first two photos aside from the game. There are people taking in the sun, having conversations, and the lifeguards taking a patrol along the water's edge. I thought some of you might appreciate a close-up of the above scene, so have a close look at the pic below. That's a guy in some colourful underwear on the right but who cares if it isn't a speedo or some other piece of swimwear, it fills the need and looks great!

Above the beach along Beach Avenue, there was plenty of activity both Saturday and Sunday with people out riding their bikes, jogging, skatebording and rollerblading! I hope you're enjoying your summer too!!! - V.

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