Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Here's Charles to set us in the mood for another weekend as the daylight hours get longer and the weather better all the time! - V.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Robert Burnaby Park

After timing my walk to the photo shoot location for next Saturday I walked over to nearby Robert Burnaby Park. These are just some of the photos that resulted from the hike through the park's trails.
The public pool will see a lot more activity once the weather warms up. Here the cherry trees make a lovely backdrop until the activity comes for another season.
The photo above shows a view northward over the tennis court and below another view of one of the few roadways, also looking northward.

I love babbling streams and there are a few in the park as seen above and below!

I even found a few surprises, like trilliums in bloom, and there were a few of them. Back east in southwestern Ontario the woods would have carpets of these flowers and not just a few. There were tree trunks with moss and ferns growing two-thirds of the way up the tree, such as you see in the photo below. There will be more photos soon. Meantime, enjoy these! - V.

Burnaby Mountain early March

Spring came early here! Here are some photos taken during the first weekend of March with the daffodils in full bloom.
If you remember, I left you with a quiz to figure out a few weeks ago. Well, the sculpture piece in the photo above (bottom left) was the source where the moss was growing. You'll see more related photos below.

The cherry trees were just showing their first blooms as you see in the photo above and below. They've since come into complete flower but the last time I was there about a week ago, it was overcast and not a very good backdrop for photos!

The mountains still had some snow but those further in the interior had even more!
You may recognize the pic above from the autumn post when this spartan tree was full of colour. There'll be more photos to follow. I hope you all had a great weekend!!! - V.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

the walk

There is a photo shoot coming up a week from today. My client is celebrating her 50th birthday. The house will be decorated and she is expecting all her siblings to come from various parts of the British Columbia interior. I went for a walk this afternoon. The first part was to time the route necessary to the photo shoot location. Its a 20 minute walk, 30 minutes if I doddle! We're all excited! She gets to see her brothers and sisters and I have my first shoot with people. Its a departure from just doing land and seascapes, flora and fauna and the like.

After that initial route I took 16th Avenue from Cumberland Street and on to Robert Burnaby Park in Burnaby. There are lots of photos that resulted, including some surprises for me, but I'll post the best ones soon. Meantime, be patient!!!

On the way to the park I saw a hot-looking guy crossing Newcombe Street as I got closer to the park. On the way back, I saw another hot guy, this one crossing Cumberland Street with his hands full, a backpack on one and something else in the other. He was wearing a purplish t-shirt, shorts and fit to model! I took a couple of looks he was so awesome. You can see hot guys anywhere, you just have to be observant!

When I finally got home, after sorting things away, I filled a glass with Astica, a white wine from Mendoza, Argentina. Its a blend made from Sauvignon blanc - Semillon grapes produced and bottled by Bodegas Trapiche. The name Astica means "flower" in the local native language and very fitting. Supper consisted of sandwiches (jalapanos-cheese focaccia with cheddar cheese slices), some fruit and a couple of glasses of wine to wash everything down. I try to keep my suppers light and have heavier meals during the day. Mendoza is also where my father's younger brother married during the early 1940s, so there's a family history there.

Now I've finished reading emails and sending out replies. Once I finish this post I plan to get ready for bed. I'll work on the photos in the morning! Have a great night!!! - V.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Matt is an aspiring model currently attending college [United States]. He's 19 years old, 6'0" tall and weighs 170 pounds. Matt's also looking at adding about another ten pounds and working further on his definition but looking at what he's got now, he's doing real good. I'd say just looking at this pic that he's got a very good shot at being a model. Any photographers out there willing to help Matt build up a good portfolio? There are those of us in your corner willing to assist you in what you desire. Good luck, hard work and perseverance will do it!!! Hey, Scott, any ideas? - V.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


This is Martin Pichler, an Austrian model, which proves there are stunningly beautiful people all around the world. There'll be more about him and the photographers behind the images later. Just let this photo whet your apetite for more! Have an awesome weekend!!! - V.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scott's abs

Late this afternoon I had no sooner shown a young co-worker this photo of Scott (Herman) than he asked me how Scott got those abs. Well, I gave this guy in his early twenties Scott's name and asked him to do some research, starting with Scott Herman Fitness, and told him about the videos on YouTube. Scott, I think we may have gained another follower! What do you think??? - V.

more on muscles and the colour red

Here's another lovely photo showing the colour red, this image by the Swiss based, Sandro Bross. I'm focused on Wilson's muscles. How about you? - V.


Muscles and a bit of clothing that has the colour red in it or anything that's red is hot. There's something about that colour that adds to any photo. Shane, the hot dude shown above, is certainly worth looking at too! - V.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This is one hot model in his red swimsuit. Its Justin Thomas Clynes, not to be confused with Justin Thomas who is also a model. They both live and work in the United States but on opposite coasts. You'll see more of the first as well as the second! - V.


There are a lot of hot male models coming out of Brazil in recent years. Is Arthur Sales the next hottie? I guess he is from what's been happening. What are your thoughts? - V.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Recently I found a few more images of one of my favourite models, Bernardo Velasco, who's appeared in the Brazilian telenovela, "the boy." This is just a sampling to whet your appetite for more! These are some of my favourites. Here we see Bernardo through the eyes of the photographer via the camera lens. What we see varies depending upon the photographer and how he or she presents the model. I could look at Bernardo's muscles for hours. He's a great inspiration for all of us to get toned or keep in shape once we've achieved that perfection. I believe Brad would second that opinion but I'll leave that up to him to post. Meantime, enjoy these photos and feel free to comment!!! - V.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

feels like spring for sure

Saturday afternoon the weather was warm and very spring-like. Rather than take the bus to the SkyTrain I opted to walk, this time via 10th Avenue. Its a good thing I did. I got to see a number of trees in bloom, such as the Prunus variety on the south side of my apartment complex. There's a close-up of the flowers below.

And at the north end of the complex there are these lovely trees lining the street between the sidewalk and the building. A nearby side street had some beautiful trees in bloom as well, which look awesome against the dark green of a conifer tree and the bright blue of the sky.

Above you see a saucer Magnolia tree about to go into flower and then there's a scene along 19th Avenue in the photo below.

I took this shot over the roof tops of the surrounding area. The mountains are in the background, still topped with snow! Finally, this road sign below caught my interest. Remember the cartoon strip called "Garfield?" I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Bye for now! - V.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Here's a little quiz for you. What's this green stuff in the above photo and on what surface is it growing??? I'll have the answer for you when I do a detailed post on this and related matters. Feel free to comment! - V.

mirror image

As I've said before, I love to see guys in mirror image and here we get two of them, a couple of guys looking at each other in the mirror. Enjoy! - V.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

wrestling dudes

I love the suits these guys are wearing. The patterns and colours make for an interesting sight as the guy with the two-toned grey suit has his opponent's ass pressed firmly into his crotch and his left arm around him while his right hand's grabbing his opponent's crotch. The point is to get the guy on the mat and pin his shoulders for a specified period of time to win a match. I find it interesting to watch how each of the two goes about the task. And so, is it your favourite that wins or the other guy, and how do they do it? I guess there's not much reason to take up wrestling if you don't like to get touched or touch the other guy. Its necessary to advance in the sport!

I was in my early 20s, in fact barely into my 20s, when I was play fighting, wrestling of sorts, I grabbed a friend of mine in the crotch to make a move and he got all giggly on me. How was I to know he was ticklish there. You never get giggly if you grab yourself anywhere. Its just when someone else does the grabbing that you find out these things. Well, that was the end of the wrestling.

We (same friend) were once in a park, part of which was once an orchard, and while I was filming him, he was throwing fallen, near rotten apples at me while I was ducking behind an apple tree to keep from getting hit. That though is another story saved for the future. We've long since gone our separate ways but its not my fault nor his, it just happens that people grow apart and for various reasons. However, if you're into male bonding, wrestling is just one of many ways of doing it! - V.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Brazilian actor/model, Jonas Sulzbach, from the Telenovela, "the Boy", is certainly a hottie! He's certainly a great example that a tight, lean muscular physique is in demand. My friend Brad would certainly fall in this same category of a tight, lean physique. I hope this provides inspiration to those that are so endowed through their genetic inheritance. Enjoy the images! I know I do!!! - V.