Saturday, May 7, 2011

vertigo and the flu

Hey, guys, sorry I haven't posted much lately. I'm in the midst of recovering from the flu. This time it includes vertigo as well as bronchitis (which I've had at least twice before). The vertigo is a real issue since my balance is affected and simple tasks like walking and typing this post is a chore. There is a serious flu bug going around the work place. Two have had vertigo included, so I'm not alone. Its not been a good four weeks. First the gout attack, then kidney issues and now this. Being exposed to allergens like tobacco residue causes severe issues for me. I'm also allergic to three kinds of mold spores, two kinds of tree pollens (birch and alder) and house dust not to mention a few others. I knew about the house dust and a few others, just the tobacco, molds and trees were a surprise. I came to the wrong part of the country! Perhaps someplace warmer and dryer is in order?!?! I'll post more as soon as I am able. Meantime, take care, guys! - V

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