Saturday, July 11, 2009

July - a Saturday at False Creek

After sleeping in until nearly 9 am (beats 5 am, the regular time I get up during the week), I had a shower, got cleaned up and had a leasurely breakfast before getting on the computer to read emails and check out some blogs. Its another hot weekend with temperatures nearing 29 degrees Celsius about double the weekday temperatures. Friday was getting warmer and clearer, an indication of what we were to experience this weekend.

Since the hot weather has returned to us, and with that higher humidity, the laptop is acting up again. It slows down and then crashes. Other than June till August and perhaps September, the computer works fine. Because of this, I am unable to post videos on the blog for now until the weather cools and the computer nolonger does these crazy things. I had hoped to post some of Scott Herman's latest videos but this will have to wait until a better time or until I get this issue resolved.

So, after breakfast and working at the computer, I got dressed and went into town (Vancouver) taking a short bus ride to Braid Station and then the SkyTrain to Main Street Station from where I started my walk along the north side of False Creek to English Bay Beach. It was sunny and hot as I mentioned, not that I am complaining about that for myself (other than how it affects the laptop). I'll post some photos I took as soon as I am able to download them onto the computer which hopefully will be tomorrow morning (Sunday).

It's now late into Saturday evening here on the west coast and after a long day in the warm sunshine, I took a warm shower as opposed to a hot one I normally take and am ready for bed. So have a great night and expect another post as early as Sunday as soon as those photos are downloaded!!! - V.

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