Monday, May 16, 2011


There are very good reasons to get in shape and stay that way, so you guys may looks like these models seen above. Then when you get ill or have an injury as in my case, you'll bounce back faster than if not in shape. I only had a mini-stroke and things are coming back quickly, so keep that in mind!

Write in on how you're getting yourself in shape and send along some pics on how you're doing. With your permission, I post what you have to share. I'm sure there are other guys that could benefit and do well with your encouragement. It doesn't matter what you do to get there but doing something that will keep you motivated is the trick. Check out Scott Herman's website, his Facebook page and Youtube videos for more motivation. The doctors I spoke to would agree, being fit and in shape is the best way to go. Let us know how you're doing!!! What are you waiting for? - V

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