Tuesday, March 9, 2010

feels like spring for sure

Saturday afternoon the weather was warm and very spring-like. Rather than take the bus to the SkyTrain I opted to walk, this time via 10th Avenue. Its a good thing I did. I got to see a number of trees in bloom, such as the Prunus variety on the south side of my apartment complex. There's a close-up of the flowers below.

And at the north end of the complex there are these lovely trees lining the street between the sidewalk and the building. A nearby side street had some beautiful trees in bloom as well, which look awesome against the dark green of a conifer tree and the bright blue of the sky.

Above you see a saucer Magnolia tree about to go into flower and then there's a scene along 19th Avenue in the photo below.

I took this shot over the roof tops of the surrounding area. The mountains are in the background, still topped with snow! Finally, this road sign below caught my interest. Remember the cartoon strip called "Garfield?" I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Bye for now! - V.

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