Sunday, March 7, 2010

wrestling dudes

I love the suits these guys are wearing. The patterns and colours make for an interesting sight as the guy with the two-toned grey suit has his opponent's ass pressed firmly into his crotch and his left arm around him while his right hand's grabbing his opponent's crotch. The point is to get the guy on the mat and pin his shoulders for a specified period of time to win a match. I find it interesting to watch how each of the two goes about the task. And so, is it your favourite that wins or the other guy, and how do they do it? I guess there's not much reason to take up wrestling if you don't like to get touched or touch the other guy. Its necessary to advance in the sport!

I was in my early 20s, in fact barely into my 20s, when I was play fighting, wrestling of sorts, I grabbed a friend of mine in the crotch to make a move and he got all giggly on me. How was I to know he was ticklish there. You never get giggly if you grab yourself anywhere. Its just when someone else does the grabbing that you find out these things. Well, that was the end of the wrestling.

We (same friend) were once in a park, part of which was once an orchard, and while I was filming him, he was throwing fallen, near rotten apples at me while I was ducking behind an apple tree to keep from getting hit. That though is another story saved for the future. We've long since gone our separate ways but its not my fault nor his, it just happens that people grow apart and for various reasons. However, if you're into male bonding, wrestling is just one of many ways of doing it! - V.

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