Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This is Ethan Reynolds, whom I've posted about before, and who brought Peter Picciano (see yesterday's post) to our attention. Ethan's such an awesome friend to have on Facebook or anywhere else. If you're friends with him, you're lucky, if you're not, you don't know what you're missing! I think this is an awesome photo of him, the kind that makes you stop and take notice, perhaps to get to know him better. He looks great in blond, doesn't he? Thanks, Ethan! You're an awesome friend to a lot of people who care about you very much. Have an awesome week, what remains of it!!! - V

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Peter on DNA

My friend Ethan has a friend (Peter Picciano) that has appeared in Australia's DNA Magazine. I'm posting one of the hot images and a link to the article so you can see more. Peter comes from West Palm Beach, Florida and will be relocating to Los Angeles, California. The photo above is by JNAWSH Photography. Perhaps you might wish to check the magazine out on your favourite newsstand or subscribe to it if you're not doing so now! - V

Monday, May 23, 2011


Carlos has come a long way and is looking good, don't you think? He can take you mind off most anything! It been a holiday weekend here in Canada (Victoria Day weekend with Monday being the actual statutory holiday). I've spent much of the weekend close to home resting up after Friday's health issues. Those are behind me now and things are looking up! I'll have more photos of my own to post soon. Have a good week, guys! - V

Saturday, May 21, 2011

imprint on the glass

This is a litho image of a photo I took of a pigeon's imprint on the glass of a store near where I work. This happened in February and its taken me until now to edit it and post the image. The pigeon had an "oh-oh" moment while in flight and hit the glass leaving a dust imprint on it for all to see. Someone else had taken a photo earlier before the sun was way up and it looked like the image had a septre held by one of the feet. You can see the dust imprint of all the feathers and such. A one of a time moment. The bird survived I believe and lived to hit something else another day! - V

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Back in March going into April I had two different bouquets of tulips in the dining room. This was the first one. When the flowers were closed, they actually looked red but as they opened over time they appeared more like a cross of orange and pink. You decided for yourself. I'll have more photos on the weekend after my trip to north Burnaby tomorrow. Good night, guys! - V


If you leave a comment, don't leave an anonymous one and one that has nothing at all to do with the content of the post in question. Its a sure given that that sort o comment will be rejected. Most commenting are rather good about it, so keep up the good work, guys! I appreciate the valid comments that are received. Thanks, guys! - V

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well, its time for me to call it a night. Here's someone to keep in your thoughts as you slumber away! I hope the sandman is very successful in his efforts!!! - V

Monday, May 16, 2011


Hey guys, I realize people like to follow this blog as much as another one but do keep in mind that if you're underage, focus mostly on twinks and what would appear to be underage models, don't bother to follow our blog. The likelihood will be that we may block you with no warning. If you must follow, follow anonymously. The same deal goes for commercial sites. I may make rare exceptions but think twice before making a move. So in short, no underage models, no twinks and no commercial websites! You have been warned!

Meantime, if you're here as an adult and here to enjoy the images or benefit from the encouragement to keep fit, then enjoy the visit!!! - V


There are very good reasons to get in shape and stay that way, so you guys may looks like these models seen above. Then when you get ill or have an injury as in my case, you'll bounce back faster than if not in shape. I only had a mini-stroke and things are coming back quickly, so keep that in mind!

Write in on how you're getting yourself in shape and send along some pics on how you're doing. With your permission, I post what you have to share. I'm sure there are other guys that could benefit and do well with your encouragement. It doesn't matter what you do to get there but doing something that will keep you motivated is the trick. Check out Scott Herman's website, his Facebook page and Youtube videos for more motivation. The doctors I spoke to would agree, being fit and in shape is the best way to go. Let us know how you're doing!!! What are you waiting for? - V

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Ever taken the time to watch skateboarders in action??? Such balance and grace! My balance escapes me at the moment but it'll come back. One of the first photo shoots I'd like to do when I'm back on my feet is of the longboarders I know. Look for the images!!! I know I'm looking forward to the opportunity. Oh, if you're daring, cut and want me to take your photo, let me know! - V


Here's something to occupy your mind as we head toward another night ending yet another day in the cooler than normal spring here in the Vancouver,BC area. I wonder if it'll ever get warm and stay that way. Perhaps Leonardo is giving us a sign as he stands there in his underwear with his arms crossed! You decide for yourself. - V

rose-coloured glasses

Are we alive when we see such beauty or not? You be the judge! - V


Well, that's what I'm going to do for an hour or so I've been up for a while and could use some! I'll be back later, guys! - V

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here's a hot nightcap for you guys as I call it a night! - V


I still enjoy this stuff, don't you? The recent mini-stroke hasn't dulled the senses, that's for sure! I wrote a long, detailed email to my cousin Carleen back east on what's happened and why. The same email went to other friends and family as well. Now I'm getting set to call it a night. Good night, guys! - V


I was in the hospital from Monday morning and finally released on Thursday afternoon once my blood pressure was stabilised after the mini-stroke I suffered which has affected my left side (a weakness). There are signs that this is not the first one..there have been others! My speech and thought processes are mostly unaffected though typing something long and detailed is a chore!

I spent days lying in bed but didn't see anything like the guy above. I was getting sore all over and wanted to go home as you could well imagine. Two doctors, neurologists, brought a steady entourage of medical students to see the subtle symptoms of a mini-stroke with the same tests and questions being routine! I hope you're all doing much better than me, guys! - V

Friday, May 13, 2011


The weather hasn't been warm enough to bother with this, so let's see what summer brings! Your guess is as good as mine. We might use the extra body to keep warm, even during the day! - V

update II

I heard from Brad on the weekend. There's no love lost between us and care about each other as we always have, just wish he was here but he'd like me there. For health reasons I can't follow through for the moment since I'm recovering from a mini-stroke.. another one may be involved. Some at work miss my smile and wit, etc. I just got out of the hospital yesterday afternoon after being there since Monday. More news later! - V

Sunday, May 8, 2011


One of my readers, perhaps more, did an inquiry about Heri. I've featured this Puerto Rican hottie before but here's another image as a reminder. What are your thoughts?

Meantime, on a more serious note, I may be using my vacation time this year to meet up with a dear friend in Nova Scotia who could use my moral support. It seems he's got himself into some troubles. So sad for someone so young (mid-20s) but what are real friends for but to offer support, courage and compassion in a time of need? Why run and hide when the need is other-wise??? - V


I heard from an old, dear friend yesterday (actually I consider him more family) which has helped perk me up and aid my recovery. I'm going to a clinic in Vancouver tomorrow after work. My bronchitis needs some assistance to get rid of it! Otherwise, I'm regaining strength but the vertigo is still with me. The antibiotics should help considerably. Then I'm off to the naturopath later in the month for more work. I hope all is better with you! Take care, guys!!! - V

Saturday, May 7, 2011

vertigo and the flu

Hey, guys, sorry I haven't posted much lately. I'm in the midst of recovering from the flu. This time it includes vertigo as well as bronchitis (which I've had at least twice before). The vertigo is a real issue since my balance is affected and simple tasks like walking and typing this post is a chore. There is a serious flu bug going around the work place. Two have had vertigo included, so I'm not alone. Its not been a good four weeks. First the gout attack, then kidney issues and now this. Being exposed to allergens like tobacco residue causes severe issues for me. I'm also allergic to three kinds of mold spores, two kinds of tree pollens (birch and alder) and house dust not to mention a few others. I knew about the house dust and a few others, just the tobacco, molds and trees were a surprise. I came to the wrong part of the country! Perhaps someplace warmer and dryer is in order?!?! I'll post more as soon as I am able. Meantime, take care, guys! - V

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the eyes have it! II

Here's another image to liven up your senses and which is in keeping with the last post. Someone looking into my eyes is an interesting sensation but an unblemished child doing the same, I get unnerved. Its happened at least twice in my lifetime and probably won't be the last. What are your thoughts on this? - V

Sunday, May 1, 2011

the eyes have it!

Have you ever taken the time to look deep into someone's eyes, say your lover of same or opposite sex, a close friend or what ever? You can tell a lot about a person in this way. The eyes are to route to the soul! Try it some time. And on that note, have a good night, guys!!! - V