Saturday, March 27, 2010

the walk

There is a photo shoot coming up a week from today. My client is celebrating her 50th birthday. The house will be decorated and she is expecting all her siblings to come from various parts of the British Columbia interior. I went for a walk this afternoon. The first part was to time the route necessary to the photo shoot location. Its a 20 minute walk, 30 minutes if I doddle! We're all excited! She gets to see her brothers and sisters and I have my first shoot with people. Its a departure from just doing land and seascapes, flora and fauna and the like.

After that initial route I took 16th Avenue from Cumberland Street and on to Robert Burnaby Park in Burnaby. There are lots of photos that resulted, including some surprises for me, but I'll post the best ones soon. Meantime, be patient!!!

On the way to the park I saw a hot-looking guy crossing Newcombe Street as I got closer to the park. On the way back, I saw another hot guy, this one crossing Cumberland Street with his hands full, a backpack on one and something else in the other. He was wearing a purplish t-shirt, shorts and fit to model! I took a couple of looks he was so awesome. You can see hot guys anywhere, you just have to be observant!

When I finally got home, after sorting things away, I filled a glass with Astica, a white wine from Mendoza, Argentina. Its a blend made from Sauvignon blanc - Semillon grapes produced and bottled by Bodegas Trapiche. The name Astica means "flower" in the local native language and very fitting. Supper consisted of sandwiches (jalapanos-cheese focaccia with cheddar cheese slices), some fruit and a couple of glasses of wine to wash everything down. I try to keep my suppers light and have heavier meals during the day. Mendoza is also where my father's younger brother married during the early 1940s, so there's a family history there.

Now I've finished reading emails and sending out replies. Once I finish this post I plan to get ready for bed. I'll work on the photos in the morning! Have a great night!!! - V.

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