Friday, March 5, 2010


What would the world do without love, love of self and love of others? Its an essential part of the human experience. What are your thoughts?

That being said, its been an interesting week. Tuesday evening as my train was heading home, I looked to the north and saw a double rainbow! This was as we were heading into Metrotown station. There was a disk-like cloud cover above us extending to the Coast Mountains to the north and to the west-southwest there was an opening in that cloud cover allowing the sun to shine through. A light rain dropped from the clouds allowing those that took the time to see a view of the double rainbow above Burnaby Mountain.

Most of the week was a dull, overcast type scene. Today, Friday, was different in that the the sun came out and the sky cleared. By afternoon it was a clear blue sky! The weekend, especially Saturday, appears to be warm and very spring-like. So, how's the weather where you are??? - V.

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