Monday, July 13, 2009

Jon Fleming - actor and model

Yesterday, I just finished watching season 2 of Dante's Cove on DVD. Its the "ultimate guilty pleasure" returning as the back cover of the DVD says. Dante's Cove is a "racy supernatural mystery, a mixture of Melrose Place and Dark Shadows." I've never watched it on tv since I don't have cable, and when I did, I didn't get the channel that would present Dante's Cove and other gay-themed programs. Anyway, I digress. Jon Fleming, a 28 year old American actor born in 1981 in Neenah, Wisconsin has to be one of my favourites, not that there isn't anything wrong with the other guys, there isn't! You'll most always find Jon shirtless with his pants only partly buttoned up. This shows off his muscular physique to great advantage! Have a look for yourself, if you haven't seen Dante's Cove, you're in for a treat. There's plenty of hot, shirtless guys (and with even less) to suit anyone's fancy.
I've seen season 1 and 2 but I can't wait to see season 3 which is out on DVD I believe. Look for Jon who plays the part of Adam on the series.
His television debut started in 2003 when he had a part playing a poolboy hunk in the NBC series "Passions." Jon also played a sexy speedo guy in "Mad TV", a shirtless jogger in "Desperate Housewives", and a mysterious man in "Days of Our Lives." I guess you can see a theme here?!?!
In 2006, Jon got the role of Adam in Dante's Cove. His other credits include a parts in horror films "Camp Daze", "Fat House Massacre" and a guest appearance in "Medium." He's also on MySpace, so check him out there if you're interested [ ]. Jon's a hot guy worth watching as his acting and modeling career unfolds! - V.

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